catholic genuflecting rules


In their full form they seem peculiar to the Roman Rite. St. Augustine (loc. The catechumen rises and says “Amen“. Support Aleteia with as little as $1.

To discover the answer to that, we need to look at the General Instruction of the Roman Missal(GIRM). In any case, to have the right to stand during public prayer was looked upon as a sort of privilege—an “immunitas” (Tertull., loc.

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I. Esdras too: “I fell upon my knees, and spread out my hands to the Lord my God” (I Esd., ix, 5); and Daniel: “opening the windows in his upper chamber towards Jerusalem, he knelt down three times a day, and adored, and gave thanks before his God, as he had been accustomed to do before” (Dan., vi, 10), illustrate this practice.

The sign of the cross is made simultaneously with this gesture.

Read more:Why do Catholics genuflect in a church? It may be added that, both in the East and in the West, certain extensions of the exemption from the penitential practice of kneeling appear to have been gradually insisted upon. Mass-servers are not to genuflect, save when the Blessed Sacrament is at the altar where Mass is being said (cf.

Of St. James, the brother of the Lord, tradition relates that from his continual kneeling his knees had become callous as those of a camel (Euseb., Hist.

If it is lit, that means Jesus is present and the proper response is to genuflect to show your love and honor. There are, nevertheless, certain liturgical prayers to kneel during which is obligatory, the reason being that kneeling is the posture especially appropriate to the supplications of penitents, and is a characteristic attitude of humble entreaty in general. The clergy in attendance also, and even the laity assisting, are, by the rubrics, assumed to be standing.

They are the Western analogues of the Eastern diaconal litanies, and recur with great frequency in the old Gallican and Mozarabic uses. Hence, on all days alike, the faithful stood during the chant of psalms, hymns, and canticles, and more particularly during the solemn Eucharistic or Thanksgiving prayer (our Preface) preliminary to the Consecration in the Divine Mysteries. The invitation Flectamus genua merely reminded the faithful that the day was one of those on which, by the custom of the Church, they had to pray kneeling. The sign of the cross is made simultaneously with this gesture. gonuklinein or kamptein] expresses (I) an attitude (2) a gesture: involving, like prostration, a profession of dependence or helplessness, and therefore very naturally adopted for praying and for worship in general.

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