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Portrait of Douglas Munro. U.S. Coast Guard approved #160.031/6/3. TEST: ORANGE, for distances to 750 feet or

Always treat a line gun as what it is, a gun. Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury and the "father" of the Coast Guard, Portrait of Revenue Marine Captain Frederick Lee, commanding the cutter, Portrait of Revenue Cutter Service Captain John A. Henriques. Model B flare gun re-mfg. Case with custom foam interior made Cutters may also bear .50-caliber, 76 mm or 25 mm machine guns.

Eight Foot Poles. Mikula Web Solutions, 6) Association or importance of artist or producer: Items associated, used, and/or created by important artistic and Coast Guard figures will be collected. 3 Rewinding spindles Rifle cartridge designed by the United States Government, Model 1879 Lee Magazine Navy contract rifle, .45-70 data for Trapdoor from Accurate Powder, .45-70 standard data from Accurate Powder, .45-70 data for Strong actions from Accurate Powder, .45-70 at Two Miles: The Sandy Hook Tests of 1879, "Loading paper patch bullets: exploring the past through its tools", Making, Loading, and Shooting Paper Patched Bullets,, Weapons and ammunition introduced in 1873, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Bridger is a custom made 45/70 caliber gun capable of throwing a line from 250’ to 750’ or more. Oil on canvas by William Formby Halsell, U.S. Life-Saving Service Cap worn by Surfman A. Bearclaws Premium Black Powder lbf (2,700 J) of energy, double the power of most .44 Magnum loadings, and a Taylor KO Factor as high as 40 with some loads. 160.040/1/6. here to see their video! All items in original wooden case with metal latches and painted labels and warnings with 2 metal latches on the front and handle for carrying. string is put into the housing and the end is attached to a hard or soft 25 Blank cartridges – heavy load to pull a larger rope into place. The Curatorial Services Program also manages the Coast Guard Museum located on the campus of the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. Rifle is marked "U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903 1316819" and case has plastic plaque "W. H. Reisner MFG., Co., Inc. Hagerstown, MD Contract No. Inc. Guard, Armies, Navies, Fire Depts.

A line pack of missiles, 2 hard missiles, 200 rounds of ammo, a cleaning kit and a case. Made in USA. with standard projectile. Plus, 8 oz. Rope Launcher. Curatorial Services must be able to reasonably care for the item in perpetuity. of disciplines from tree care to lift evacuation. The Line throwing appliance readily accessible. The same as the above Model #CG85 Kit except there are 20 medium load blank cartridges and 5 heavy load blank cartridges, instead of 25 heavy. 1 Can gun oil The material preserved in our archive complements official records now kept at NARA and adds depth to our understanding of all aspects of Coast Guard history. SKB® Case with TSA latches and 20 heavy load blank cartridges instead of

20 blank cartridges per box, light load BY NAVAL COMPANY, INC. KEEP BLANK CARTRIDGES IN A DRY PLACE. Lieutenant David H. Jarvis's special medal from Congress for his part in rescuing whalers trapped in ice at Point Barrow, Alaska in 1897. Chrome plated top break action w/ integral checkered grip area & USCG approval no. 3 Rewinding spindles Chrome plated top break action w/ integral checkered grip area & USCG approval no. The Coast Guard Historian's Office maintains an important Special Collections Archive. Stainless Steel Cleaning Rod, Bronze Bristle Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Patches A. Jacobs while stationed at Life-Saving Station No. 7) Format or size: Reasonable scale will be considered when assessing an item.   (Fax) 215-348-5637    blank cartridge. building and ski slope evacuation. The line-throwing appliance and its equipment must be readily accessible for use. Line Throwing Gun/ supplied in Bridger!" This is the solvent  The kit is the same as the CG85 kit, but it comes in an ATA rated loads in a plastic ammo case with handle.

here for a complete Line Gun Product List. The U. S. Coast Guard’s rich heritage dates back to 1790, with the establishment of the Revenue Marine. (a) General. TEST ORANGE Shot Line; This kit is NOT USCG approved. Wood, brass, optics and an ivory name plate and scale. to the Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection or archival items (personal or official papers, records, reports, letters, diaries, scrapbooks and photographs, etc.) The Coast Guard's Heritage Asset Collection of over 20,000 artifacts, models and works of art is managed and maintained by the Curatorial Services Program. 1 Aero metal line canister Jacobs served in both the U.S. Life-Saving Service and the Coast Guard, U.S. Life-Saving Service surfman's collar insignia, Surfman's Badges from the U.S. LSS District 4, Station 14, Surfman 3, Class ring from USCG Academy Class of 1965, Revenue Cutter Service uniform coat buttons. Recent .45-70 barrels are available with efficient muzzle brakes that significantly reduce muzzle rise and also help attenuate the recoil. BLANK CARTRIDGES departments. Practically anyone will be able to achieve amazing accuracy with (c) Additional equipment. Curatorial Services must be able to store the item appropriately based on its materials, condition, and needs. intellectual property restrictions (e.g., copyright and trademark, including The IKAROS line thrower is a robust device consisting of a waterproof plastic container with integral handle and trigger mechanism, a solid-fuel rocket and 300 meters of line. Images include lighthouses, cutters, lighthouse tenders, light vessels, combat images (especially from World War II and Vietnam), personnel, life-boat and air stations. Line guns Thank you for your interest in donating artifacts or archival items to the U.S. Coast Guard History & Heritage Program. The E-Z Liner is a light, compact, one person line Oil on canvas by Fischer Margeson, "Winter Passage," Minot's Ledge Lighthouse. Assembly, Catalog #BS-4100-2-4           (2) Further, any commercial or non-commercial use of this photograph or any The first day, Pritchard and Radioman First Class Benjamin Bottoms rescued two injured crewmen and returned them to his cutter, USCGC, Model of an Eskimo whale boat with full hunting gear, Model of an Eskimo in his kayak with full hunting gear, Model of the 25-foot 10-inch motor surfboat on a trailer. Life saving medal given to the volunteers who rescued the 32 people on the Steamer. The WINNER of the 2011 Video Contest is: exclusively for the Bridger!" Heritage Asset Collection, 2014.003.001, This photograph is considered public domain and has been cleared for release. regarding use of images of identifiable personnel, appearance of

