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Subscribe to Live From My Office wherever you get your podcasts and check out for more! The only New Testament author to use the term “, Likewise, the Apostle Paul warned of a coming “, This description is far more religious than political, though it could be both. Without a clear understanding of Revelation’s Timeline, everything else in end times will not make sense. Find TV listings for End-Time Insights, cast information, episode guides and episode recaps. For Satan himself doth transfigure himself into a messenger of light! False prophets and deceivers come to hoodwink the followers of Jesus, not to deceive a world that already lies in the lap of the Wicked One. Popularly, the Antichrist is a global political leader, a militaristic dictator bent on global domination.In the end, this may prove to be correct. 13K likes. Comments voicing dissenting views are encouraged.

The stress is on the ability of this figure to deceive and turn people from the true faith, However, the Dragon’s wrath is not unleashed against the fallen “, The 'Olivet Discourse' of Jesus began with a dire warning about coming deceivers - “. End Time Insights End Time Insights End Time Insights End Time Insights. And no marvel! Steve Cochran, Chicago, Illinois. We encourage free discussions on the commenting system provided by the Google Blogger platform, with the stipulation that conversations remain civil. Playing 31 games for Brigham Young 1981-83, he was responsible for 74 touchdowns - 56 passing and 18 running. Powered by, For such as these are false apostles, deceitful workers, transfiguring themselves into apostles of Christ. Warnings of this kind are common in the New Testament: End Time Insights, David R Maas (2019). However, elsewhere in his letters, Paul uses “. Theme images by Galeries. Prophecy in light of the Death, Resurrection and Reign of Jesus. In This Dreams and Visions: July 1978, a TV Pastor is awakened out of sleep, then caught up into heaven wherein he witnessed the end. No great thing, therefore, if his ministers also are transfiguring themselves as ministers of righteousness!—whose end shall be according to their works.”, Spirit of Antichrist - Deceivers in the Church, Click here to Download PDF copy of this post. It’s hardly a big surprise that the very senior U. They are intent on causing apostasy from the true faith.

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