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Culture Syntax. Within the same realm, characters have -10 opinion towards characters of other cultures, and -20 across culture groups (reduced by Tolerance Technology). The Commune of Rome owns Roma and has a bookmark.

Only Norse can raid if religion and government type do not allow raiding. Changing culture of the land itself in not an easy process and the penalty of not matching the culture of the lands you hold (less levies, less taxes, no access to cultural buildings) often outweighs the advantages of a different culture.

B. Then head south and capture Apulia province. When you create the Roman Empire every new emperor or empress gets the trait Augustus (ruler of The New Roman Empire), which increases opinion by +15. With Conclave, use the Heritage childhood focus. to Roman, flip a good part of Italy and maybe some other provinces, and essentially start the cultural conversion train rolling.

Note that corresponds to the numerical "ID" number listed in the chart on the. "event 55001 " - Brings in settlers. When Rajas of India is not enabled, a randomly fired event gives rulers a chance to convert to their capital's culture. They are MUCH more common in 769, however.

A province with no holdings (i.e., a nomadic province) always has the culture of its owner.

Prioritize conquering same-culture provinces over provinces of a different culture.

don't know might actually be what the byzantines should be instead mockingly the greek Kings. The most common event can trigger when a character has a county in his demesne not of his culture, and it borders at least one other province of the character's culture that is owned by a character (which could be the very same character) of the ruler's culture. Mongols can use Ultimogeniture even without following an organized religion. Witcher 3; AoE 2; M2TW; DS3; XCOM 2; Imperator: Rome; Spore; AoM; AoE 3; Starbound; The Forest; AoE; L4D2; Victoria 2 ; KOTOR I & II; Factorio; SCUM; 7DTD; CK2;; CK2 Console Commands; Culture IDs; CK2 Culture IDs.

As you can see, as long as a character has high stewardship, he can convert counties to his culture rather quickly. Vassals cannot use the decision if they have the same culture as their liege. Graphical horses have a special option in the spouse horse gift event, which makes their spouse their lover. Complex interaction between the WRE, the Pope, and the rest of the Catholic world, The Primary heirs of a ruler cannot take the decision to become a Gladiator, Landed characters cannot take the decision to become a Gladiator, One should have a martial >= 20 to become a Gladiator. It was a great success.

There are unit types, and there are 2 types of cultural bonuses that can apply to unit types: (1) Cultural retinue bonus that applies to specific retinue armies when raised, which is based on ruler's culture at the time the retinue are raised. Assign high-stewardship characters of your culture as counts on the edge of your culture.

CK2 Cheats CK2 Province IDs CK2 Event IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes . Claim wars and invasions can set a hidden conquest culture on a conquered title of county rank or higher. Graphical culture represents a character's ethnicity and ancestry. Is it similar to the Hellenic Pagan revival where you need to hold a specific province and have a specific focus/trait? Am I unaware of some easy way to to become a King while also a republic? This also ensures that your vassals are weakened, and unlikely to challenge your rule.

Every character in the game identifies with a culture, and this affects their relations with other characters in the same realm. (Doubled if the ruler is not independent) The optimal MTTH of the event is 13.9471 years. Supply limit prevents them from being effective in late game. While Strong and Weak Claims wars grant the flag, Pagan and Muslim Conquest do not.

Frankish, Saxon or Frisian provinces in de jure Frisia flip to Dutch, Created by event if Norse ruler controls Frankish, Occitan or Breton province. Holy War (which helpfully refuses to vassalize infidels unless the attacker is Muslim), Most CBs that target all land within a de jure title, Major revolts (Heretic Revolt, Religious Revolt, Liberation Revolt, Rise of the Shia Caliphate, Decadence Invasion), All claim wars set it on the claimed title(s), using the attacker's culture, Crusades, using the winner's culture (often the most participating attacker).

Similar thing happen with horde familys.

Does anyone know what it is for?

One suggestion: I think it would be more 'accurate' if when reforming the WRE there is the option to become a feudal system rather than republican, thus removing the patricians and changing from Consul to Caesar/Emperor.

to Roman, flip a good part of Italy and maybe some other provinces, and essentially start the cultural conversion train rolling. Independent dukes are called petty kings. Italy is required for forming the Holy Roman Empire. so if you unite the Roman Empire, you get a casus Belli on Rome and you can take that province. You'll get less severe penalties that way.

