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1. Also, was the navigator usually an enlisted man? Between 1966 and 1969, 184 C-123Bs were converted to C-123Ks by adding two J85 jet engines for improved performance. The five ROCAF/Taiwan/CIA C-123Bs would be used over North Vietnam as low level and nighttime covert airdrop aircraft, under the South Star II agreement, under the guise of Taiwan's national airline, China Airlines, which had "cover story" of operating Vietnamese Air Transport (VIAT) in South Vietnam, that was formerly operated by Air America. If not, who handled the cargo?

35 Piper St. Learn how and when to remove this template message, U.S. Air Force Demonstration Team, the "Thunderbirds, Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center (MASDC), Thomas Murphy, Director of VA Compensation Services, wrote that TCDD (the well-known toxic component of Agent Orange), On 25 November 2012, a committee of scientists and physicians, chaired by Jeanne Stellman, 31 August 2010 Federal Register, page 5320, Post Vietnam Military Herbicide Exposures in UC-123K Agent Orange Aircraft", Mid-America Transportation and Aviation Museum, National Museum of the United States Air Force, List of military aircraft of the United States, "Military transports: Fairchild C-123 Provider. "Questions About Plane's Origins Grow.". This additional development increased the utility of the aircraft and its variants to allow it to perform a number of unique tasks, including the HC-123B which operated with the USCG fitted with additional radar equipment for search and rescue missions through 1971, and the C-123J which was fitted with retractable skis for operations in Greenland and Alaska on compacted snow runways. He was formed in Hurlburt field, Florida. 1 of USAF's 75th Troop Carrier Squadron (TCS), but within SOG it was known as the First Flight Detachment (FFD). The Provider was originally designed as a glider by the Chase Company. ], With the end of the Vietnam War, remaining C-123Ks and UC-123Ks were transferred to tactical airlift units of the Air Force Reserve (AFRES) and the Air National Guard (ANG) that were operationally-gained by Tactical Air Command (TAC) before 1975 and Military Airlift Command (MAC) after 1975. This aircraft, under the provisional designation NC-123B, was dropped because the lights fixed to the aircraft made it far easier for enemy gunners to track compared to the earlier flare ships.

The DC-3/C-47 family has operated as a glider and under turboprop power, but not under jet power. The RTAF squadron had their office in Tachi. Four crews attended a ground school in Greenville, Texas and returned to Hurlburt where they flew the aircraft for the first time. [citation needed] However, it concluded the life of the C-123 by making it the only aircraft type to operate under jet, piston, and turboprop engine power, and as a glider, during its history. The flare duties were generally used for troops in contact (TIC) while the FAC mission directed air strikes in Laos over the Ho Chi Minh trail. You can make a donation to the C-123 fund by clicking on the C-123 Donate Here button. [12] The Black Spot aircraft were to fit under the "self-contained night attack capability" that was Operation Shed Light's primary focus and E-Systems of Greenville, Texas, was contracted to complete the modifications. He looked very relieved, but I’ll bet he never failed to double-check that latch again.

The latest news and the greatest photo galleries and videos. While conducting the drop, the C-123 was shot down by a Sandinista soldier, using a SA-7 Grail.

TCDD, the toxic substance in Agent Orange, may be inhaled as an aerosol or ingested by contaminated food or water or from hand-to-mouth transfer. 54-0663 – El Avion restaurant in Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica has the twin of the CIA-operated aircraft downed by the Sandinista forces over Nicaragua in 1986. Resurrecting “Thunderpig” was a tremendous undertaking, Air Heritage wants to thank all who made this possible, those who donated money, and those who has put in countless hours to bring it here, and to keep it flying. When the door was first opened it was discovered to be a home for a coyote who was none too pleased to have visitors. “The cargo compartment, including ramp, is basically a rectangular space 444 inches long, 98 inches high and 110 inches wide between the inner walls of the main wheel well.” This includes the retractable loading ramp. When I got there in 70 Tachikawa was closed due to a ground fault under the runway. VA decides these claims on a case-by-case basis. The Coast Guard manned the aircraft with a crew of five: two officers serving as the pilot and copilot, augmented by an enlisted flight mechanic, an enlisted navigator, and an enlisted loadmaster. The pilots noticed something and called back, asking what had happened. Two C-123K aircraft modified in September 1965 under Project Black Spot. The flare duties were generally used for troops in contact (TIC) while the FAC mission directed air strikes in Laos over the Ho Chi Minh trail. Checking my logs, I flew on this aircraft many times during that period. ", "Crash of a Fairchild C-123K in An Khe: 46 Killed", "Headquarters MACV Monthly Summary November 1970", "Crash of a Fairchild C-123K Provider near Nha Trang: 79 killed", "Crash of a Fairchild C-123K Provider near Cam Ranh Bay: 42 killed", "Accident Description: Fairchild UC-123K Provider, 16 October 198. One schedule to be shipped soon had low time engines. Mainly a trainer for the Air Force and…, The Fairchild Model 24, is a four-seat, single engine monoplane light transport aircraft that was used by the United States…, The Beechcraft T-34 Mentor is a propeller-driven, single-engined, military training aircraft derived from the Beechcraft Model 35 Bonanza. The airframes would be fitted with new turboprop Rolls-Royce T56-A-15 engines, a glass cockpit and other enhancements. “I was part of the crew who restored this airplane,” he said. Engine Model Pratt & Whitney R-2800-99W Double Wasp The RTAF flew 123s and used Yokota as their strip. Their research established that veterans had far greater, and more harmful, exposures than earlier estimated, and that the veterans' TCDD exposures exceeded any published safety standard. In 1956 the USAF awarded a contract to Fairchild to design an improved version of the C-123 under the designation C-136, but the contract was cancelled before the aircraft was built[6]. We used limited available sampling data and 3 methods to model dioxin exposure. We carried a crew of pilot, copilot engineer and two loadmasters. We carried two starlight scopes and 100 flares, and spotted trucks and called in fighter support. The fate of the aircraft is still unclear. Template:USAF transports Howdy, We would load up at Pope AFB, short flight, land on a drop zone, same areas we jumped on (can’t remember which one now) not quite stopping the plane. The Provider was originally designed as a glider by the Chase Company. From Individual Aircraft Records Cards Set, provided as part of information received 24 May 2007 pursuant to Freedom of Information Act request 49112, from the Air Force Historical Research Agency, United States Air Force, Maxwell AFB, AL. The type would also be widely exported under various US military assistance programs, directly from USAF stocks. The Det. The reason why from what I was told that Flight Engineers attended the USAF Performance Course and Fight Mechanic were not required to be performance qualified. Testing both in the United States and in South Vietnam continued until the YC-123H crashed in an accident in 1963.

