chris ramsay penn and teller

A special episode.

Some of his most popular videos include “Solving the Impossible Lotus Puzzle!!

Follow Us. ", Richard Bellars, close-up and stage magician, British, High Jinx, illusionists and circus performers, British, Mark Shortland, magical comedy entertainer, British, Young and Strange, street stage illusionists, British, Daniel Madison, card illusionist, British, Alan Rorrison, close-up magician, British, Keelan and Charlotte, quick-change artists, British, Jack Taperell, close-up magician, British, Chris Cox, mind reader, British (unaired as he was the only performer who failed in his performance), Jon Armstrong, close-up magician, American, The Shocker, mentalist/illusionist, American, Kyle Knight & Mistie, illusionist, American, Austin Janik, close-up/card magician, American, Matthew Holtzclaw, close-up magician, American, Trigg Watson, close-up magician, American, Frederick Falk, close-up magician, American, Chris Funk, card/stage magician, Canadian, Riley Siegler, close-up/card magician, American, Scott Alexander & Puck, illusionist, American, Mark Calabrese, close-up/card magician, American, Joel Meyers & Spidey, mentalist duo, American, Nash Fung, close-up magician, Chinese-American, Derek Hughes, close-up/card magician, American, Nathan Coe Marsh, close-up magician, American, Brett Loudermilk, sword swallower, American, Robert Ramirez, comedy mentalist, Mexican, Dominik (Krzanowski), illusionist, Polish-British, David and Leeman, comedy magician, American, Felix Bodden, close-up/card magician, Dominican, Matthew DiSero, comedy mentalist, Canadian, Rokas Bernatonis, illusionist, Lithuanian, Caleb Wiles, close up/card magician, American, Kevin Hall The Magic Maniac, comedy magician, American, Kyle Marlett, close up/card magician, American, Brent Braun, close-up/card magician, American, Anthony Asimov, close-up magician, American, Jonathan Burns, comedy magician, American, Jimmy Ichihana, close-up/card magician, American, Jafo (Jason Fields), close-up/coin magician, American, Jessica Jane Peterson, illusionist, American, Yan Markson, mentalist/magician, Russian-Canadian, Glenn Morphew, close-up/card magician, American, Liberty Larsen, close-up/card magician, American, Sergio Starman, close-up magician, Italian, Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay, close-up/card magicians, American, Lion Fludd, close-up/card magician, American, Patrik Kuffs, close-up/card magician, French-Canadian, Dom Chambers, close-up magician, Australian, Ryan Chandler, close-up magician, American, Taijyu Fujiyama, close-up/stage magician, Japanese, Pit Hartling, close-up/card magician, German, Ian Stewart, stunt magician/hypnotist, Canadian, Kelvin Chow, close-up/card magician, Chinese, Eric Dittelman, comedy mentalist, American, Compagnie des Dragonfly, illusionist group, French, Darcy Oake, close-up/card magician, Canadian, Tyler Twombly, close-up illusionist, American, Dr. Michael Rubinstein, coin magician, American, Christine Barger & Darlene Hollywood, mentalists, American, Jamie Allan, close-up illusionist, British, Christopher Grace, mentalist, Irish-American, Giancarlo Bernini, close-up magician, American, Derek Selinger, danger magician/illusionist, American, Anna DeGuzman, card manipulator, American, Ryan Stock & AmberLynn Walker, illusionists/danger duo, Canadian, Christopher Castellini, mentalist, Italian, Hans Petter Secker, card mechanic, Norwegian, Zoe LaFleur, close-up/card magician, American, Blake Vogt & Jana, danger magicians, American & N/A, Robert Ramirez, close-up magicians, Mexican, Horret Wu, close-up/card magician, Taiwanese, Matt Donnelly: The Mind Noodler, comedy magician, American, Sangsoon Kim, close-up illusionist, Korean, Keelan Leyser & Matt Daniel-Baker, illusionist duo, British, Woody Aragon, close-up/card magician, Spanish, Dev Sherman, close-up/card magician, New Zealander, Rubén Vilagrand, comedy magician, Spanish, Iñaki Zabaletta, close-up/card magician, Argentinian, Chad Allen, close-up/card magician, American, Clinton W. Gray, danger magician, Canadian, Takamiz Usui, close-up magician, Japanese, Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz, danger magician, American, Daniel Roy, close-up/card magician, American, Blaise Serra, close-up/card magician, American, In 2011 it was reported that the format had been sold to Ukraine broadcaster, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 03:03.

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