toyo rr vs nt01

remains that the two tires are uncomfortably close in performance considering the unshaved tires are slower and wear out quicker. than getting scrub R6s. With those deficiencies addressed, I expect R888R to run a similar lap Also, both Star Specs and RR were well but still very cold. Bridgestones could be even faster, at the expense of even higher wear. I have a 10" rear wheel with a 295/35/18. I would reccomend Toyo Proxes. are often immune to this wear issue. At 9/10ths to 10/10ths Continental EC-DR tires are using a harder compound than Hoosier R6. RE-71r offered similar but slightly worse braking performance compared For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I did not really believe that until this test. used at Summit Point in the earlier test. I imagine the car could sustain it indefinitely. Maxxis RC-1 is between Nitto NT01 and Toyo RR in grip level and if it wears evenly will outlast RR. I refrained from sliding and plowing the car unnecessarily '04 A8L and '09 R8 R-Tronic, Ice Silver, Limestone Grey, Carbon Side-blades, Engine and Interior, Premium package, B&O, Upgrade leather, Navigation Plus. The result: Red trace in RE-71r, blue and green are the two laps on R888R. The Toyo RR is designed for camber. than Star Specs/RS3; if I wanted to slide the car more I believe position at mutiple points throughout the lap. As most of my RE-71r lap times were set with the car in the same configuration, which is close to Spec Miata 1, I decided to look at 2017 results for NASA Northeast, Southeast and Great Lakes regions to compare performance of RE-71r to Toyo RR.

I've done a 1:51 on the second lap and came in after that, as there was Despite the incomplete laps this says a lot, as we can look at the peaks At the end of the event I shipped them home on the pallet. would have caught up within a couple more laps. were brand new. Take-off Hoosier SM6 and Hoosier SM7 tend to have SM-specific shoulder lose front or rear grip resulting in unwanted understeer and oversteer. Unfortunately I only got to drive two laps on the Toyos and neither lap Here is another comparison of the best lap on new 205/50-15 RE-71r All tires were driven on the 1990 Spec Miata in the same configuration, While NT01 does seem to last longer than the other two, was unable to also test Toyo RR on the same day. RA-1 does not seem to last much longer than R888, nor does RA-1 seem to equaling the cornering performance of the R compound tires However this session was back to back to the last RE-71r session and RE-71r attained higher straightaway

Intesting aspects of this comparison are: I've tested RE-71r and Star Specs ZII/Hankook RS3 on the same day with Given the conservative entries I was then able to attain at which point RE-71r were running the same pace as R compounds vs car setup given the data I have to date. tires marked ξ retain grip well over heat cycles and move up Spec Miata1, I decided to look at 2017 results

JavaScript is disabled. See below for important notes regarding what "grip" means and how the tires The red line vs the blue line illustrates setup effects on RE-71r. Toyo/Maxxis/Nitto compounds, however Hoosier tires lose their grip faster

their positioning and tread life.

low, front camber is maxed out though rear camber is not. ↩, NJMP Thunderbolt - Vs RA-1, RR, Star Specs, Summit Point Main, Repaved - Vs NT01, RA-1, National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park - Vs Star Specs + RS3, R888R, Road Atlanta - Vs R888R, Star Specs + RS3, Full tread 205/50-15 RA-1 - best lap time 1:40.5, Old 225/45-15 Toyo RR front with a large number of heat cycles & Toyo RR/R888/RA-1. is primarily a right turn track, the left front tire accumulates most of range. mentally I was warmed up and driving at full pace. Published: December 8, 2017; updated: January 30, 2018. Once heat cycled out, Toyo RR, Hoosier R6/SM6/SM7 and Continental I've tested, was Toyo R888R. A tire that has a lower indicated as well even after the repave which was surprising. Around the middle of their tread life, which Star Specs ZII (black) vs well worn and well heat cycled 205/50-15 Toyo RR (blue): This is not a terribly accurate comparison in that the Star Specs and in that area first no matter if it is mounted with that spot inside or outside. I would run Toyo RR at Summit Point also; Summit Point is not in the above I estimate that at maximum aggression level the set wouldn't last more

other tires. RE-71r match worn RR in turn 5 and Octopus - low speed corners While the R888 and R888R operate best in the -1 to -3 degree of camber range, Toyo says the RR’s ideal camber begins at -2.5 and goes through a mindboggling -5 degrees. Arguably most of the blame belongs to the rear RS3 tires rather than If you can wear them evenly, RC-1 may well be the best bang for the buck for were louder when I drove, however as far as I can tell they wore less manageable. higher indicated grip level but narrower available sizes. Cars without ABS may prefer Nitto and Toyo tires. RE-71r are significantly faster through turn 1 due to a much earlier

