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I would not recommend this movie for a true horror-fanatic! The girl could just as easily have specifically said, “burn the antiques or Madame Addison’s ghost will kill you” and spared John from spending the next third of the film catching up on everything the audience already knows. (Ideal Maternity Home Survivors) The mothers who made around $8 a week in the area at the time, had to work for the Youngs till they could foot the bill. I don't recommend this movie.

With its theatrical quality production value and recognizable lead in Todd Lowe of “True Blood,” outward appearances can fool you into thinking “The Remains” might be better than it is. In a horror movie, every next-door neighbor or Chinese food delivery guy is required to obliquely reference disbelief over someone moving into the old house and then not answer when John asks, “why?”. John doesn’t know this though, and he won’t for a little while. Items discovered inside an antique chest in the attic strangely transfix the family. This IS a horror movie, people. A horrible incident occurring far too early to be real is revealed to be a hallucination. In reality, California realtors are legally required to disclose fatal events prior to a property purchase. Victoria becomes attached to the doll, saying it reminds her of her mother, while Aiden becomes attached to the old camera. It's the usual family finds a house way cheaper than it should be...(Haunted house red flag...) and moves in. “The Remains” is equivalent to nondescript tract housing created from prefab components included in every other bland building already on the block. Awards

The story line isn't horrible but I can't get passed the horrible acting... especially the girl who plays the teenage daughter. The whole plot was crappy. This movie was absolutely horrible! The most action was within the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes which really wasn't any action at all. Not sure if the film was cut short during the process or something but I don't get any of it. John researches Elena’s name and learns about the deaths during the 1891 séance.

While Izzy is busy rebelling without a cause and John does whatever John does, Victoria and Aiden occupy themselves with some curious antiques found in the attic. When he questions the realtor, however, she claims to know nothing about the house's history. are taken away by a trash collector and disposed of properly, or b.) The seance was a good idea, as that was very popular during the Victorian times and they did good job of making it seem like it could be a hoax. Izzy returns home and finds her father. Matt Goldberg explains how the ending segment of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, The Mortal Remains, ties all the rest of the segments together. Then the medium is suddenly taken over and kills everyone in the room. Azusa, California – Present Day – Widower John buys Madame Addison’s former home from realtor Claire and moves in with his teenage daughter Izzy and young children Victoria and Aiden. October 18, 2020 Leave a comment. Yet again, remember “The Remains” is formulaic fright fare. One day, while playing hide-and-seek, Victoria and Aiden come across a chest in the attic containing pictures, an old camera, an old doll, and an old pocket watch. This movie was sh*#, I suggest you go watch paint dry instead. Culture Crypt is the most reliable website for genre movie reviews and the best in popular culture, specializing in independent horror film entertainment. Azusa, California – 1891 – Hoping to make contact with their missing daughter Elena, Irwin and Maybell Tolwood come to Madame Addison’s House of Spiritualism for a séance. Only imaginary eight-year-olds could be that enamored with a black-and-white movie in the public domain. They had to pay on arrival - anywhere between $100 and $500 for room and board, delivery, and the adoption of the baby. The Remains is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Thomas Della Bella and starring Todd Lowe as a widower and father named John. The acting was terrible, I couldn't follow the plot (the antiques in the chest possessed those in the house?!) All in all not a complete waste of time and me and my wife were actually surprised by the 3.7 rating it received on IMDb. You see a prologue that might have a good story-line base and then they do nothing with it. We never really got to find out what the real issues were or if the girl they were looking for was killed by her father, or what demon or ghost has entered the picture.

