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Please read (add cpk) tutorial firstThings you add from other makers is at your own risk. In order i installed 20.2.5. oh i see, thanks for letting me know..much appreciated.. someone please upload DpFileList.bin i did something and my game broke i need so much, Reinstall the patch, it will recover all patch files, First of allthank you for all your hard work, Smoke Patch really is the best PES patch at the momentone problem I have with this patch is the balls assigned to leagues, for example the La Liga, it is the default PES ball and I cant change it, could you update the league balls to the latest ones and assign them to each league corectly, much appreciated, thank you, Balls are assigned twin the edit file of the patch, re-copy the edit fileSome users had issue loading the edit file after Konami dlc 2.01, if that is you case then just wait for the next update, Are we going to have stadiums added to the game before stadium server?

Patch 2018 (v18.1.0) Patch 2018 (EXECO18) Patch 2018 (World Cup) PES 2017. Smoke patch team - Thank you very Much, for your great work! How to restore smoke patch? Thank you dido ,great patch question is there a way to play the game without internet ?I am a captain & no internet on board.pls reply positively :), Hello and welcomeSadly no, Konami made sure of that to prevent piracy, you would need internet to at least start the game, that is the drawback of the original game :/.

Keep loading and not stopping.

Obrigado, melhor patch!! SmokePatch mod for pro evolution soccer series. A mi me pasaba lo mismo, además yo empezaba por casualidad una Eurocopa en la Liga Máster.

Pero todavia no puedo entrar a la Euro.

steam original game with live updates enabled, You would need to deactivate live update to use smokepatch updates (see picture at the install instructions up), Mais où est Madagascar dans le patch s'il vous plait il faut aussi mettre Madagascar dans l'equipe de l'Afrique. thanks. Btw love ur patch. I want to say thank you Smoke Patch for adding a national team Togo to the game. But apparently you guys can fix it yourselves. hi smoke i dowload the sider and after installation my sider version is 6.3.6 and how can i chainge for 6.3.7 version? EvoWeb Patch 8.0 For PES 2020; PES 2020 Andri Patch 8.0; ePatch 2020 For PC; Smoke Patch Version 20.2.7 For PC; PES 2020 ICMP Patch Version 2.5 [PS4] PesVícioBr OF DP5 For PES20 [PS4] PESFan 2020 OF V7 [PS4] CYPES 2.1 Update For PES20 ; Tools: Sider 6.3.9, Kitserver 2020 v1.45, DpFileList Generator 2020 and PUMM All contents in this website are the property of SmokePatch or authorized usage.

There's a compatibility bug with another mod of sorts in my livecpk folder or downloads folder, i don't know. Where is Pes United and We United? Can't seem to find them. pes2020 lite now release. I see your thread in evoweb is locked :(, i hate admin in evoweb Just keep strong, and go a headI'll support u always :). Do you have any fix for this? Yes, my 'Facepack' folder in my 'liveCPK' folder works perfectly with the new sider and the appropriate line in the sider.ini. yes its hidden by mistake, will correct soon, Could you add some polish classic players like Młynarczyk, Deyna, Boniek, Lato, Żmuda?

ML is ruined. Patch 2020 (v20.0.0) PES 2019. Game Auto-Run when you start the sider sp20, it will automatically start the game, you can disable this feature, open sider.ini and look for the following line, then change as showed below: Auto-run Enabled = “steam://rungameid/996470”, Auto-run Disabled ; = “steam://rungameid/996470”. What doesn't work anymore are the livecpk, none of it. Or in Nigeria national team A. Musa got name H. Janes. Why can not I shine off the face from sider? Hey can you please explain what will happen if i use previous master league in this update? Hellois there a chance to improve the weather because from what I see it is snowing all season in ML mode and it doesn't change in settings.Yes, I use sider, This is from sider not from smokepatchPlease wait for sider sp for normal weather, Hi, thank you Great work.I corrected Japanese names for All of J-League teams and other 4 teams you added (RB Salzburg etc)., Please add National Cambodia. Hey, For me most of Asian national teams, especially added by smoke path are overrated. But,last time when I ask you about National anthems, you tell me that National anthems not yet work, and they will be active when the full version is ready.After instaling full patch, I try to instal from adds ona, but... anthems is still not active?! i installed the sider v9 but the components are not working......What Should i Do? It's like we are playing 2002 world cup! there is nothing wrong with the sider or the sider addons,be sure you are using the latest version of any addon and follow the install instructions exactly. Hello, No compatibility changes neededNext week there is dlc3 that will require action from our side.

Every tab has a red update dot, they all of a sudden are shifted to the left of the screen, and when pressing A to try to interact with one of the tabs, the screen freezes. Duplicate player M. AL FATIL (Saudi Arabia) in Master League. It's quite large, dates from november, unpacked about 1 gb and has the same name as the dt80_100E_x64.cpk which it askes to replace (have made a backup of the original after the 3.0 patch ofcourse). Thanks again,sorry no donation due to paypal.

GREAT! We add cl features as always, not all can be included, we will do as much as we can.

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