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Durian smrdí, ale chutí!, cestovanie.pravda.sk, Durian: páchnoucí a nebezpečný, irozhlas.cz, https://sk.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Durian&oldid=6783260, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 Unported. In-season durians can be found in mainstream Japanese supermarkets, while in the West they are sold mainly by Asian markets. Aunque se habla de durian de forma genérica, en realidad hay muchas variedades y especies, cada una con sus propias peculiaridades gustativas, que van desde un dulzor intenso hasta toques amargos. It is native to South India. Britský prírodovedec 19. storočia Alfred Russel Wallace opísal jeho chuť ako „bohatý vanilkový krém s výraznou chuťou mandlí“. Musang King is known for its bright yellow flesh and is like a more potent or enhanced version of the D24. Pese a las lógicas reticencias que provoca su pestilencia, el durian es conocido como el rey de las frutas. Jackfruit seeds are edible, too. Vegan and vegetarian diets are both popular, but they differ in important ways.

Durian sa trochu podobá žakii, ale jedná sa o nepríbuzný druh. The persistence of its odour, which may linger for several days, has led to the fruit's banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in Southeast Asia. [7][8] The species name 'zibethinus' derives from the name of the civet (Viverra zibetha), known for its odour. La yaca o jackfruit és una fruita tropical que ens conquesta amb el seu sabor inoblidable i una textura peculiar que ofereix múltiples usos a la cuina. Sin embargo, muchos consumidores en Singapur por ejemplo, están dispuestos a gastar hasta alrededor de S $ 75 (US $ 50) en una sola compra de aproximadamente media docena de la fruta preferida para compartir entre los miembros de la familia. Anti-Inflammatory Diet 101: How to Reduce Inflammation Naturally, 12 Simple Tips to Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes. [28][82], The Javanese believe durian to have aphrodisiac qualities, and impose a set of rules on what may or may not be consumed with it or shortly thereafter. El novelista Anthony Burgess escribe que comer durian es «como comer un manjar blanco de frambuesa dulce en el lavabo». Different durian varieties from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia vary in their carbohydrate content by 16-29%, fat content by 2-5%, protein content by 2-4%, dietary fibre content by 1-4%, and caloric value by 84-185 kcal per 100 grams. Moreover, due to its potential to lower blood sugar levels, individuals with diabetes may need to have their medication dosages changed if they eat this fruit on a regular basis. [48] The fatty acid composition of durian flesh is particularly rich in oleic acid and palmitic acid. The Kadayawan Festival is an annual celebration featuring the durian in Davao City. Of this, Malaysia exported 35,000 tonnes in 1999. The most recent molecular evidence (on which the most recent, well-supported circumscription of Durioneae is based) therefore refutes Corner's Durian Theory. In this state, the flesh becomes richly creamy, slightly alcoholic,[42] the aroma pronounced and the flavour highly complex. El sabor y el olor inusuales de la fruta han llevado a muchas personas a expresar puntos de vista diversos y apasionados que van desde la apreciación profunda hasta el intenso disgusto. [45] He cited one traveller from 1599:[b] "it is of such an excellent taste that it surpasses in flavour all other fruits of the world, according to those who have tasted it. They used to be grown with mixed results from seeds of trees bearing superior quality fruit, but now are propagated by layering, marcotting, or more commonly, by grafting, including bud, veneer, wedge, whip or U-grafting onto seedlings of randomly selected rootstocks. [75] Nevertheless, signs warning people not to linger under durian trees are found in Indonesia. Algunas personas consideran que el durian tiene una fragancia agradablemente dulce, mientras que otros encuentran el aroma abrumador con un olor desagradable. Some people in southern Thailand prefer their durians relatively young when the clusters of fruit within the shell are still crisp in texture and mild in flavour.

[29], Popular cultivars in Malaysia and Singapore (Singapore imports most of its durians from Malaysia, hence the varieties are similar although there may be slight variation in the names) include "D24", which is a popular variety known for its bittersweet taste; "XO", which has a pale colour, thick flesh with a tinge of alcoholic fermentation; "Chook Kiok" (Cantonese meaning: bamboo leg) which has a distinctive yellowish core in the inner stem; and "Musang King" ('musang' is the Malay word for palm civet) which is usually the priciest of all cultivars. La creciente demanda china, donde se considera un producto de lujo, ha hecho que en los últimos años el precio se multiplique por 10 en Tailandia, uno de los principales exportadores. Over thirty clones of D. zibethinus and six other Durio species have been subsequently introduced into Australia. You can do this with a knife or your hands. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. [42] An alternative method is to eat the durian in accompaniment with mangosteen, which is considered to have cooling properties. [84], The increased demand for durians in China has prompted a shift in Malaysia from small-scale durian orchards to large-scale industrial operations, with forests being cleared to make way for large durian plantations.

testudinarius. Estos minerales esenciales ayudan a prevenir el desarrollo de osteoporosis para pacientes de cualquier edad. The unusual flavour and odour of the fruit have prompted many people to express diverse and passionate views ranging from deep appreciation to intense disgust. El durian con leche de coco y arroz puede ser un plato delicioso. Jackfruit is a sweet tasting fruit belonging to mulberry family. Named in some regions as the "king of fruits",[5] the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, and thorn-covered rind. [26] In Indonesia, Ir Sumeru Ashari, head of Durian Research Centre, Universitas Brawijaya reported spineless durian from Kasembon, Malang.

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