This is a haunted house flick, and having lived in a big old haunted Victorian, we thought they did a very realistic job of giving you the feeling of what that is like. John becomes concerned, but at the same time finds himself becoming attached to the pocket watch. The movie fracks those fears with a massive rig that puts a miles-long pipeline between ‘stranger in a strange land’ phobias and vicarious psychological uncertainty. The ending. At John’s request, Claire comes over and reviews a set of spirit photographs left behind by Madame Addison. | Standard family moves into haunted house story but... Not a complete waste of time...but don't watch it twice. His movie’s anemic arsenal is supplied by a staggering stockpile of standard jump scares and conventional plot points. She warns of an evil entity and tells John to burn all of the antiques. Pretty good movie started out with a lot of potential. There … This is one the worst movies I have seen! The Remains is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Thomas Della Bella and starring Todd Lowe as a widower and father named John. Doors start slamming, nightmares start scaring, and the behavior of John’s brood grows increasingly stranger as everyone becomes transfixed by the odd items. Now, do you think that the cursed items a.) And I can really say that even The Ring was more interesting than this wannabe horror/thriller. Irwin seemingly strangles Madame Addison to stop her, but she reanimates, slitting Maybell’s throat and attacking Irwin. While John takes Victoria and Aiden to the hospital, Izzy has her boyfriend Tommy briefly come over to the house. Due to demonic intervention, all five people in the house die that night. John thinks it's just some girl who has wandered into their house, but she tells him to "burn them," referring to the contents of the chest, before disappearing. A bloody person manages to gurgle a vital clue before suddenly dying. He figures a few things out for himself though, finally boxing up the evil antiques and dumping them in the garbage can outside. Strange things begin to happen and they try to explain it away when anyone included...would be sent screaming into the streets, clothed or not.

It's not constant terror or horror, but lots of creepy, weird things happening that you are always trying to explain away (seeing figures, crashes in the attic, noises and voices). Also the oldest daughter who is a teenager but played by a 30 year old woman was distracting. The first thing you notice is the film looks cheap, the special effects are shoddy, some of the costumes look like people dressed up for Halloween, and it's a story that's been done to death. John has an uncomfortable encounter with Melissa when he comes home to find her giving his children a tarot card reading. But as far as jumps and

John’s phone call to Claire asking for the truth behind the property is cut short. The synopsis for "The Remains" is what lured me in, well, and also because I have always enjoyed horror movies.

Haunted house had a creepy aura, tense music, big old dollhouse, haunted doll, couple of creepy little kids that did a decent acting job. In 1891, a couple visit a spiritualist named Madame Addison at 3:00 AM—the so-called witching hour—in order to try to find their lost daughter. The problem is there are many scenes that literally feel like the first take, as if actors are holding their script in their hands reading their lines out loud for the first time. The old woman who haunts John’s property goes by “Madame Addison” (Maria Olsen), and her connection is explained through never-discarded “remains” left in the house. There must be better things to spend money on... Wasn't bad but wont be watching second time. You might just fall asleep in your sofa. Izzy and the children (now released from the power of Madame Addison) go back into the house and call 911. Studio:       Vertical EntertainmentDirector:    Thomas Della BellaWriter:       Thomas Della BellaProducer:  Eric B. Fleischman, Sean TabibianStars:     Todd Lowe, Brooke Butler, Hannah Nordberg, Ashley Crow, Dash Williams, Samuel Larson, Lisa Brenner, Maria Olsen. There was some over-acting from the medium at the start. With such an interesting true story to draw from, it’s a real shame that The Child Remains is so underwhelming. The acting, for me, was tough to get around.

Child-actors who are not just skilled enough to create the suspension of disbelief, but also are interesting to watch must be either difficult to find, or too expensive for most film-makers' budgets. - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It looks promising at first, but then it gets repetitive with clichés. Net response to the movie could best be described with onomatopoeia, specifically whatever word equals the sound made when you push your tongue between your lips and blow. Very disappointed. In The Remains, John moves his family after his wife passes, but the items that had been left in the house turn out to be haunted. COME PLAY follows a rubber-stamped recipe for standard spooks. It might be more accurate to call this a lower middle class man’s “Amityville Horror.”  And in deference to that simile, the Lutz Family’s Ocean Avenue home with distinct quarter-moon windows is a one-of-a-kind Dutch Colonial construction. Like the single dad, the backstory of the house being used for seances over a hundred years ago and eventually a demon coming through and possessing the house.

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