A mismatch between holder culture and province culture increases revolt risk. Some cultures name realms after dynasties.

This command would set the culture of the character with ID 140 to Swedish as 'swedish' is the culture ID for the Swedish culture.

The error occur loading flags . Greek, Italian or Roman (Optionally) Kingdoms. MTTH reduced to 30% of original time if province owner is Latin culture group. My game is fuc*!!!!

Tribal rulers can send their steward to Settle Tribe in demesne provinces for cultural conversion, the base MTTH for the conversion is 50 years. Graphical culture generally has no direct effect on gameplay, but can help you determine who is a "hidden cuckoo bastard". Still can't reform the Empire. Even got the Pope to approve an invasion of Sicily.

(Without Conclave) If you want to change your child's culture, assign a guardian of that culture with the diligent and/or the gregarious trait. Below is a table of all 127 cultures, with all culture …

Beware of invasions from the East (and Aztecs if you have Sunset Invasion installed), revolts, factions and Jihads/Great Holy Wars, especially after succession.

The culture ID for Anglo-Saxon culture is 'saxon' - this command would make the character with character ID 103345 Anglo-Saxon.

Greek, Italian or Roman (Optionally) Kingdoms. What is up with the roman cultur thing? Bedouin, Egyptian and Levantine cultures feature Camel Warrior retinue, one of the best retinues (or compositions) in the game.

Ignore the Muslims because now they are most likely busy fighting among themselves at this date. Can flip to English in the region of England, Tibetan LI+LC retinue guarantees Raid tactic, "culture " - Changes the culture of the targeted character (use the, "event 55000 " - Will convert the province's culture to the culture of the county's owner. You can cheat to get the Roman Empire, simply press "~" or alt + 21 and type : To find your char id you need to type "charinfo 1" and then hover your mouse over your ruler's portrait.Window will popup containing debug information,including char id. This has many uses! As a Catholic you will be able to go on Crusade, which may provide with required territory and Piety to safely convert to Orthodoxy. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Castrate prisoners to prevent them from inheriting titles or having children.

Khazars: Radhanite Quarter available for Silk Road Trade Posts.

With very few exceptions, the only way to change this is via the child's guardian. Poor pursuit though. The base mean time to happen for the event is 40 years. No information The Roman Empire is part of the Legacy of Rome DLC. Every county has a culture at the start of the campaign, and this culture can be changed over time.

Most cultures unlock cultural retinues and cultural buildings in castles, resulting in different army composition.

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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The neighbor provinces from which the culture "spreads" now also needs to not be Depopulated to allow the event to fire.

It scratches the Roman itch just right without going full Byzantine or reconversion. This can be useful if you have the intrigue focus and hope to revoke a title. Vassals with foreign cultures and located far away from your capital are much more likely to start independence factions. You have waited a lot but finally we are keeping some us promises. Imperial Reconquest can be used on the following kingdoms(not counting Muslims, you use Holy War on them): The Fully Expanded Empire within it old borders.

Provinces can flip back to Norse after 1150.

Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. It's in the same retinue cap efficiency tier as the pikemen, but provide slightly better use of supply limit and, unlike the pikemen, do not suffer from the low pursuit efficiency.

Tentative of resolve the Gladiators spamming events. You should be able to grab parts of Croatia and entire Wallachia (just ignore the penalty since they are pagans so anyway it doesnt matter much if they dislike you). The wiki says you can, but doesn't really specify how.

If the guardian is diligent and/or gregarious, it becomes far more likely, as the normal distribution is then centered at 2.5 or 5 years; on the other hand, if the guardian is shy and/or slothful, culture change becomes quite unlikely.

Just too hard to prove if you are or not without dna. Also, the first emperor/empress has his/her nickname changed to "Glorious".

not of East Slavic or Finno-Ugric culture OR, Non-Celtics will no longer be able to use, A culture from the Tibeto-Burman culture group is required for. If any province in Italy breaks away from the HRE annex them using Imperial Reconquest casus belli. The event is more frequent with high stewardship skill and high learning skill. All Altaic cultures can use Tribal Invasion CB if Pagan, and either Tribal government or Elective Gavelkind succession. Holdings that do not change owners, but merely have a new liege, do not get this penalty.

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