hermione and cygnus black fanfiction

A mindset that proved difficult for Bellatrix to keep, anger and frustration came naturally to her, and she always tended to act on it. "Hey, you were the one who insisted on staying," he said. She really did go look for Sirius, wanting to keep her mind busy for the rest of the evening. ", "Hermione, this was a bad idea," Sirius muttered. Feeling hot tears well up in her eyes, Hermione closed her eyes tightly, wanting to remove this whole day from her memory. His grey eyes were blazing with heat, and it made Hermione's heart skip a beat. Who could have done this? "Do you know any tracking spells or rites or anything that can use a siblings blood?

Bellatrix was notorious for being cold, cruel, and uncaring. Chasers tossing the quaffle to one another like they had been doing it for years. Hermione looked at Sirius, who gestured for her to go ahead.

"Eager for me, are you little witch? Cygnus revealed that he'd already written to them so they were aware of the situation, so Hermione tried not to worry about it. "Am I not attractive enough? After seeing Cygnus's manner with Marius and Dorea, she had no worries about his parenting.

And now, she was a bit disappointed to know that her first sexual experience was going to involve Cygnus Black. Cygnus told her it was going to be okay, and how thrilled he was that his children were going to have such a loving and thoughtful mother. "Hermione. Having such a handsome man making such promises to her was certainly heady. "What's so funny?" Reminding herself that she didn't marry him for love, she wiped the tears from her eyes. Hermione got to her feet as Cygnus turned on the radio with a swish of his wand. "You're still married after all. A slow song filled the room and she allowed his hand to settle on her waist. I've seen the way you look at me." He groaned, and Hermione was glad that she'd been aroused to the point that the intrusion wasn't painful, just a slight pinch. ", "Miss... Miss Granger," Cygnus said, his unfocused eyes settling on her. "Please excuse me, I must dance with my new head of house." Hermione Astra Black." He'd held her in the parlor after his family had left via floo, all the while her mind was spinning with thoughts and questions. They would have been at each other's' throats ninety percent of the time, and too timid to do anything else the other ten percent.

They were already married after all. The medi-witches worked diligently, like a well trained quidditch team. ", "What's the difference?" His stride was that of a skittish animal, ready to run should his wife start throwing curses and hexes around, careful and deliberate. Hermione supposed she couldn't fault his logic, but it didn't seem right for him to tell her this on their wedding day. Cygnus laughed at her reaction to the chandeliers, drawing her attention back to him. His hands were warm when he slid him under her slip, up over her thighs and waist, until the bit of silk was over her head. "Both as insane as each other. She reminded herself that many people did not marry for love in this time period. She didn't have any illusions that Cygnus was in love with her, but had she really just been too convenient to pass up? She could kiss any chance of getting married goodbye and any chance at a job. Brutus continued. Cygnus Black laid sprawled on the floor, head resting against the bedside table. He would know what he was doing, but he didn't seem particularly giving. She barely cried, preferring to sleep or observe. It isn't common knowledge that Druella and Cygnus Black had a fourth daughter. "Just one dance," Hermione said and Cygnus nodded quickly in agreement. Instead, her eyes swept the ballroom, looking for a glimpse of Cygnus. "Druella was pregnant when I married her. She didn't pause as she went immediately to the seating area by the fireplace knowing that if her husband was in here, that's where he'd be. Hermione asked, but she already knew the answer to her question. But not a Tomione.

Thoughts swirled through the eldest Black sisters head, mind jumbled and a mess.

With any luck, it might feel good for her too. But he also surprised her with a honeymoon - a month's long trip to Italy. I like it, Dru. Cygnus cleared his throat, looking away from her. But they did, and she was kidnapped, stolen the same night her parents were murdered in their room.

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