when to butcher guinea hogs

Head/Face/Ears/Tail: American Guinea Hogs have medium-small sized, upright ears (sometimes slight bent at the tips in adults). or 144 lbs. I just try to tell the truth about them.

Height: Adult American Guinea Hogs (at 2 years of age) range from 22 to 27 inches tall, adult males sometimes averaging one or two inches taller than females. Life Expectancy: The expected life span of the American Guinea Hog is 10-15 years or until they are ready for culling and slaughter as farm livestock, providing excellent meat for the table.

Guinea hogs were a favorite of mine. They developed as a landrace breed throughout the southeastern states of the, USA.

pig of another breed at 8 months.

The fat of the Guinea Hog is abundant and firm, and has found interest with chefs and butchers for making charcuterie (old world style cured meats). We are offering piglets and processed hogs for sale.

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