The authors noted: In response to developing scientific challenges to its position refusing C-123 veterans' exposure claims, on March 10, 2014 VA began revising their web pages to include reference to the submission of a special C-123 study project for the Institute of Medicine. We were forward air control and flare drops.

That’s a great story! Our C-123K has been named “Thunderpig” which was the nickname used by the 911th Airlift Wing based at Greater Pittsburgh Airport when they flew the C-123 there. The production version, with two piston engines, was designated the C-123B. In a subsequent telecon, Deputy Chief Consultant Dr. T. Walters informed veterans no C-123 exposure claims would be permitted to be approved, the VA forming a denial basis around redefining the word "exposure" to include bioavailability. This system directs air from the engines at high speed over the top of the wing, making the wing act as if the aircraft is flying at a higher airspeed. Thanks for sharing. but I said that, smiling of course. BACK_TO_TOP [4] FAIRCHILD C-123 PROVIDER * The Fairchild C-123 Provider was actually designed by the Chase Aircraft Company of New York, which was founded in 1943, with a focus on development of cargo gliders for the US Army Air Forces. The paragraph then talks about some of the unusable pockets within that space, including considerations for utilizing the ramp for cargo. In addition to its USAF service, which included later service with the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard, it also went on to serve most notably with the U.S. Coast Guard and various air forces in Southeast Asia. Thank you for your story! This aircraft was used in conjunction with the C-130 Hercules and C-141 Starlifter. Very exciting stuff for a young man. The most demanding mission was that of Volunteering to fly into the border between Laos and Vietnam to evacuate a Montagnard Village ( the famous peoples who so valiantly helped fight the VC and who where attached to Special Green Beret Units), We flew under the control of a FAC (foward air controller) dropped in specially for the mission.. there was nothing there except for a dirt kinda strip , our landing zone.. landed from up high, due to heavy mortar fire.. made a hard landing and evacuated the entire Village, did 3 trips in and back that day.. in the process getting peppered with small ground fire the entire time. 1.471 mi. The aircraft would also take part in Operation Ranch Hand, which was a mission to defoliate the jungle in order to expose enemy troops. Oddly enough, the USAF had officially chosen not to procure the VC-123C VIP transport, opting instead for the Convair VC-131D. The final examples of the C-123 in active U.S. military service were retired from the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard in the early 1980s.

10 October 1958: A C-123B Provider, AF Ser. Aircraft Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. [13] These NC/AC-123Ks were first deployed operationally at Osan AB, South Korea between August and October 1968, and flying in support of operations against North Korean infiltrators approaching by boat. Estimated dermal–oral exposure exceeded US EPA standards for certain personnel.

All tanks could be jettisoned. mysterious saga of an old c-123 MARTIN MERZER | Oct 13, 1986 8:00PM EDT The rebel supply plane shot down over Nicaragua cruised through a series of shadowy or inactive comp [citation needed][N 1], The C-123T has recently been revived by a joint venture between the US-based Fleetwings Aircraft Company and the South African company Elmer Group. The only American flown C-123s still in Southeast Asia were those belonging to Air America., the shadow airline financed by the CIA. As a result, the YC-123D had a greatly reduced take-off and landing distance. Health Care The first of more than 300 Fairchild-built C-123Bs entered service in July 1955. Another aircraft, an unsung hero of the war in Southeast Asia, was the Fairchild C-123 Provider. Our peacetime military planners found few uses for a light transport after the C-130 Hercules came into operational use. [9] The aircraft looked radically different visibly from its transport brethren, as the new equipment required lengthening the nose by over 50 inches.

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