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They were the goths in high school, the outcasts, the hysterics, the ultra-liberals. The last time I checked Society priests were telling laity to delete their social media accounts entirely. It's sad. This brought an immediate reaction from Michael Voris at Church Militant, Timothy Gordon, and other prominent Catholic online commentators. I have seen Society priests literally cringe when a lay person starts ranting about various things within the Church. It’s completely understandable why the two dislike each other. (Amazon Synod, anyone?) https://catholiccyber-militia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/welcome-to-catholic-cyber-militia-control-central.mp4. Voris wants to be treated with respect as a player in the Church. For a week we saw a raging battle swinging to and fro over the legitimacy of SSPX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1CSfx0wHFI. I love what I have seen from the Oratory and I will probably make it my main Chapel once (God willing) things return to normal. […], Yes, it's been a discouraging year in the life of our Catholic Church. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc. I only attend a Novus Ordo Church on Thursdays, irregularly, because they hold all-day Eucharistic Adoration. Other Latin Mass offerings are treated with intense suspicion and mild disapproval. It is not difficult to see why this would mesh with the world-view of people like Voris and Coffin. I am highly confident that, even before all of this, if Voris had gone to a Society Church he would have been told to shut down CM and live a life of prayer and fasting in reparation for the degenerate lifestyle had lived in the past. Follow The Camp of Saints on WordPress.com.

The laity who attend the services are incredibly devout. Loud, opinionated laity is the exact opposite of what the SSPX likes.

Then, Church Militant released a mini-documentary reporting on alleged serious cases of sexual abuse from SSPX priests and subsequent attempts at coverup on the part of the parent organization. I fully expect Criminal Charges, and frankly, I welcome them. the context c.) the psychological problems of some of the accusers. The mutual antipathy of Voris and the Society, for the reasons I suspect above, made me question Church Militant’s motives. Voris has become a wholesale Sedevecantist. Just remember it is a society of priests and not laity, and that maintaining a little personal independence is probably in your best interest. See our complete SSPX coverage . Please donate today. When Church Militant broke the allegations against the Society, Why Are We Fearful? It is badly needed, the priests and laity love God, and I sincerely believe they attempt to do the right thing. As for Church Militant…I dislike tabloid-style, gotcha journalism. I still believe that the allegations made by CM are presented in the worst possible light without fair presentation of: a.) Aren't you supposed to be a follower of Christ!

My impressions of the SSPX are mostly positive. […], Hank Igitur and Hermann Eutics discuss the spectacular drowning of pagan idols in Rome. We rely on you to support our news reporting.

Why I no longer attend my Latin Mass parish on a weekly basis. I was married at a diocesan Latin Mass ceremony, at St. Lawrence the Martyr, and had my daughter baptized at the same Church. Today, the U.S. district of the SSPX has published a response. But the behavior of several priests suggests sociopathy. Related Stories. He is deranged and needs help and prayers. Several of the accusers strike me as having these personality types. (St. Luke 18:8). I occasionally (maybe every other month or so) attended the SSPX Chapel in Etobicoke, Ontario for my Sunday obligation. @pgmgn> A bit over the top, don't you think? They concern mostly historical sexual abuse allegations against priests of the Society of Saint Pius X, the poor/possibly criminal manner in which they were handled and the future ramifications of this story for the Society, Church Militant and the Church in general. I can see a kind of institutional arrogance within the Society that viewed these allegations as to what it would mean for the Society as opposed to what they would mean to the wider community. But there is more than a kernel of truth to the allegations. Loud, opinionated laity is the exact opposite of what the SSPX likes. It's disturbing but true: Hank Igitur is now podcasting. Hank Igitur (an obscure yet non-prominent Catholic online commentator in his own right) offers the following observations: Readers wishing to better understand both sides of this heartbreaking story are encouraged to visit the following sites: Church Militant‘s short documentary describing the abuse allegations.

