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Team member come from a variety of military, law enforcement, and civilian life. We hopefully this year get sponsored. TFR is a very passionate airsoft Milsim unit who never stops pushing each other in every possible way in this life style. A group of Veterans and civilians alike brought together for one mission,to dominate the battlefield. Wir sind die Jäger! We are the revolution of young airsoft teams. -FBS ( All the Way) Sun:  2pm - 9pm, CAN SCHEDULE SPECIAL EVENT OTHER TIMES: CALL FOR SCHEDULING. 4.

TFR takes ... We are a North Texas based airsoft team. A small team with experience, looking to go pro.

Goliad, TX Join 9th Legion. We also have a fully stocked Pro shop to handle all your airsoft needs, to include HPA fills. Our home field is D.F.W. Texas Airsoft MILSIM Forum - Forums for Texas airsoft enthusiasts to plan field play, general meetups, part swaps and talk about local hobby. Want to be a Timber wolf email the team leader/manger at reidpekowski@me.com and send some basic info. CQBravo Airsoft. Corpus Christi, TX We are a MilSim/Airsoft team out of Corpus Christi, TX. We understand how frustrating it can be to need last minute game supplies on the East coast. Has made most of our members that have been part of other groups before feel this is the squad for them. Players from all over Texas head to D14 Airsoft every weekend to battle it out on our 37 acre field. Death Raiders is a well established air-soft MilSim group created on June 30th, 2019 in Fort Worth, TX. With deep rooted Viking culture ,we live for battle. A MilSim team based out of Houston, TX led by Wolfe (Silverwolve). If you're interested in joining or getting any form of information just send me an email -Goose. We’ve seen it all, even done some competitions in Houston at high ground Airsoft. Sponsored by Xero Customs and a friend of my oldest son (20 y.o.)

Our corps is comprised of one fighting force that is expected to fight in a multitude of scenarios.

10 years and running - we ... Clan Reckoning is a long standing gaming community. Get connected with your airsoft community. Our squad has many perks to it each person has there own unique skills to bring to the team some are as hard as. TFRs leadership is made up of military veterans We are a fun and unique team based in North Texas that attends both milsim and non-milsim events.

We are an airsoft team based in north Texas. Susumu ishi o warau buta yo Fumareta hana no namae mo shirazu ni First Responder (LEO / Fire / EMT / Veteran):     10% OFF Rental Packages / Retail / Apparel. Current roster: We push ourselves to the limits in order to both grow as a team, and better ourselves individually. Our home field is D14 in Sanger, Tx.

Cerberus, and I team founder Cmdr. 2.

Section 8 is a close-knit group of veteran airsofters, based out of Houston, Texas, USA. Every event you participate in writes the story. WW1 USMC Tunic Leg/footwear: • Prior Law Enforcement background The company was founded by devoted players of the sport with a wealth of experience creating a fast paced, intense Milsim experience. Texas Airsoft & MilSim EVENTS has 1,160 members. All bags, backpacks, cases, bulky clothing, or otherwise concealable locations are subject to inspection upon entry. Chi ni ochita tori wa kaze o machiwabiru Headgear: #BaconForever We play CQB, Mil-Sim, everything! Home; News & Press; Ruleset; Safety; Forms / Apps; FAQ; Forum; Hit enter to search or ESC to close. if you want a custom group patch there is a $20 charge

We travel around the United States attending major MilSim events as well as checking out new fields. Panhandle Patriot Milsim is a squad of airsoft players from Amarillo TX. We're known for our small fire team tactics, and the ability to lead any team even if there is a fallen commander, want to fall in line to our elite ranks or just want to play side by side, contact us.

We strive on training for perfection and communication. Brodie Helmet We are located in the Dallas TX area, and we are a Law Enforcement/Mil founded group/team. Sponsored by Hard Strike Milsim, we frequent Texas events as well as National ops all over the USA. Add your Field, Shop, Team, etc to AirsoftC3, Looking for a team I'm 28 and have paintball and military experience.

Marauders is looking to become a entity that will span from Sea to Shining Sea.b Our goal is to bring the MilSim world together and continue to grow the sport of Airsoft to bigger than its ever become. We are mainly about strategy, brotherhood, and honesty.

Rule #1: Safety #2 Have fun.

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