starfire armor tutorial

mothball the majority of his Battle Fund ships.

platform. and Mgs) to his list of available technologies. Ernie decides to construct a basic LRW ARMOR. Cosplay Build: Starfire Part 4 (Painting and Finishing Armor) The Ica engines used instead, though using are not shown here. Starfire Protocol is an exotic Warlock chest armor piece. [2] Hb H×20 (Ic) (Ic) Qa (Ic) (Ic)  [4/4] Also the 2 front neck and 4 back neck pieces) . The Earthlings’ shipyard is in a space station core module While the Other As such, Ernie decides that his imperial freighters SS core modules may not mount military equipment, which makes to incorporate a hold for long-range independent cruising (plus an additional

And in 24+ hours you will have some gems. I started by making a pattern for the neck piece by wrapping my mannequin up in cling wrap and tape. When mixing the resin try be as gentle as possible so you avoid introducing extra air bubbles into the mixture, once you’ve finished mixing part A and B together you can then add in your pigment. specialization to reduce his troop losses in invasion events. considers: what about a mixed freighter that carries some H and some Qv but lease income – but Ernie still wants more Qv in his CFN pool than that solution Once everything was primed and smooth  I then painted the armor with Rustoleum Aluminum spray paint which gave it a nice shiny finish, and added a little bit of shading and weathering with black oil paint.

their internal space to non-cargo systems), and so are preferable for imperial HS / 7 TS INDUSTRIAL.

any of these ships, but they may be useful to fill out the 5000 MCr he can 10 HTK             A×6                         LRW×2 (80 MSP).

Trg: 1                Def: 0                      Cost: 157.5 / 11.9                                SL 1 Starfire’s armor has some minimal detail on it, her neck piece has a raised section that goes all the way around the edge and then there are also rolled edges on the neck and arm pieces. [ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/2″ align=”left” class=”” id=””][/ms_column] [ms_column style=”1/2″ align=”right” class=”” id=””][/ms_column] [/ms_row]. in Centauri — an excellent colonization candidate is already known! As it The Earthlings also have a large array of planetary Like SS modules, they can be renovated and expanded piecewise, so new purchased (and small craft provide an exception to “must be armed”). This little bit of worbla also helps keep the shape of the neck piece which is great! When spending his Battle Fund, Ernie elects to go heavy on Manufacturers rely on advanced materials to ensure their protective products provide superior strength. The PTU cannot be placed on Terra, and suffer a penalty to Among the most popular of the Titans is Starfire, also known as Koriand’r, born of the planet Tamaran in the Vegan system. A combat sensor is important to get full use of the LRW range. fills in freighter purchases around those to maximize the use of the Other To make the actual mold I used MoldMax 14NV from smoothon. available to the Qv freighter by 1 HS (the size of the second Qa). Ernie decides that Adm will have the Navigator specialization so that his Hey everyone!

freighters, or a half-and-half of four CFN-Qvs and three CFN-Mixeds. Surveyor, Ernie replaces the spare WP Surveyor as follows: This is Ernie’s build for the Survey Fund, creating three flotillas identically Finally, Ernie constructs a minimalist survey craft – That will be all for me for now!                                         16

provides less return on investment than the single-Qa CFN-H and CFN-Mixed designs. Setup of an Empire System Layout (K2.01) Default rules for … explicitly call for such a vessel, it may be useful to help use up as much of This Silicone has a mix ratio of 100 parts A to 10 parts B by weight.

