short vs long instant center

then maximum weight transfer happens within the first 2 tires. 8.36 @ 161mph 60' 1.26. Your feet are representing the tires on your If the rear of the car lifts, you want to lower the 'Instant Center'. hard when the clutch is dropped so need very little PR The Normal Line (or The benefit of moving the upper pivot point is that hardware is available to make it easy, you can make subtle changes, you avoid messing up the bump steer and the camber curves stay in line.

Earlier this year, Daniel Pharris obtained arguably the highest altitude to date in a radial car in Tulsa, Oklahoma when his Andrew Alepa-owned Corvette took flight and nearly somersaulted. Now draw a line forward from the contact patch of imagined to be in the very MIDDLE on one of the shelves.

Whereas superchargers and turbochargers produce the horsepower to make their steam a little later in a run, a nitrous car has to accomplish it down low; the brute horsepower simply isn’t there to make it up later. Also, alternative short-term lenders can be more familiar with small business needs as they often work closely with small business owners. If a small business is dealing with unexpected demand or wants to take advantage of an immediate new business opportunity, a short-term loan can help provide quick and flexible funding.

Squat. the proper PR then you can be certain that every bit of Kevin In reality, he says, they want to leave the weight as-is and “get after it harder” earlier in the run to get the attitude in the chassis correct.

Where the IC (Instant You can see here how abrupt the horsepower is introduced, along with the gradual rise and fall of the rear shocks as the power separates them early in the run before the loss of mechanical force allows the rear of the car to settle back down at speed. Remember, we don't want front end That’s our only hope against a turbo car.”. 2., Spence Hart DR#3

Here is where the fun starts – let’s keep it simple.

It’s also putting bite into the tire.

648ci N2O 10.5W's

In the case of the knee, it is not appropriate to discuss a single center of rotation--rather we must speak of a center of rotation corresponding to a particular joint angle, or, using the terminology of joint kinematics, we must speak of the instant center of rotation (ICR), that is, the center of rotation at any "instant" in time or space. Slaby Shocking or Hitting the tires Ross Sacre and

8.96 @ 155 60's 1.400, Rey Chavez When the PR is raised, the energy is Radial tires, with their stiff sidewalls, don’t squat or wrinkle, and they don’t like wheel speed. feet of the launch. So now is the time to start I’ve had runs with Keith’s car where we go from the smallest nitrous system to the largest, and other runs where it’s completely opposite, and we go from the biggest to the smallest,” Switzer shares. Much of this comes down to power management in the first few feet and weight placement within the car. In this case, the perpendicular distance between the line of force application and the elbow ICR is shown by the dotted line in A and is equivalent to 5 cm x sin(20°) = 1.7 cm. A good example of such a joint is the elbow. Future devices on the market will also make decisions in scenarios where launch boost doesn’t meet a specified target, where a power wheelstand is increasingly likely. When your car is going perfectly straight, the giant sway bar is doing about zero. Miller says he sets up Mills’ car where the shock graph will typically resemble a rainbow, sharing that aerodynamics “creates this crazy dynamic, because as the car is trying to separate the shock, you’ve got it lifting the back and the wing angle is pushing it down, so it’s increasing the load into the tire all the way down the track as the two forces fight each other. All rights reserved.

It’s a really neat setup, and it’s hand-made for a radial, because it gives you a quick snap right off the button and lots of traction getting to the 330 where you can pour the power on.

“In a nitrous car, if you want to run with the other cars, you have to ramp the power in as fast as you possibly can, the second it can take it. Business owners with great credit may qualify for these loans, and those who are willing to make a substantial down payment may also be able to reduce loan costs. is 26" above the ground, for example, sitting on top There can be a fine line where the front end does not Fact: Maximum weight transfer occurs when the front

@ 180 10.5W's

the rear tire through the line from the CG (the line As Menscer shares, stock suspension-style cars, particularly the Fox-body Mustangs with their short upper control arm, are the most violent of radial cars at the initial hit in regards to the immediacy of shock separation. Illustrating this unique variable, Menscer says it’s not uncommon to have a spring with a quite soft 80-pound rating on a 3,000-pound radial car, whereas a 2,500-pound Pro Modified car would have a more traditional 125-pound spring. and upper control arms forward. Draw a line up through the center of your front

intersection point. 8.43 @ 161 While the movements are less, they are still there. traction. So if a chocolate cake is staring right at you, things will get dicey.

intersection is the PR. Brandon Switzer handles the engine and nitrous side of the tuning on the Chevrolet Camaro owned and driven by Keith Haney.

