stevens 555 enhanced problems

Mine also has a loose bottom firing pin that will slightly dent the bottom primer when the top barrel is fired with heavy 3" pheasant rounds. Savage Arms resurrected the Stevens brand in 1999, and it has since become a home for budget-priced, but reliable, shotguns. I see that they put a steel pivot pin into the aluminum receiver, which looks a bit unappealing. You could spend more and get more, but you also could spend more and get less. If barrel alignment for a side-by-side shotgun is labor intensive, that is only because those manufacturers are dumb. In my experience, Turks produce two types of shotguns: firearms with impressive aesthetics and excellent reliability or guns with perfunctory finish work and slapdash construction.”, “Stevens (or rather KOFS) managed to equip the 555 E with a more-than-decent trigger.”. I have one in 20 ga and it is a dandy. On one morning in our early goose season I dropped 8 Canada geese with it. I have a 555 enhanced in 20 ga. _____ As a trap shooter, I’m firmly in the extractor camp. I'm thinking of getting this one in a 20 for forest grouse, mostly ruffies. MSRP: $865 (about $695 retail). I took the 555 out to the range today and fired it for the first time. Why or why not? “Stevens (or rather KOFS) managed to equip the 555 E with a more-than-decent trigger.” I think I made it pretty clear that this is a Turkish gun. Hi Dan, Browning makes a steel reinforced receiver gun as well called the Feather. It didn't double fire, i.e. Once you have made 10 posts, you will be able to start new threads in the forum. Which makes the 555 E another excellent value shotgun from the former Ottoman Empire — provided you feed it carefully. The Stevens 555 over/under is a perfect example. No issues with double firing. I would be stunned if it costs a manufacturer much more than $50 to make a simple smooth straight barrel. I have one in 12 ga.

I just picked up the 555 plain jane 20. Case closed.

It wound being so popular that Stevens has since released a new Enhanced edition. This answer section does a great job of tracking problems as well as outstanding performance of not just guns but all things outdoor related.

Shot my 50 straight with that gun. Well if Phil reads this, consider it as a reported problem. The Stevens’ 555 E ticks all the right boxes: it’s comfortable, accurate and light. Actually that works pretty well on birds dropping into decoys. You can pick one up (the plain version) on line for around $550.

You made it clear this is in the better category and every review I’ve read on this gun have been four-star or better. Don't expect quality. Both the enhanced 555 and the later made 555's have no doubling problems, the enhanced version is marked as such on the Barrels. Larger lugs with longer arms may feel a little cramped. Thanks and a plus one for the heads up. While I like the gun and its weight it doesn't quite fit me and the top barrel shoots a pattern that tops out about 6" above point of aim. at 40 yards. You could spend more and get more, but you also could spend more and get less. The Stevens produced consistent, even 50/50 patterns. Your email address will not be published. That said, I would never buy an aluminum receiver gun in 12 ga. Wayyyyyy too much recoil even with 1oz loads. I have a Savage 223 and It does what is does just fine. But what do you expect in an over/under retailing for under $700? Is there a Beretta thats affordable?? Virtually all doubles under $1k are made in Turkey(or somewhere similar). Going on four years and hundreds of rounds. Sep 19, 2018 #4 B. Ben Lamb Well-known member. we have a 555 and have had massive problems with it. The Stevens 555 E gives you everything you’d want in a budget over/under in an impressive looking package. Nice to see you finally have a website, DG. outside of that I love the gun. there is a difference) model is a game changer. So 3 doubles in 6 shots. Right now it kinda blends in with the background. Is there something in its class without the tag?? Two barrels is double the price of one barrel. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The 555 E’s machine-cut checkering isn’t as deep or tactile as you’d get in a hand-cut gun; I’d prefer something a little more aggressive. (20gauge&28 gauge) An internet search reveals that this is an on going problem. They both had problems. We have two regular 12ga 555s in the family that get plenty of use shooting trap. On paper, that’s a good pound to a pound-and-a-half lighter than its budget-priced competitors (e.g., CZ Redhead, Mossberg International Silver Reserve or Stoeger Condor). Required fields are marked *. My bad, sorry Dan. length of pull for smaller-framed shooters. Despite being a steel-barreled over/under with an ultra-light aluminum receiver, the 555 E isn’t front-heavy.

I like the gun, reliable, very light, good wood for the price.

Stopped using it, switched to the new 555 20ga, which worked perfectly. Minor fit\finish issues, but they don't bother me. I prefer the standard model with it’s matte finish receiver. Fully joined barrels (solid metal in between) are the most expensive type – cheaper manufacturers will cut corners by joining barrels at the muzzle and breech and filling in-between with a tacked-on trim plate. All times are GMT-5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Keep up the good work. The trigger guard is just roomy enough to accommodate a gloved hand. Enter the Steven 555 E. Like so many affordably priced scatterguns, the 555 E is a Turkish import. all the better, its a tool, not a social status. The original 555 hit store shelves about two years ago, and was marketed as an affordable field gun for the hunters who either couldn’t, or wouldn’t throw around the kind of cash required to purchase some of the industry’s ritzier over-under shotguns. It’s best to feed the 555 E the kind of upland loads for which the gun was designed. Why do people buy Porshe’s over Corvette’s? Today I read Phil Bourjaily's comments on the Savage 555 o/u shotgun.

Their next offering is a 5lb. You can learn more about it with the video embedded above. Chamber Size: 3 inches I don’t think it costs very much for two reasons: Any content creators out there who can chime in? TTAG’s T&E 555 E was attractively figured and finished to a low luster, with clean consistent wood-to-metal joins. It may not display this or other websites correctly. It’s an over/under shotgun. Going back to my video games now. Total Length: 44 7/8 inches I looked over the shotgun at the NRA show in Atlanta and thought it seemed a little light, but talked with several 555 users who were standing around and they all commented that recoil was not an issue. Hi from Big Sky Country (MT) I took the plunge and bought a Stevens 555 O/U about a week ago. Welcome to Field and Streams's Answers section. Everything there so far is the WordPress default. Unfortunately there is very little difference, sight wise in the newer 555 with the newer trigger an no doubling problem and the early 555 that has the problems. OK, let’s look at a polished/blued barrel. Main reason I come to answers is to read what's what.

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