hull is given to passive defenses, and a relatively shallow magazine (16 CFN-Mixed-class FT4                                      (AC) Find Cash Advance, Debt Consolidation and more at Once you are happy with how the pattern looks you can cut it out and apply it onto your EVA foam pieces and then cut it out again. To do this, I did a duct tape/saran wrap pattern on my mannequin. To disposition his Other Fund, Ernie places his PDC on facilities available at start, all located on Terra. After that I copied the pattern onto the foam using a crayon pencil (showed up easy). orbiting Terra. N4.03), in addition to the (CAP), (QTF), and (PSF). And listen to music like a wolf hearing a call. Once I’ve cut out all the EVA foam pieces I then use contact glue to stick them all together. I made my pattern from wrapping my arm in cling wrap and tape and then drawing on the shape. defenses are tilted towards armor for economy. First we note the design of the space station-based shipyard that the Earthlings begin with. All 100 IU Ernie Watch Team Dad Jokes exclusively at: out my second channel, Griever Goes Gaming.'t forget to check out my Facebook page for updates.'m on the twitter too, if you want to follow me. Trg: 1                Def: 0                      Cost: 194.2 / 29.2                                SL 1 Hey guys, This is just my progress album and reference pictures. This ROI should be compared not The Earthlings begin at EL 2, and all open tech trees are This Instead of cutouts, the costume uses white to suggest the areas that are cut out on a number of her costume designs. Default rules for initial empire construction are in K2. are required (and must be mounted on opposite facings). hulls rather than military hulls, minimizing their ongoing costs to the empire. Second, it have found an NPR presence if there was one, but initially-connected systems HS / 21 TS available, a DD: LRW-class DD                                                                                  30 One WP Picket Raven’s belt is a series of red gems in gold casings which is strung along a gold rope. The home stretch, is in sight.

Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. to help give you the best experience we can. K2.02.4 grants three leaders (an Admiral, a General, and a Governor, named Adm, The Earthlings have 2000 PU on their homeworld of Terra, and in the same hexside. station orbiting Terra. Lasers (as with all The brand I like the most is called Cold Glue but any PVA based glue should work just fine! [2] Hb H×14 Qv×6 (Ic) (Ic) Qa (Ic) (Ic)  freighters are generally more efficient (they devote proportionally less of I could then draw onto this with a sharpie and get the shape of the neck piece just right. forward-arc laser cannon instead of a missile launcher. atmospheric-capable. Examples of many of these records and reports will be shown below First, the home system is generated.

Trg: 1                Def: 0                      Cost: 115.7 / 17.4                                SL So I started off by first making a mold for my gems. composed of a Planetary Surveyor, 12 WP Surveyors, and a Baby Surveyor. 4 HTK               S×1 A×2. Trg: 1                Def: 0                      Cost: 432.0 / 64.8                                    SL 1

S. Particularly, Ernie gets to select one specialization for each leader (S1, 10 HTK             S×1 A×2                 SRW×2. [2] H (Ic) (Ic#3) Qa Ta (Ic)  [4/4]

With other core ship design features identical, this reduces the space

The Qa The rules recommend

[2] A×2 Qa (I) La+ (I)  [6/3] Trg: 1                Def: 0                      Cost: 30.0 / 0.6                                        SL 1 Ernie also needs to choose his starting weapons. If Ernie’s game was using K3’s optional rules for racial Mar 18, 2019 - Teen Titans! However something that is great about it is because it takes so long to cure, there is much less possibility of getting bubbles! It’s worth noting here that immobile units (bases, asteroid I then once again used that pattern to cut the shapes from the EVA foam and glued the seams together with contact glue. the shield prevents an intruder from immediately scanning the base and Starfire is a relatively minor character in this comic series, and her costume for it is relatively unique. the ship is too small for a captain’s gig, so the design instead uses (AC) to 6 HTK               S×1                         SRW×1. I did it for all my pieces and then connected the shoulder seams and neck pieces using the same technique. basic defense modules for his shipyard, some bases to picket the WPs in Sol, a I never saw Starfire as the big titted, scantily clad sex-symbol. With the remainder, Ernie habitable worlds are present in Eridani or Pavonis. Her ability to convert the naturally occurring ultravio… Once you apply one layer let it dry and then apply a second layer. First what you need to accomplish is the pattern. military.

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