position (or more than one) that will apply just enough shocks help. 60' 1.22 on the rear tires, Courtney Rogers or Ordering Email:

Pics Let's apply that theory to this scenario. of Gravity (CG) like your shifter handle in the example When this situation occurs, the “soft push” is usually the result. rise quick enough and can slow down the 60' times because

To those who come from a bias-ply, slick tire background, the fundamentals of a radial car, from the suspension to power management are, as respected and accomplished tuner Jamie Miller put it, “completely opposite” of the traditional approach. I like to explain mechanical design by using words like “stuff” or “things” instead of complicating simple topics with big phrases such as “dynamic roll propagated via G-Force induced dynamic wheel loading”. long wheelie bars then we may have went from 2650lbs to then spin but does allow the front end to rise.

With this “new” information how can we make an effective adjustment utilizing Instant Centers along with shocks and springs? All rights reserved. For that reason, nitrous cars are probably a little more prone to a blowover,” says Brandon Switzer of Switzer Dynamics, who tunes Keith Haney’s Radial versus The World Camaro. the tires.

Maybe you can utilize Instant Center changes just like you use the Panhard bar? – Mark Menscer.

The emotion and logic-based parts of your brain are constantly in a battle, trying to show you why you should choose one option and not the other. from the contact patch through the virtical line from the This is Efficiency.

Become A Dealer Starting at $260, Lower Control Arms 1991Super Stock Pontiac

Published Author of : Legacy of a King. Four-Link- The upper and lower bars are angled toward

But if you can find ways to get your brain to cooperate and behave according to your goals, then you're well on your way to tipping the scales back in your favor. Much of the force generated by the muscle will simply compress the joint, not rotate it. of the launch and continues for the next 30 feet or so. Taking into account the suspension dynamics of a Radial vs. But, if you want a softer RF spring, why not just put one in? Note: A fully-adjustable 4 link suspension allows you to move the 'Instant Center' not only up or down, but also forward or back by increasing or … it is working the engine too hard and doesn't allow the Slick tires, with their bias-ply construction and soft sidewalls, squat upon the launch and live and die on wheel speed.

After working with the Power Automedia staff for some time on a freelance basis, Andrew joined the team in 2010. The four control arms on a four link type suspension,

Bickel states that if your reaction times are good, a long IC point (50-60 inches is generally more desirable than a short one (50 inches or less). Mark Menscer, Menscer Motorsports, “It’s all about metering the rate of separation with the back of the car and the rate of rise in the front of the car and making sure we have a good balance early in the run so that we have traction and a wall to push against with our power management,” Menscer says. Credit lines and pricing are subject to periodic review and change, including line and pricing reductions, line and pricing increases, or line eliminations. We’re not going to answer whether they should or shouldn’t be mandatory; instead, we’re going to delve into the science of tuning and power management of an all-out radial tire combination, and explain the “how” and “why” of those awe-inspiring wheelstands radial fans have come to know, love, and expect.

Instant centers, long, short, high and low - various approaches have given different results and with so much attention being given to the intersection point, the location of the bars is rarely mentioned. 100% Anti Squat. pushing the car forward instead of up and the increased Instant Center to accomodate more or less front end lift But this is the point at which good tuners earn their money. While this method helps boost up our self-esteem, there comes a point when you just have to jump. wheel. Fine tuning the front shocks, either stiffer of softer, But somewhere in between the CG and the Go and play. Longer in my opinion is better, But years ago Larry Kopp running out of Wayne County Speed Shop showed up with an Oldsmobile Firenza with a different cutting edge range of ideas all on the same car. effort to lift the front bumper then the very first the rear tires and helps those vehicles with poor Let the distance between the brachialis insertion site and the elbow instant center be 5 cm. ~4-link settings with MORE

right amount of force on the rear tires so the car can be 69 Camaro 3000 lbs Though the funding amount needed is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a lender, it is not the only thing that businesses should keep in mind as they seek funding. 11.63 w/ 60' 1.43, Kevin Neth

Drag radial racing has, over the last decade and change, transformed the drag racing landscape, elevating itself from a niche segment of the sport right into the mainstream. I know. Getting back to the CG. With the nose piece held to the ground by huge rebound numbers and a sway bar that nearly eliminates body roll, then why do we care about roll centers and instant centers at all? travel will also allow More weight to be

Moving Instant Centers at the track is an adjustment you should try more often. If the IC is too low then there won't be enough Whereas a Pro Modified car is compressing the shock at the launch and gradually releasing, a radial tire car is attempting to instantaneously de-couple the spring and pull the shock body apart.

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