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After the rebels received intelligence that the Empire was developing a new weapon at the Lothal Imperial Factory, Ezra along with Kanan and Chopper traveled back to Lothal to enlist the support of Ryder's cell in taking out the factory. Piloting the walker, Ezra claimed that he was a reinforcement that had been sent to aid the AT-ATs. Ezra holds a strong connection to the Force, so strong that he unknowingly used the Force throughout his years on the streets.

The Jedi then helped the Wrens and Fenn Rau to defeat Saxon's Super Commandos.

Kanan, Fenn, and Hera wanted Sabine to use the Darksaber to rally her people to the rebel cause. As they ventured deeper, Ezra took the opportunity to apologize for the recent troubles but Kanan assured his apprentice that it was not his fault. Chopper also freed Ezra and Sabine from their restraints. [64], Once aboard, Ezra was locked in Detention Block B7. [51], Bendu reluctantly allowed Ezra to reclaim the holocron but set a task for the apprentice.

At the Syndulla House, they rendezvoused with Chopper, who was disguised as an Imperial astromech droid. To avoid triggering the Imperial sensor lights, Chopper threw himself down the cliff instead of activating his thruster. Slavin then contacted Cham and offered to spare Hera and Ezra if he agreed to surrender by dawn.

He assisted the Rebels in their rescue mission and released the Wookiees, but they were soon ambushed by the Imperials. The rebels led them into a maze of rockspires.

This discovery distressed Zeb since these weapons had been used in the brutal Imperial massacre on his homeworld Lasan. [50], While traveling aboard a CR90 corvette through hyperspace, Ezra and his master Kanan stumbled on a derelict Hammerhead corvette, that was part of the Phoenix cell. From there, the disguised Jedi eavesdropped on Lyste's conversation with the princess as the Imperial told her that he was aware that her ships seem to get "stolen" by the rebels quite frequently and, to make that impossible, placed double security around the ships and had his men attach three gravity locks onto each, deploying  a detachment of Stormtroopers around the area with two AT-AT walkers. Before he could execute Zeb, Ezra managed to reason with Kalani and convince him that the Clones and Separatists shared a common enemy in the form of the Empire; the successor to the Republic. Eventually, Zeb contacted him after rescuing Chopper, posing as "Commander Meiloorun" and offering them support.

If that isn’t phattt plot armor idk what is, point being, shed win every time I think. After Sabine and Chopper completed the mission with Ketsu's help, Ezra and Hera were present to greet them at their Garel base. However, while exploring the brig, Ezra and Chopper found Vizago, who revealed the truth about Hondo's takeover, locked inside one of the cells and freed him before confronting the Weequay on the bridge.

Zeb told Hera indirectly that the youth had used a mind trick to manipulate the AT-DP pilot. The station's Commander, Brom Titus, who Ezra had encountered earlier, reactivated the conveyor and engaged the magnetic locks on the Y-wings; preventing the bombers from getting airborne. While she went to investigate the first, she assigned Kanan to look at the second set, which Kanan indicated that Ezra should come along, since he was aware that his apprentice was eavesdropping and slid the door open to reveal him on the other side. This encouragement helped the Lasat to overcome his guilt and participate in the ritual, where it was revealed that he was the child.

There, Zeb and Chopper stayed behind at the spaceport to search for any sign of the Inquisitors while Ezra and Kanan investigated the housing unit revealed to be the home of an Ithorian named Oora, who had already sent her infant son Pypey into hiding with a courier droid as soon as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister showed up and ransacked the home searching for him.

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