This brought an immediate reaction from Michael Voris at Church Militant, Timothy Gordon, and other prominent Catholic online commentators. I sympathize with the Society in the difficulty in responding to some of these allegations. You know the kind: the Novus Ordo finishes, they shuffle out, we shuffle in, hold confessions and Mass, and leave again. I made it through half a Vortex video before I had to shut it off. It's […]. These people hated the environment of the town that they were raised in and would lie to damage the priests. The priests attitude towards the laity with respect to their opinions, sadly, is too often “pay, pray and obey.” There can be a gruffness and a lack of cheer that I think should be rectified if the Society is to grow. Dico vobis quia cito faciet vindictam illorum.

A well-known Catholic online personality, Dr. Taylor Marshall, reported that he had attended Easter Sunday Mass with his family at a SSPX chapel near his home. 22, we reported on a Church Militant investigative piece about the Society of St. Pius X and sexual abuse. Submit news to our tip line. Lukashenko: “I Consider Francis the Best Pope”, No Surprise: The Germans Impart Invalid Or Doubtful Confirmations, Francis: Dialogue Is “Most Privileged Instrument Against Covid”, Homosex Eucharist Replaces Creed With "Diversity", What Happens in Armenia: The Account of Evgenija Babayan, Benedict XVI Renounces His Brother’s Inheritance. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He usurps papal authority, willfully distorts BXVI to suit his own narrative, and dismisses facts to create his own idea of what should be. And the Perils of Know-Everythingism, Read This Book – And Help Yourself Survive The Storm That’s Engulfing the Catholic Church, Part 2 – The 2020 US Elections, The Great Reset and the Catholic Church, The 2020 US Elections, The Great Reset and the Catholic Church.

The Society, while it was created for priests, gets its spirit from devout laity who are mostly wonderful people and I hope that criminal charges get pressed when deserving and that after reform the Society perseveres and grows. Whether or not these allegations have substance is not yet clear at the time this article’s posting, but the firefights now raging in response to the Church Militant’s SSPX video are intense and brutal. Now for the negatives. Hank Igitur loves his FSSP Latin Mass parish, but he no longer goes there each and every Sunday. Not any more. I love the Society, I hope it grows, but it is apparent that housecleaning is in order. Becciu Is Not Going Quietly: Francis "Knew" And "Endorsed" London Deal, Viganò Compares Biden Campaign with “Followers of Satan”, “Children of Darkness”, Order of Malta Goes Ahead With Electing a Puppet Grand Master, Excommunicated Father Jeremy Leatherby Laicised, "Healthy Decentralisation" Over: Francis Deprives Bishops Of Right To Establish Religious Communiti…, Order of Malta: Fra’ Festing Asks to Postpone Elections, Hideous Christmas: Vatican Choses 2020 Nativity Scene, French Caricatures: “Defaming A Religion Is Not a Sign of Mental Wellness”. But the modernist Bishops really hated the work that he had been doing so I basically held him in positive regard. Regardless of the outcome, or where the truth lies between the Church Militant and SSPX positions regarding these allegations, one thing seems pretty certain:  the devil is laughing at us. Have a news tip? Now, now , Michael, control your hatred.

For a week we saw a raging battle swinging to and fro over the legitimacy of SSPX. The priests are conscientious at Mass, they take time to compose excellent sermons, they offer a wide-range of services to mark all of the important feasts and they hold extra-curricular events to build a sense of community and to teach the Faith. I used to think E. Michael Jones was a bit over-the-top in saying that Voris, because of his past sexual activity, was seriously wounded and should never engage in any kind of public Catholic activity--teaching, journalism, apologetics. Before this controversy I viewed Michael Voris, Executive Producer of CM, with some amusement: ex-homosexual, kind of a weird guy, loud mouth, ambitious. Right around Easter Sunday 2020, Catholic social media erupted into chatter (often quite contentious) over the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). The Society needs reform, and better screening of the psychological state of their priests and lay workers. Many of them were mishandled, badly. Do you know about the Miracle that happened at St Peter’s the day that Pius IX pronounced the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception? In all organizations it is important to clean the rot on a regular basis. SSPX.org statement on the Church Militant article here. Verumtamen Filius hominis veniens putas inveniet fidem in terra? the mitigation efforts made by the Society b.) Viganò: Is Francis Blackmailed Or Blackmailing? Church Militant will forever be a tabloid; it is inherent in their DNA.

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