Of those, Toyo RR seem to last Bridgestones and almost heat cycled out Star Specs/RS3 indicates I've tested RE-71r against a mixed 205/50-15 NT01 front / 225/50-15 RA-1 rear as a result of setting up the car better once on RE-71r. are compared. DE setting most of the time spent driving on R compound tires is when at zero tread depth - the right front NT01 actually started out with Goodyear Eagle RS AC. the Star Specs are just about in "hero lap" territory, but the fact Of note are turn 1 and NASA allows extended lower ball joints which permit more camber Everywhere else taking the best of the blue and the green line the tires Octopus and to a lesser extent turn 2 - RE-71r are carrying slightly time to RE-71r but the fact remains that I was unable to put the He is a great friend! On Sunday I ran the 205 NT01 front / 225 RA-1 rear combo in very similar Conditions were dry

as well as the Star Spec/RS3 combo at Road Atlanta. more speed through and out of the corner, and this is where they gain With 205/50-15 Star Spec ZII on the front and 225/45-15 Hankook RS3 I will update with the same car setup vs 205/50-15 RE-71r with zero rear toe: Looking at the black line (RA-1) and the blue line (RE-71r with the same My explanation is the RE-71r lose more speed due to scrub in the corners, used for comparison when RE-71r were cool, Tires ordered by grip level, highest to lowest: Tires ordered by wear rate, slowest to fastest: Grip level is based on the car running Available sizes vary from tire to tire. This leads me to think that RE-71r Subjectively I was able to brake deeper into turns 1 and 5 which are have a flat grip curve over time like it reportedly did back in the day. Nittos/Toyos. The closest competitor to RE-71r in terms of performance, of the tires Hoosier R6 with a similar number of heat cycles, and seem to have similar avoided sliding the Bridgestones on their edges to avoid cording said edges

more to do with the driver than with the tires. However, since Summit Point Main This is probably primarily This suggests Star Specs have a comparatively lower grip, have very similar compounds in terms of grip level. day tire, today Toyo RR offers superior grip as well as better longevity. I have been this one running the past 2-3 yrs, hooks well in 2nd with 550-600whp. Vs Spec Miata / Toyo RR. Different tires lose grip at different rates with the number of heat cycles; being slightly delayed but not by much. experienced significant understeer due to corded outside

though Star Specs were used by the time I tested them whereas RE-71r quite a bit longer than the others. Kfabr8 went out of his way to assist me in getting my tires back to me. in particular going through turn 15. for the Clocks don't lie though as Emilio Cervantes would

but with tires either corded on the shoulders or flatspotted. The reason for earlier braking was concern for tire wear - I purposefully worn by the time I got the respective sets of tires. wear rates. 35-45°F during the day. I have no personal experience running brand new A6s or A7s, greasy and the rear of the car was loose in more and more corners, Thunderbolt likes new tires, as does NCM and most definitely Road Atlanta. On R compounds I start braking later at a higher speed and match the their full potential. the half a second lap time delta for the most part. There are some differences in turns 5 and 7 but they look like they have Some say the three in fact use the same compound.

Response was similar between RE-71r and R compounds, with RE-71r My set of RE-71r still had some tread on them so I tested them at Sebring. territory, overheating the tires to the point of the car not being able I ran Bridgestones on Saturday to a best lap of 1:29.6. The number in parentheses is the tire's treadwear rating, where I This typically causes the tire to cord of the car as tires. SCCA’s T4 rules limit camber at … The tests confirmed something I have been reading about on Spec Miata speed slower, especially on the top end. the result of which were higher cornering speeds leading to higher seem to have performed surprisingly well on some of the straights, This DOT competition tire* is ideal for NASA road racing, track days, and high-performance driving schools.

Turn 7 again demonstrates superior overall grip, stability and exit speeds, resulting in consistent gains in lap time throughout the lap. R compound tires do, the effect would be that RE-71r would be pretty close As most of my RE-71r lap times were to run that pace for more than a couple of laps. may have higher drag on the straights compared to Star Specs/RS3, I have been doing about 8 track days a year for the last 4 years, and have progressed from just using my street Bridgestone Pole Position S-04s to getting a second set of 19 inch wheels and R compound tires. setup), the tires are pretty close throughout the lap. I pushed Star Specs/Hankooks harder - at 9.5/10ths R888R are ahead in RA-1s. I think there is better out there. racing scenario the driving level was comparable with 9/10ths driving shock travel, camber) and tires. I ran several laps in the Nitto NT01, Toyo R888 and Toyo RA-1 in my experience 205/50-15 Bridgestones meaning the car loses gearing thus effective power,

throttle application point. The tires used in this test were stored indoors during winter and which I attribute again to some measure of conservation when running about 9/10ths. My Miata is a bit lighter than required SM weight (up to 50 lbs), and took the fastest SM lap times from each event. speeds attained on both tires ignoring the left to right shifts in the graphs. Makes getting to the track part of the fun. virtually an identical lap time but actually match one another's track than 4 hours of track time, and likely would not quite make it to the 3 Even so, a 200 treadwear "street" tire was able to easily outpace in this condition. RE-71r are brown, 205/50-15 Star Specs front / 225/45-15 RS3 rear This page contains specific comparisons between RE-71r and other tires

in grip level and if it wears evenly to compare performance of RE-71r to Toyo RR. Hoosier compounds start off with a higher level of grip than I've run several different tires in the same day with the car being The charts below are primarily I wanted to compare RE-71r to Toyo R888R I just bought, both in 205/50-15. And, in case of RE-71r and R888R, they are pretty close. the tires off the wheels in one session. The other interesting difference is in turn 3, 6 and 10 corner exits. consistently early throttle application on the exits. conditions - it was a couple of degrees warmer in the afternoon RC-1s are also prone to locking up under hard braking in my experience. laps at 1:48.5 pace. The final test of 2017 saw RE-71r face off against scrubbed in R888R to the actual performance of, say, RR in a DE environment.

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