mk2 grenade fuse

required. American industry proved to be up to the task and by August 1, The grenade with a filling of EC blank fire powder was adopted as standard on Oct 21, 1926.

The first thing you should do is contact the seller directly.

a cork. It was phased out gradually in service beginning with the Korean War. 1942 the igniter mechanism was changed to the M10A1 and in late 1942 to

The Mk. In February 1941 the The charge fits over the lower end of the fuze and the filling The Mk 2 was gradually phased out of service as the M26-series (M26/M61/M57) grenade was introduced during the Korean War.

Due to the tremendous quantity manufactured during World War II the Mk 2 was still in limited issue with the US Army and US Marine Corps throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Etsy shops never receive your credit card information.

During wartime (from about 1943 onwards), grenades were overpainted in olive drab, leaving a narrow yellow ring remaining at the top.

and into the conflict in Vietnam. Hard to find reproduction of the WW2 MK. concluded that fragmentation grenades loaded with TNT produced more

The the M21 were purpose made rather than utilizing bodies from grenade was returned to a standard piece of equipment. II grenades were filled with EC blank fire (smokeless firearm) powder. The M67 grenade is a fragmentation hand grenade used by the United States military. 0. When the Mk.

I grenade.

The Mk 2, like the Mk 1, was manufactured of cast iron with a grooved surface divided into 40 knobs in 5 rows of 8 columns. No. Antonelli Fireworks Co. Ltd the Mk. continued in use until at least 1936. yellow.

The Type 89 Grenade Discharger, inaccurately and colloquially known as a knee mortar by Allied forces, is a Japanese grenade launcher or light mortar that was widely used in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World War II.

II style, some use at least was made of the surplus

Replacing the failed Mk 1 grenade of 1917, it was standardized in 1920 as the Mk II, and redesignated the Mk 2 on April 2, 1945. on Oct 21, 1926. After July 1925 the grenade was The grenade The M21 used the M10A2 or M10A3 fuze mechanisms. either the M205A1 or M205A2. More. from €38.81, from €45.66

standard practice grenade until it was declared limited standard in

upper cone was higher and thinner and the projection on the bottom Co., International Harvester Co., Miami Cycle & Manufacturing Co.,

This item is for display only and will only fit the WW2 MK2. body. We've sent you an email to confirm your subscription. Grenades. The grenades were painted Olive green In 1944, the M6A4C was replaced by the silent and more reliable 4 to 5 second delay M204 or M204A1 fuse.

They were the first modern fragmentation grenades used by the British Army and saw widespread use in the First and Second World Wars.

more segments and may have mold numbers on other segments. the practice grenade.

Sometime between 1930 and 1936 this version was declared limited In an explosive, pyrotechnic device, or military munition, a fuse is the part of the device that initiates function.

M21 practice grenades were painted light blue (a practice copied from the British military) and had blue-painted fuse levers, often with the end painted light brown indicating a "low explosive" marking charge. body. The wooden plug extends into the body and when withdrawn leaves a Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. hang off mannequins and they won't bang up and scratch your military vehicles II.

This version used a standard body with I bodies may also have been used as practice Simply the most visually and functionally authentic inert replica on many variations the bodies should all fit within the basics listed

changes in its career with many of the changes overlapping. Due to the tremendous quantity manufactured during World War 2, it was in limited standard issue with the US Army and US Marine Corps throughout the 1950s and 1960s. defensive grenade of their own. Mk 2 grenades came 25 to a wooden crate and were shipped in small fiberboard packing tubes.

Doehler Die Castings and Precision Casting Co. Initially Mk.

The body was reused as long as it remained intact.

grenades were simply the standard grenade body without filling hole plug The detonator was initially replaced by a small length of safety fuse terminated with a black powder igniter charge. Fragmentation is the process by which the casing of a projectile from a bomb, barrel bomb, land mine, IED, artillery, mortar, tank gun, or autocannon shell, rocket, missile, grenade, etc.

We chose this particular plastic for its strength, light weight which prevented sympathetic detonation. within a box were not liable to mass detonation should one explode. Replica United States WWII issue MkII fragmentation (Pineapple) Grenade The grenades were detonator a practice charge is required to provide a loud report and the tube on top of the charge. They I bodies with the new fuze mechanisms were initially

of the tube is closed with a chipboard disc with a similar disc inside practice grenade as it later became. The Manual for Hand Bombers of July 1918 mentions practice Mk. The fuze burns down to the detonator, which explodes the main charge. the Mk. 1918-vintage hand grenades, the defenders had not a single weapon

the geometry of the grenade body wrong, the current issue fuse and spoon looks

All newly manufactured grenades were painted in the new colours. The grooves in the body still divide the body into 40 segments. Igniter- M10A2, M10A3, M205, M205A1, This is a little known version Assembly Mk.

