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Regarding the piano, you can see that the software comes with many pre-sets for the piano alone. Regardless, I’m going to run through some of the things that I like to do to get a piano to sound a bit better. You’ll see Download More Sounds about three items down. Additionally, I’ll use ONE compressor, on one of the pianos, and then for the other piano, it’s simply turned off.

While creating sliding 808s in Garageband is possible with the Deep Sub Bass Synth, it's much better to use third-party plug-ins. To download these apple loops click on the download links in the table below.

You can continue to use GarageBand while it’s downloading, however, and if you quit the app, the download will resume when you restart it at a later date. If you have an unlimited Platinum Membership you can download this entire loop pack in one easy ZIP file. When you download GarageBand from the Mac App Store, you’ll immediately get 50 sounds, 500 loops, 1 drummer, and 2 basic lessons for guitar and piano.

Here are some of the pre-sets you can see here: You can go through each one and discover what you like the best with one of the pianos on solo.

Even though a lot can be done to make a piano sound a bit better, superior plug-ins are always going to sound quite a bit better. The piano is arguably the songwriters most used instrument. All of our  Garageband piano samples include a commercial usage license for our paid members. Live Loops … Sounds for the Keyboard and Alchemy synth. This is where it starts to get a bit more complicated, at least in comparison to the rest of the tutorial. Choosing that gave me the downloading screen you can see above. It’s quite versatile.

Just locate the Restore Sound Library menu item. I’m Andrew and I run Producer Society.

I’ve been using this software for a few years now and this site is a compilation of everything I’ve learned. For instance, I would take it easy on the reverb, ambience, and delay, when it comes to this particular instrument.

From here, we’ll move on to adding dynamics processors to each piano differently. But GarageBand can do much more than this: it gives you complete control over its Software Instruments.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. First, I’m going to show you how I get the most of Garageband’s stock Steinway Grand Piano.

Launch GarageBand and head up to the GarageBand menu, just to the right of the Apple menu. That’s pretty much it for making the pianos sound a bit better in Garageband. It’s a fantastic bit of musical creation kit for anyone, regardless of native ability or experience. You’ll notice that it’s parameters tread very softly, with a ratio of just 1:4:1 and a threshold of -20dB. You can get the 4Front Piano at this link here and then the Spitfire Audio Lab Soft Piano at this link.

The stock piano in Garageband doesn’t have the best sound, let’s be honest. After you install GarageBand, additional content bundled into sound packs may be available to download in the Sound Library.

The owner of Producer Society is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to,, and GarageBand for MacOS comes with dozens and dozens of top notch virtual instruments for you to wrap your fingers around. What started out with just one synthesizer and produced sleighbell sounds has been transformed into 23 virtual instruments. These free Garageband piano loops have the perfect vintage and can now be yours in just a … Apple loops are specially formatted AIF files which contain meta data.

Sound packs can contain different types of content, including the following: Apple Loops.

Not only are these two plug-ins much better than the stock Steinway straight out of the box, but with some dynamics processing and effects, they can be improved significantly. Select that and you can choose to download the entire collection. To import the files to the iPad version of Garageband you'll need to do that via iTunes. Please comment on our posts and share our pages with your friends. It’s worth mentioning that the title of the plug-in really explains what it sounds like. Sure, the guitar and the synth are cool and all, but it's the piano that inspired many a song smith to pen hit records that stand the test of time.

If you wanted to, you could increase the gain on it just by a little bit or maybe the ratio just to bring down the loud peaks and increase the quiet sounds. For the delay, I approach it in the same manner as the reverb and the ambience. The Soft Piano from Spitfire Audio Labs is definitely the best free piano plug-in that I’ve found thus far. You also have access to other free sounds from Spitfire Audio Lab, so that’s great news too.

What I’ll usually do is just use the “Piano” pre-set within the compressor, and I find that it works the best. I prefer not to complicate these things too much, and instead work with the functions that I’m given in Garageband. the Spitfire Audio Lab Soft Piano at this link. download GarageBand from the Mac App Store. If for some reason (like a failed download etc), you don’t happen see the loops or other content in your GarageBand app, you may need to remind it.

Additionally, if you’re interested in another delay plug-in, check out the Valhalla Freq Echo plug-in at this link. This download features apple loops of piano riffs that you can easily load into Garageband for an instant hook to give you some cool song ideas. For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll just quickly state that ambience is like a short reverb that creates somewhat of an echo effect, but in the same way as reverb.

Personally, I find that the standard grand piano is enough, and I might take the liberty of attenuating some of the mid frequencies a little bit like what you can see here: I’ll also use the same EQ on both of the pianos that are panned in the opposite direction, although, I might EQ one slightly different than the other just by a little bit if I feel like it.

You can see what this looks like in the image below: Regarding compression, it’s best to go real easy on it, because otherwise, you get distortion super easily, at least from what I’ve noticed anyway. It’s definitely worth mentioning that if you intend on using two different pianos panned in the opposite direction, the volume has to be turned down quite a lot because they amplify each other. You can use parallel compression in Garageband in two different ways. You can sculpt synth sounds, re-create vintage instruments, change a seventies sound to an '80s instrument, create wonderful electronic sweeps and swirls in synthesizer pads, emulate your favorite artist's axe, etc etc.

I typically put the delay to around 4 on the dial, or 10:00 when thinking of the dial as a clock. As ever, these apple loops have been perfectly edited to work in both Logic and Garageband. For the EQ, I’ll use the Grand Piano EQ 1, and I might increase the low frequencies just by a little bit. Download these piano loops for Garageband and see where it takes you. In case you’re unsure of what ambience even is, I’d recommend checking out my article on ambience which dives into what it is exactly and also how to go about using it. What you want to do is simply copy the software instrument track after you’ve created your melodies and then paste it into a new track region. With that said, I’ll typically use the regular reverb that’s included right there in the smart controls.

It’s as simple as going down into the Smart Controls like what’s shown in the image below on the right-hand side: Typically, I’ll increase the reverb to around 4-6 on the dial, or 11:00, if you think of it in terms of a clock. Why not treat your beats to some tasteful piano samples that cover a wide range of musical genres and playing styles?

LABS: LABS is recognized as one of the best plugin software for any digital audio workstation including GarageBand. It looks like what you can see in the image below: From here, you can go ahead and pan one of the pianos to -30 and then the other to +30.

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