minnesota pipeline human trafficking

After her mom’s disappearance, Babineau entered the foster care system, and spent much of her childhood in homes across Minnesota. “The point is to support communities to address and heal from the colonial, patriarchal legacies that allow for the devaluation of Indigenous lands and bodies,” says Pacheco. ?9�"8qx�~������h��ܮ�z�oW뱿[a��+�o_�T�v�^׿X���a������C/^ᦱ�� M� �wP첽�n�����;�A�۶t#l� �����n����� Lamb says traffickers prey on kids who run away from home or find fliers for after-school jobs that prove to be set-ups. Man camp establishments near oil extraction sites and along pipelines often look like makeshift trailer parks, and they correlate with an increased number of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and Two Spirit people (who are believed to have both feminine and masculine spirits), or MMIWG2S as they are referred to collectively within the Indigenous rights movement.

“Human trafficking is an often hidden crime that manipulates and dehumanizes those who fall victim to it,” said Blaine Police Chief Brian Podany.

Her fight feels urgent, as Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge Energy seeks to build one of the largest crude oil pipelines in the country through tribal land in Minnesota, including treaty territory where tribes hunt, fish, and gather wild rice. False Most significant, the EIS is missing voices of women and the Native American community.

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�ǔ Uߝ5�Ƹв�`#�6�����*lF��ΘR�m��0������u�/�Zӭ/�B�N?���@apBLQ��фW�/e�uR��7�� 9�A�!Z7]�n�ƺ�7>^R�ǵ�&�����]����J_�e��,q|ԾQ51���ԝ�a��*�˱) ��T�H�����I �WZ�I���w�cw�����I��ZU~{'��=,��域�O>Ïk�fA�a���d>vk.�d��?ǯ�Q'��Cz7���.��s�Q\Yz�)�?�MW�t���A�Q�� �)� e�^+@�� When crimes are reported, many women say they go uninvestigated or unprosecuted. xmp.did:332277DA575AE6119779C54438C3B30F

We’ll send you the top news, analysis and commentary from Truthout’s reporters and leading progressive thinkers, as well as the best reprints from other independent news sources. �اKq7i�{q�L�uoWJ�߿\2��WP�����/`I���T��^wZ�&�x%*�� Human Traffickers Still Use the So-Called 'Minnesota Pipeline'. Now, Indigenous communities in Minnesota are fatigued by yet another pipeline threatening to exacerbate a pattern of violence against women while also eviscerating their sacred treaty land. Murder, kidnapping, and trafficking of Indigenous women, girls, and Two Spirits is hard to fight, in part, because the scope of the problem is hard to quantify. The PPL Human Trafficking Awareness Program trains 100% of all PPL employees to recognize the signs of human trafficking and empowers them to report this crime.

Office of Traffic Safety. Line 3 is a tar sands oil pipeline owned and operated since 1968 by Enbridge, a Canadian energy transportation company.

The affordable and energy-efficient houses are bringing back elements of the Secwepemc’s hunter-gatherer culture.

It runs from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin. He adds the factors that increase vulnerability to human trafficking also need to be addressed – such issues as poverty, homelessness and child neglect. Shine a light on government and corporate exploitation.

They’re gang-raped, desensitized.

Some people question why the victims don't just run when the false kindness they were shown turns into forced sex or labor.

“I will say it’s unbelievable the feeling of triumph I get when I can take something I went through that was horrible and turn it around and use it to help someone else. xmp.iid:09847AF9625AE6119779C54438C3B30F

In 2008, the FBI declared Minneapolis the eighth worst city in the United States for trafficking of juveniles. Our daily email newsletter will keep you up to date.

As a nationwide leader in the pipeline construction industry, Precision Pipeline, LLC, (PPL) realized how the energy industry intersects with human trafficking through midstream transportation, construction projects, and material and fuel transportation from coast to coast. And that matters, because the American model is critical to its influence. And it’s a … “It’s also going to have a great socioeconomic impact as you’re dealing with multigenerational historical trauma.”, The Public Utility Commission’s decision regarding the pipeline is viewed by many as part of an ongoing erasure of Native sovereignty and cultural identity.

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