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Toru Furuya also liked the scene where Amuro contacts his friends using his Newtype powers. When words ran out, Bright resorted to slapping Amuro for his cowardice. , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + Suddenly, two Zeon soldiers burst in the room. It was also during this battle that Amuro had the Gundam jump up into the air to engage the Dopps, making him the first mobile suit pilot to engage in aerial combat. , Lieutenant  + , Amuro Ray + Garma attacked the White Base with a numerical superiority of HT-01B Magella Attack tanks, DFA-03 Dopps, and several Zakus. , Mobile Suit Gundam: Secret Rendezvous + Giant God of Legend: Gigantis' Counterattack where he joins forces with Char and Judau Ashta to stop the Neo Zeon from using the massive Gigantis to cause destruction. , Amuro Ray + , Gundam 0079 - Nightmare of Solomon + At the end of the Second Neo-Zeon War, after defeating Char's MSN-04 Sazabi in the duel and capturing Char's escape pod, Amuro attempted to singlehandedly stop the asteroid Axis from colliding with the Earth by pushing the asteroid with his ν Gundam. , Amuro Ray + Awesome Anime and Manga Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It was during the party that Char and Garma were alerted of the White Base's position and responded on a moments notice. Amuro (age 29) as a member of Londo Bell (0093 U.C.

, Amuro Ray + Sometime after the battle, a convoy of Medea supply transports arrived to resupply the White Base and take on as many passengers that were refugees from Side 7. Amuro only appears in cameo-form in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, in the form of a photo portrait on the wall of the Captain Bright Noa's office on board his vessel, the Ra Cailum, as seen by Lt. Riddhe Marcenas, during OVA 4, "At the bottom of the gravity well". It’s powered by an artificial black hole, which summons the absurd energy necessary to operate the nanomachines that help it regenerate from any attack. This trend continued into the One Year War period. The official timeline mark Amuro's death 13 years later in the Second Neo Zeon War, which is reflected in the original novels Hi-Streamer and Beltorchika's Children. , Amuro Ray +

, Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + Known as the Burning Gundam in the G Gundam dubs, God Gundam was the second mobile suit given to Domon Kasshu, series lead and Gundam Fighter for Neo Japan. Amuro jumps into the Gundam's cockpit for the first time. If multiple UC series are represented, his appearance will default to how he was portrayed in Zeta Gundam.

+ Tomino also wrote another novel titled Beltorchika's Children that had Amuro as a family man and reported as KIA in the ending. is one of the main characters from the Universal Century timeline. Lt. Matilda saw what Amuro was doing and ordered him to stop. Amuro was given a Zeta Plus in his custom colors and was made commander of the 18th Tactical Fighter Aggressor Squadron (18TFAS) as part of the Karaba Air Force, and would be of great use in fighting both the remaining Titans on Earth, and the newly emerged Neo-Zeon.

", "A real Gundam Dynasty Warrior isn't just for show!

Critical reception to the character has also been positive with comments revolving around his work as a soldier. He is present in the Gundam crossovers series including Gundam: Battle Assault, Gundam vs., Dynasty Warriors: Gundam and SD Gundam.

The improved version of the titular Gundam of After War Gundam X, Garrod Ran’s Double X Gundam was created as an upgrade after the original Gundam X was destroyed. , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + It’s a high-performance version of the original RX-78-2 Gundam model, meant for usage by the legendary pilot Amuro Ray, but the war ended before this suit could be shipped to him. , Amuro Ray + "You're mine, all mine!" , Amuro Ray + Discover (and save!) At the beginning of the Mobile Suit Gundam TV series, Amuro is merely a 15-year-old civilian, along with his friends Fraw Bow and Hayato Kobayashi, living in Side 7, one of the few space colonies untouched by the One Year War at the time. His mother, Kamaria Ray, arrived to see what the commotion was about and saw her son for the first time in years.

[29] In an official Sunrise poll focused in the best team ups between former enemies, he and Char were first. , Amuro Ray + , 180 cm (5.906 ft, 70.866 in)  +, Chief Petty Officer  + Both fairly useful abilities when the 00 movie it came from was about first contact (and conflict) with an alien species from another galaxy. , MSZ-006-3A Zeta Gundam 3A Type + , Amuro Ray +

He is voiced by Tōru Furuya (Japanese), Brad Swaile (English dub of the original TV series, Char's Counterattack, and the majority of the licensed Gundam video games), Michael Lindsay (English dub of Movies I-III), Matthew Erickson (English dub of Zeta Gundam and the Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam video game), Fryda Wolff (Young, English dub of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin) and Lucien Dodge (English dub of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin). But with the help of both Domon and his partner Rain, the God Gundam obliterated the Devil Gundam entirely. Must be the psycoframe. , Amuro Ray + Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! , Amuro Ray + , Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam + Take them down!

