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As discussed in this skill research article, there is a hit counter for online training that requires a person to damage a creature for blood every 30 hits. Is there an offline training calculator? Because this is not counted in offline training, the efficiency of training decreases from skills 10 to 29 (see the chart below). I would like to know how long RP needs skill 105 to 120 I would also like to know how long until I get ML 100 in an MS, http://www.tibia-stats.com/index.php?akcja=skillCalc, you need around 200 kk mana spent to reach ML 100, offline training means 1800*12=21,6 Ks a day so 9260 days considering only offline training. Just like normal online training, offline melee training advances at different rates for different vocations. As you can see a knight could achieve skill 104; a paladin, 63; a druid, 28; and a sorcerer, 26. This means that for a knight, 12 hours offline training is equivalent to actually 18 hours online. The total mana gained in one offline training session would be 43,200 mana worth approximately 19.4k if you simply drank small mana potions and returned the flasks. What language version are you using while reading our articles. Offline training of distance uses essentially a different mechanic than online training since it does not account for blood or spark hits that count as two hits towards advancing in a skill. I have my main character (druid) but brought a paladin/knight just to have them offline training. Training Schools are in all major cities in Tibia to give premium players an opportunity to advance the skills of their characters by Training. Offline Training and Distance Calculator Research by:Gorak The advent of offline training has made everyone's life a little easier, and a lot more lazy. I'm just wondering if there existed a calc that brought those factors into consideration as well.

Cause I only play one or two chara ters but got like 7 training and they all are gaining skills, not sure if this is accurated http://www.tibia-stats.com/index.php?akcja=skillCalc, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Offline Training and Distance Calculator Research, tibia-stats.com ver. It's not like you just put your chars offline training forever until they reach skills 100 or whatever. For this reason (overall higher efficiency during training), mages have a slight advantage while training distance offline versus online compared to paladins and knights. Your hit counter fills up every time you hit a creature, or up to 2 creatures hit you per round. Well, I really don't know how long it would take, but you need to have your char online for a specific amount of time to increase your offline training. Knights take a week to reach this point, druids a year, and sorcerers close to five years.

You can only train for 12 hrs, and then you need to log in to recharge it. On the other hand, a knight does not advance in fast in distance as a paladin does in melee. As you can see, both Paladins and Knight advance at the same rate as do Druids and Sorcerers.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.tibia-stats.com/index.php?akcja=skillCalc. 1 Exercise Dummies 2 Offline Training 2.1 Mathematics 3 Locations All training schools have one Exercise Dummy which can be used to train a character's Magic Level, Distance Fighting, Sword Fighting, Axe Fighting or Club Fighting.

Shielding Training Estimate how many exercise weapons it takes to upgrade skills and magic levels in Tibia.

This, of course, is not the case, since the chance to hit your target changes based upon the type of weapon or ammunition you use, your skill level, and how far away from the target you are. Subreddit dedicated to the game Tibia, an MMORPG developed by Cipsoft. That way, if I ever change my mind, I'll be able to switch over to some nice skills. Keep that in mind. Unlike previous skills that had a constant efficiency either between all vocations, or vocation specific in the case of magic skill, the efficiency of offline training depends on the distance skill. As you read this article, and for the future, you might be interested to test out some of your own values on our skill calculator. This means that normally, with two creatures hitting you, you must bleed your target every 20 seconds (10 rounds @ 3 hits/round). In a recent poll, 75% of people said they liked offline training, 20% did not, and 5% did not care. Msg me if you play there!) Skill calculator - melee Formulas researched by Gorak Insert the values Melee skill % to go Desired skill Vocation Knight Paladin Druid Sorcerer Rookgaardian Site stats monsters killed 21 … 0.9.5 - A.D. 2009-2013, Ads by Project Wonderful! If you were able to spark or bleed the target every round and had two creatures hitting you, you would have to bleed your target every 14 seconds (7 rounds @ 4 hits/round). Shielding gains the equivalent of 7.5 hits per minute, 12.5% of what you would gain online with two creatures hitting you or 25% of what you would gain online with one creature hitting you. If you think this page should be unprotected, then use {{}} on the talk page. Distance Training This number is based upon the desired skill level, and may actually change for lower skills.

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