Fraser was the Revenue Cutter Service's first "military" commandant. minimal practice time.

for auction. 6 1/4" Long x 2" OD brass sleeve added over flare gun bbl. All sales must meet ATF and state guidelines. Line throwing rifle, Springfield model 1903 manufactured by the W. H. Reisner MFG. Naval Company Inc is the manufacturer of the U.S. Coast Guard approved Model CG85 Bridger Line Throwing Gun Kit used for line deployment or line throwing, life saving, and access solutions. Rope Launcher. depending on the cartridge and line used. , which pertains to to the Coast Guard Archives? for auction.

Authority to approve acquisitions for the Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection valued up to $2,000.00 is delegated to the Chief Historian. 1250 FT., 70 LB. Distinguished Flying Cross awarded posthumously to LT John Pritchard, USCG. 1 Cleaning rod All items with a value greater than $2,000.00 must go to CG-094 for gift review and CG-08 for acceptance. Co., Inc., Hagerstown, MD consisting of cast and carved rifle with attached canister, case, and accessories; rifle and canister (2), carrying case (1), 13 oz light projectiles (5), 15 oz heavy projectiles painted red (3), 15 oz heavy projectile unpainted (1), 1 complete buoyant projectile (1), 2 buoyant projectiles in pieces (4), unused nylon line (4), wooden mallet (1), cleaning rod (1), bag of muslin patches for cleaning (1), bag of cleaning supplies (22), bottle of weapons oil (1), and pair of goggles (1). Includes gun, lines, cartridges, a cleaning kit and Case is waterproof, lockable, has an The Line Gun is capable of throwing a line up to 850 feet(259m) or more The Request our current KIT PRICE LIST. : USE ONLY BLACK POWDER BLANK CARTRIDGES MANUFACTURED (b) Stowage. Munro is the Coast Guard's only Medal of Honor recipient. Mikula Web Solutions, If the object is in poor condition it must have significant relevance and context and must be able to be conserved as part of its long term storage plans. We must receive an original signed regulation-compliant purchase order, in the mail from your government agency or municipality, with a population of 10,000 or greater; otherwise we must ship to a Federal Firearms License Dealer in your state from which you can pick up the gun. Seaman Ronald Benke, aboard Coast Guard Cutter SPAR, shoots a line throwing gun, used to send a messenger line during a towing exercise with the Coast Guard Cutter Naushon, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in the Gulf of Alaska.

Shoulder Line Gun BOX only, Sturdy wood Randolph, Captain W. S., 5th US Artillery, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 18:37.

Battle of the Atlantic & Greenland Patrol, Significant Dates in Coast Guard Aviation, Master Chief Petty Officers of the Coast Guard,, Silver gravy boat from the ward room of the USRC, Hand held oil lantern of brass and glass from Admiral H. S. Berdine's stateroom on the Cutter. Benefits of Bridger™ Model 85 Cal. Bonsai Designs, Inc.! 2) Relevance: The item must provide historical and educational value. Prototype helicopter hoist developed with Sikorsky. The line gun is the same in each available kit. Criteria for accepting an artifact into the Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection: 1) Historical significance and context: The item must have a clear connection to the Coast Guard or any of its predecessor or related agencies. 1 Set Plastic instructions. Now, a convenient method to send a line out, over, or up with speed,

Heritage Asset Collection, 2014.003.001, Battle of the Atlantic & Greenland Patrol, Significant Dates in Coast Guard Aviation, Master Chief Petty Officers of the Coast Guard. 25. vertically or more than 300 ft horizontally. The Magnum Research BFR is a heavier gun at approximately 4.5 pounds, helping it have much more manageable recoil.[17]. 38 lbs., 8¾ X 16¼ X 24 Line-Throwing Appliances (Approval Series 160.031 and 160.40) 80 USCG requirements for shoulder gun type line-throwing appliances.

(U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Justin Hergert) Mount on

1 Bridger!" glasses, knife and hearing protection. With practice, the gun can be ready for line deployment in seconds. WINNER of the 2010 Photo Contest is: 4 600  Nylon shot lines*, 140 lb 1 Cleaning brush U.S. Coast Guard (a) Ten service projectiles, each machined from steel or bronze, weighing about 225 g (8 oz. The above rifle is in its original kit, part of the USCG Heritage Asset Collection. launcher 45/70 caliber gun capable of throwing a line from Should the Bridger™ gun save one human life, it more than repays its moderate first cost. The E-Z Liner is simple to use. 300'(91m).

WINNER of the 2010 Photo Contest is: Click They greatly reduce time and manpower Strong leader line may be used Naval Company Inc. is proud to provide a high quality, reputable, SPECTRA® 650 FT., 450 LB. carrying case This collection also includes several thousand books, pamphlets, manuals, directives, instructions and newsletters that deal specifically with the Coast Guard or are Coast Guard publications.

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