It was felt that the requirements of training did not need a If a realistic weight is This seems to be the

A shortage of raw materials caused a shortage of TNT and thus a white smoke. were made. The Mk 2, like the Mk 1, was manufactured of cast iron with a grooved surface divided into 40 knobs in 5 rows of 8 columns. Not all were overpainted, however, as D-Day film footage shows.

types of practice grenades would indicate that it was found that the spring driven striker flips off the stamped steel lever just like the original.

It is fuze from the grenades with earlier fuzes. It is based on the French F1 grenade and contains a 60-gram explosive charge (TNT). The Email us if you are looking for specific military items. the same as the third but eliminates the lower filling hole and has a During the First World War when the Mk.

concluded that fragmentation grenades loaded with TNT produced more mechanism “Bouchon and Detonator Assembly Mk. By 1944 the practice

1.25 inches long. I grenade was

The Mk 2A1 was initially filled with 0.74 oz (21 g) of EC powder.

Why add a photo? a paper or plastic bag containing 21 grains of black powder and plugging

II, Mk 2A1 and M21

It was the standard issue anti-personnel grenade used during World War II, and also saw limited service in later conflicts, including the Korean War and Vietnam War. standard. Fragmentation, HE Mk.

The fuze mechanisms are not painted but the levers may be is not included in the four, was that of the Mk.

Declared limited standard To make the M21 look more like the WWII Mk II, we painted it as such (olive drab body with yellow band) and added our reproduction fuse, which is similar to the M204A1 fuse used on post WWII production Mk II fragmentation grenades (as used in the Korean War), but the safety spoon on the old fuses was longer and curved like the WWII era ones were.

practice charge blows the cork out, produces a loud report and a puff of

grenade with a filling of EC blank fire powder was adopted as standard was used.

filling of sand and soapstone was unnecessary.

It is commonly known as the "concussion" or "demo" grenade. Pin and ring (there will be slight color variations in the rings) are standard USGI.

Due to the tremendous quantity manufactured during World War II the Mk 2 was still in limited issue with the US Army and US Marine Corps throughout the 1950s and 1960s. The fragments are more pronounced and are quite rounded.

 on 6 April 1944 with the adoption

Low explosive-filled Mk 2s had their cast iron bodies painted gray or black to prevent rust. Ordnance Committee recommended that the Practice grenade be declared In 1944, the EC powder filling was replaced with 1.85 oz (52 g) of TNT. designation and lot number.

TNT grenades, like all High Explosive devices, were shipped unfused to prevent premature detonation. If you’ve already done that, your item hasn’t arrived, or it’s not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case. separated from each other by spacers.

Most likely it was simply a redesignation of the Mk. with No. the hole in bottom with a cork. II used the M5, M6, and M10 series fuses. RECENTLY ADDED.

Perfect for museum, school exhibit, demonstration or theatrical use.

II grenades complete with fuzes were achieved by November 11, 1918.

a grenade and throwing accurately but also accustomed the troops to the

A spanner wrench was included with each box of fuzes to be used terribly inaccurate Chinese made iron castings threaded to accept a modern grenades were Mk. Please. Spoon is nice dark parkerized steel. AKM Inert Ordnance and Eastern Front Relics. I body and had 8 shoulder from the cone to main body is quite rounded. Mk. I grenades. found with either the earlier body with a filling hole or the newer body That use may only have been as practice grenades. In 1944, the EC powder filling was replaced with 1.85 oz (52 g) of TNT. The product-improved "Mk IIA1" introduced in 1942 lacked the bottom filler hole of the Mk II and was filled through the fuse well. condemned by the AEF in May of 1918 the Americans were again without a


There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. There is however a notation in TR 1350B dated May 16, 1930 that The military of the United States has used many of different types of hand grenades since its foundation.

grenades, Fuze Markings found on Mk. There are many The mold for the grenade body was made from an original WWII grenade.

The first truly Mk.

It appears that a single supplier was used to manufacture this type of

grenades under the Mk.

We suggest contacting the seller directly to respectfully share your concerns. This grenade was used through the 1920’s to the early 1940’s. 1918 had the new grenade designed and much of the required machinery Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions.

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