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We have gathered attention with some of our most famous custom designed automotive parts. It is quite complicated and involves plating the metal with copper, followed by nickel and finally applying the chromium plating. The paint is great to touch up scratches on rims and other car and motorcycle parts and provides protection through rain and road debris. It obviously needs to be somewhere that you can fit your car or motorcycle. Spray chrome paints are not designed for large paint jobs but you still have a choice over the quantity that you buy. Some have a high-gloss finish that makes whatever you're painting look really shiny. This means you’ll need to buy two additional cans of spray paint. Adheres to metal, chrome, and automotive plastics; Covers up to 10 sq. Rust-Oleum® Custom Automotive Paint is a premium automotive lacquer designed to give an on-trend, chrome finish. Also, the spray tip may be hard to press or the nozzle may fail completely. This paint can be used on many types of surface areas, including fiberglass, plastic, and metal. Regular tap water may turn the paint brown because the paint can have an adverse reaction to certain minerals in the water. Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is a leading authority of all things automotive. While it’s compatible with metal application, it isn’t the best choice for painting your car. The can design also reduces the risk of overspray as it’s designed for up-close painting. Therefore, a full protective suit with long sleeves is the best option. Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Metallic Chrome Spray Paint, 4 Then using a mini gun 0.8mm, apply very light coats of Virtual Chrome™ best results are normally achieved with 3-4 light coats. What Size Air Compressor Do You Need To Paint a Car? Some paints need several coats and there is a lot of variation between the actual chrome color that you achieve. There are some spray chrome paints that are very time-consuming to apply and you may not have the patience to apply them. This chrome-colored paint is specially formulated to exactly match the OEM paint on your vehicle. For information on FutureChrome’s spray chrome plating kit or already have a kit and want to register for training in your shop please call 844-411-3055 or email If the spray paint comes into contact with your skin, it could irritate it and cause long-term health issues. Many of the shiny decorative items on cars are referred to as ‘chrome’ and this is often steel that has had several plating processes applied to it. In addition, the paint may discolor if you touch it with your fingertips. Our spray chrome plating process actually implants the silver into the surface, enabling an excellent custom chrome finish with excellent adhesion.

All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. We specialize in a process called spray chrome that allows you to apply a chrome or custom colored chrome finish to any surface. It’s better to have some left over than to run out half way through the job.

It's also easy to apply as long as you follow the directions. To keep the surface flawless, you could add further protection with a layer of clear coat but it needs to be both smooth and thin. Using a regular spray gun simply follow our step-by-step instructions to have Virtual Chrome™. Don’t make the layer too thick.

This is a particular problem if you are spraying outside. This machine was developed with the latest Walther pilot pistols in order to achieve quality and consistent results. It does not break easily and so will withstand weather damage and salt damage. Otherwise, it probably won’t match. You can even use it on fabric. Our spray chrome plating process actually implants the silver into the surface, enabling an excellent custom chrome finish with excellent adhesion. Again, be sure to reference the paint cap to get the look you desire. Unfortunately, if you want to buy this paint for your car, you’ll need to find your make and model. We curate, you discover! 1K likes. Dual Silvering gun with polycarbonate tip, 3 Siphon fed guns featuring polycarbonate tips. After it dries, wash it with soap and hot water. A: If you plan on painting something such as your exhaust, you will need special paint intended for high temperatures.

They typically produce a bright and shiny silver color. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an It’s cheap. It is dry enough to handle within two hours. It also comes with a grease and wax remover, scuff pad, sandpaper, gloves, and a microfiber towel.

Having gone to all the effort of applying chrome paint, you may want to protect it. There are a few compelling reasons why you should use a chrome spray paint. The process uses distilled water, which makes up 90% of the spray chrome application. Start from the top and work down, using a back and forth sweeping motion in straight lines. With futurechrome chrome spraying machines, there is no project that is too small or too large.This machine was developed with the latest Walther pilot pistols in order to achieve quality and consistent results.The Walther Pilot Silvering pistol delivers our product with perfect atomization and maximum spray pattern for optimal coverage.Our Walther Pilot silvering gun is the best on the market and was developed to introduce the spray chrome process into the tarnish-proof clear coat and to give you a brilliant chrome finish.This spray chrome plating machine is also equipped with a Walther Pilot Activator gun and a Walther Pilot flushing gun.The Spray Chrome machine is equipped with 2.5 gallon pressure drums, with which you can spray more than 100 square meters of spray area!Equipped with push connections for easy cleaning and connecting the gun, we have also added 10-foot bi-coil and tri-coil hoses to ensure a comfortable working distance.For more information on the functions and capabilities of this system, please contact FutureChrome at (844)411-3055 or send an email request to To achieve the look you want, pay close attention to the color on the cap of the spray can. Spray paint, however, can be applied by anyone. The company was the first and is continues to be the largest supplier of aerosol paints in the world. True chrome plating has a reflectivity rating of 100% applied on a polished steel or copper surface. You, or anyone with the link, can use it to retrieve your Cart at any time. We remain open for manufacturing and shipping. Often it is around two hours but it may be longer. You can spray it at any-angle including upside-down for hard to reach areas.

We use a unique FutureChrome 2K clear glass that has been specially formulated with a UVA / UVB component.The result is an extremely protective UV coating that protects the spray chrome finish from yellowing or tarnishing.

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