Kira was so technically proficient he was able to battle entire armies of mobile suits on his own without even taking a scratch. , Amuro Ray + , Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation II - Lovers + , Amuro Ray + What earns this Gundam its spot on the list is its final showing against the Devil Gundam, a mobile suit designed to continuously improve itself and evolve from any attack, making it theoretically invincible. During Amuro's last duel with the Mobile Suit, Char guards him from one of th… The streams feature looped recordings performed by Furyuya and Mitsuishi, and they will broadcast for 24 hours beginning at 12:00 AM JST on Constitution Memorial Day (May 03, 2018). , Amuro Ray + , w:c:english-voice-over:Michael Lindsay + This is why Uso Ewin is a thirteen-year-old who’s able to tear through an entire empire largely solo. Amuro Ray (アムロ・レイ, Amuro Rei?) , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , RGZ-91B Re-GZ Custom + , Amuro Ray + [13], In further commentary, Furuya was glad with the popularity he achieved by voicing Amuro for over 40 years.

By the Gryps War, Amuro has become more of a reclusive person due to being isolated after the OYW. An episode of the anime Space Dandy had a parody of Amuro's likeness as an alternate reality's version of Dandy, who was a "Mobile Suit" Pilot.

His action inspires other mobile suits to join in, even Neo-Zeon soldiers. As a result, Amuro was announced as a new type of being as reflected in how society needs this new type of human being. When Amuro is killed by Char's mobile suit forces at the end of the story, Amuro's mind takes one last moment to reach out to Sayla's and expresses his love for her, along with his regret at not being able to spend his life with her. ", "We have to keep the pressure on the enemy! ), Amuro encounters Char in Londenion and the two rekindle their rivalry with a fist fight. , Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation III - Love Is the Pulse of the Stars + Having said that, the Strike Freedom is no slouch when it comes to its own power: it’s loaded to the gills with weapons, from a beam cannon in its abdomen to railguns on its hips. For one, it’s piloted by Amuro Ray, who may not be the most powerful of the NewType Gundam pilots, but he’s easily the most mature among them. ", "So long as I match the enemy's pattern, this'll be a cinch! It has been speculated in Gundam crossover games that Amuro and Kira Yamato of Gundam Seed would easily befriend each other, due to many shared and parallel similarities, both being heroic messiah like characters, and having powers that make them unique and more powerful than most of the pack. During the battle, Amuro managed to destroy numerous Magella Attack Tanks as well as Dopps. , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , CB-9696G/C/T Reversible Gundam + , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + Mobile Suit Gundam Light of Life Chronicle U.C. , MSZ-009M Mega Zeta + The White Base escapes from Zeon territory afterwards.

, Amuro Ray + Those realistic problems came with more realistic giant robots…but powercreep comes for every universe eventually. Amuro was soon called back to duty, but Amuro refused to fight, believing that he earned a break with what happened from the time of Side 7 to the current battle. , Amuro Ray + ", "This Suit handles like a dream. , Amuro Ray +

QUIZ: What would YOUR My Hero Academia Quirk be? , Amuro Ray + , Mobile Suit Gundam I +

, Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + The two of them eat and chat, and discuss what it's like to be Newtypes. Anime Fun Time. With Bright standing next to him, Amuro tells his mother that he has obligations and responsibilities now and cannot abandon the White Base. , Amuro Ray + , ORX-013 Gundam Mk-V + , Amuro Ray + Once Amuro and his father made it to space, Tem was often not home for long periods of time. Garma called for an immediate retreat to review their situation. RELATED: The 20 Strongest Alien Species In Anime, Officially Ranked. While Amuro rests in the sand, he sees the Gouf and a Zaku fly overhead. , Amuro Ray + your own Pins on Pinterest , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray +

, Amuro Ray + Burying Gundam in the heavy sand dunes, Amuro travels into a small town, Sodom for food. It is in Earth orbit that Amuro first goes into personal battle against Char. Voiced Most Times By: Brad Swaile (in 7 titles) Toru Furuya (in 14 titles) Total Actors: 6 Appearances: 14 Franchise: Mobile Suit Gundam. As the battle increased in intensity, Bright gave up on persuading Amuro. , Amuro Ray +

, Amuro Ray + Amuro later found out that this was not the target of Operation Odessa. , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray + , Amuro Ray +

, Amuro Ray + , Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika's Children + , Amuro Ray + We also see exactly how Hello Kitty would attack if she were a Gundam: very, very cutely.. After joining the Karaba (AEUG's earth-bound ally), Amuro became a key figure within the group, leading several crucial missions, including the attack on the Titan's base in Mount Kilimanjaro and the seizing of Federation's Congress Building in Dakar.

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