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I suggest you (future watchers) dramathon it and don't skip a single episode nor a single scene. An unruly Yuan’s officer who manages the finance department but spends most of his time with money and women, particularly the tribute women from Goryeo while embezzling the money for his own benefit. He was known as a womanizer towards the latter days of his ruling but there are records saying that he enjoyed ssireum, Korean folk wrestling. The story does really well in bringing up the main character, Seung-Nyang, played by Ha Ji-Won. Instead of living up to his reputation as Goryeo’s Crown Prince, he chooses to fool around with the street gang each day. ( Log Out /  Although I came here many times, only now I know, and I can thank for the useful work done here. He won’t hesitate to get rid of those he hates. I had no idea that Korean women were being sent to China as concubines during the Yuan dynasty. Empress Ki cried as she recalled her recent conversation with the Chancellor, ” The rebels have crossed the Yellow River. He witnesses everything that happens inside there, turning him into a emotionless person like a Grim Reaper. Click and read at your own risk. Jo-cham (Kim Hyung-bum): Wang Go’s right hand man. Also, please be considerate of others by not posting spoilers. Keep in mind that these comments are moderated so let's keep the discussion polite and friendly and refrain from spamming, trolling or fighting.

He fosters good relationship with Yuan as a way to gain favour from the dynasty in order to promote himself as a suitable king of Goryeo. All rights reserved. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. muchadoboutlove thanks, I owe you a lot!!! I'll protect you and give you the throne." - to Ta Hwan. He later follows Seung-nyang to Yuan and ends up becoming an eunuch in Yuan court. Lady Park Eo-jin (Han Hye-rin): Ta-hwan’s concubine from Goryeo – A tribute woman from Goryeo, she’s originally chosen as a court lady in the palace of Yuan before picked up to be Ta-hwan’s concubine by the Empress Dowager in order to balance out Yeon-chul’s power in the court. Tapjahae (Cha Do-jin): Yeon-chul’s second son. He tries to kill Seung-nyang per his sister, Tanashiri’s order but fails as the maid is protected by the eunuchs. An eunuch who serves Ta-hwan when he ascends the throne as Yuan’s emperor.

Even the internationally-acclaimed Dae Jang Geum did not make it on my watch list. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Ki Seung Nyang Status: Alive Origin: Korean, Goryeo Alias: Ki Nyang Nyang Consort Ki Empress Ki Nickname/s: Sungyang the Jackal Title(s): Mama (as Consort Ki) Hwang-hu mama (as Empress Ki) Allegiance: Goryeo. Deep in his heart, anger, hatred, and sadness haunts his lonely days.

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