japan campervan for sale

This thing is ready for road tripping and with a little bit of work and customizing to fit you, it’s an awesome little camper.

Volkswagen T2 with Stock Number: ALH38832, is now on sale from Japan Kobe. The camper can sleep 4 adults on the bunk bed platform with the top bunk being removable with the rack system. If you know camper vans, then you have certainly heard of Toyota's Hiace Cruising Cabin. Located in Japan and other countries. automatic transmission car TRY230 with Stock Number: 826182370, grade FIELD LIFE CAMROAD F RANK and mileage 66,000 KM is now on sale . We ship cars to customers on RoRo ships or in container, but when it comes to camper vans, we can only ship using the RoRo ship for all but the smallest of them. KDY231 with Stock Number: 738026398, grade YOKOHAMA MOTOR SALE S MADE CAMP and mileage 53,000 KM is now on sale . and lots of parts numbers to save you time and headacheThe Negatives:-You’ve probably figured out by now that the original engine gave out...A broken fan clutch and the aforementioned undersized radiator led to overheating/engine damage.

-- Wolfgang Buehler (Germany). However, the other thing you have to bear in mind is that camper vans are taller than regular cars. 82 stock items. with Stock Number: ALH36342, is now on sale from Japan Kobe. GO ANYWHERE With no restrictions from trains, buses or hotel locations, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want! スペインマヨルカ島生まれのシューズブランド日本公式オンラインストア。シューズ、スニーカー、サンダル、ブーツなどの靴やバッグ、小物など幅広く展開。公式ストアなら送料 … Japan Partner is one of the leading used/damaged cars exporters that exports not only RHD cars (Right Hand Drive cars) but also a … This vehicle is available... Toyota Camroad She carried us steadily through the deserts of the southwest, the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, and the wild mountains of Montana for the last three years as we built our business working from the road, but she is now, with great dismay, looking for a new home.Our near-term travel plans have us flying to places in Central America where we ought not drive, and planning a long-term sabbatical abroad, and sitting in the driveway unused is no place for a van like this.And just what exactly is it? KDY231 with Stock Number: 817098383, grade YOKOHAMA MOTOR SALE S MADE CAMP and mileage 53,000 KM is now on sale . interlocking feature The advantage of buying campervans from Japan is similar to the advantage of buying cars from Japan - they tend to be relatively well looked after with better mileage than you are probably used to in your country. More cubic meters equals more cost. 30k miles ago it had this work done - timing beltcamshaft and crank shaft seal water pumpthermostatidler and tension pulleystiming cover gasketradiator capoverflow reservoir hosevalve cover gasketintake rubber hosefuel filterall coolant hosesmain radiator hosestransmission pan gaskettransmission filterATF flushrear differentialoil motor oil filterfront sway bar bushingstiming belt light releasebrand new batteries new sink and 5 gallon water tankbrake flushspring bushingsroof top barsdiesel heater installed. They are know to be trustworthy, bulletproof, incredible 4WD and snow machines and awesomely fuel efficient.

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