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He's gone through this before. Most members of the worldwide magical community have read Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and most, if not all, would be able to summarize the definition of a werewolf. I'm sorry I behaved like a pureblood idiot.

Regulus took out another cigarette and lit it with his wand. He's waiting outside of the Fat Lady for you. He inwardly smirked. I wanted to destroy the Horcrux.

As he sobbed, the bed started to rattle and a nameplate fell off the wall. I'm going to Hogwarts," He chattered excitedly. Ashlyn asked curiously. Everyday?"

He won't be leaving this year.

To escape his hauntig memories of the Mauraders, Remus takes an Amnesia potion and is allowed to live in the Muggle World! ", Regulus looked unmoved, "It was useless anyway. It's been awful to watch you these years. Sirius walked outside with his brother and found Lily and James sitting under their favorite tree. Disclaimer: I do not support JKR or her disgusting transphobic comments in the slightest. 'I was wishing on fallen stars, waiting for you,' he breathed. Although I'd say he's rather broken. He has nowhere to go.

Padfoot," James said and Sirius saw the evil glint in his eye he had so missed. "I like how you assume I can watch the living," James said simply. "When this goes horribly wrong James, I'm blaming it on you. Did you just say that Regulus. The best stories about the almighty Regulus Black. And how will Remus react? You'll have to make a new life for yourself in the new timeline. Regulus Black never appears directly in canon and his character isn't commented enough on by others (Slughorn or Sirius, for example) to really say what he was like.

Though neither Regulus, nor Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Sirius expected the result of the ritual to be quite this literal. "I've missed you Sirius. Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 253 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 2 - Published: Regulus Black has seven days to die. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "So I have learned," Sirius said happily. ", "Clearly Mssr. Rating just to be safe. His brother never cried, or spoke to him like this. "And who may that be?" You need to move past this resentment. ", "I told you Reggie. And in no time at all it felt, he heard. Amazing. While these are my one shots I obviously don't own the Harry Potter franchise. You tried to fix things. He learnt that the hard way in third year courtesy of his older brother and his 'friends'.

'Please, please don't let anyone come in here,' he thought hopefully. Just as I always knew I would. "Unfortunately I will not," she said before walking away. Regulus. Alive. Regulus thinks sadly, and quickly shake the notion from his head. Loving him was as sweet as it was bitter.

Hogwarts will keep him safe, says Dumbledore, who offers him the post of Charms professor. "So," she said with a smirk, "Ravenclaw?

He feels alone and resorts to cutting. I thought of you as a blood traitor. Your review has been posted. Probably about twenty years old.

Writtien Pre-Hallows, but I still love it.

I thought you were a shoe in with the slimy snakes," she teased lightheartedly. I want to get this out of my head and published ASAP. A short oneshot in a nightinthelifeof type story. AU. Can you believe it? Following his escape from Azkaban, Sirius Black is an emotional mess. Regulus goes with Sirius when he runs away, and finds a new home with the Potters. 'So, now I'm good enough to spare a glance at? They sat in silence for a minute before James said, "I'm sorry, Sirius.

A rainy day gives Harry the perfect opportunity to seduce Regulus. 'I have to go to class, Regulus.' He felt content.

He is going to make it through though.

", James stood as well but then paused.

Trans men are men, trans women are women, and you’re all valid!! Depressed Sirius Black (28) Depression (7) Marauders (6) Angst (5) Hurt/Comfort (5) Fluff (4) Self-Harm (4) Sirius Black Lives (4) Alternate Universe (3) Werewolves (3) Other tags to include Exclude ? Regulus laughed lightly, then replied, "And I thought you were a shoe in for those ever so brave lions?". The bullying was rightly deserved. 'I think I'm going to be sick,' he thought.

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