sao fatal bullet material list

This includes ArFA-sys and any other NPCs . You can usually sell Miasma Fang+ for 50000+ Credits, Hell Garb for 2500 each, Hell Sphere for 50000 each, UHE Large EM Material for 5000 each and Beautiful Diamonds for 1000000 each. Drop rate boosts can help as drops increase bounty. Each of these you will put 2~4 good abilities each.

It is incomplete as for now, I don't remember where most bosses are. You can party option such as don't attack to have your allies group up on you if you need to reposition them.

ENEMY. For Gun and Sword, remember that the pistol portion counts for proficiency gain. Press J to jump to the feed. Here is a list of all the materials I have come across and could identify the monster that dropped them. The Junk attribute will always be the last to be swapped out and the first to be swapped in (if a junk attribute is being swapped in). For accessories, the location does not appear to matter nearly as much as with weapons as you can get accessories with perfect stats as early as the first area. You want your allies to do as little damage as possible while still grabbing the aggro.

Early areas will drop lower tier weapons and Extreme mode boosts the tier of all drops by roughly 3. This allows you to keep firing near constantly and gain medals. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Farming weapons is fairly simple, fight enemies that drop weapons, collect them, keep any with good attributes, sell the rest. If combat has ended, you can teleport right back. This could be a fodder weapon or a weapon you want to keep. You can bring some status skills and weapons to also gain attack medals. Your Choice is Heavier and Faster Than a Bullet My recommendation is to focus on Luc, Item Drop Rate, and Rare Item Drop Rate. This can greatly increase efficiency. Lower rarity weapons (fewer attribute slots) tend to have cheaper upgrade costs, this means that you may want to first max the attribute on a lower rarity weapon in order to save on chip costs. If the second group does not respawn, your loop will go back to the first spawn point. Now, the alternatives here if the second group does respawn is to pick any 3 points and run between them. For farming accessories, while you can get epics from the shop south of Argo, Legendaries can currently only be farmed. You want enough skill to keep to have a good skill in each locked slot as while these skills. If not fighting enemies, setting your ArFA-sys to supportive skills and gadgets can give them some skill proficiency as well. Here is a list of all the materials I have come across and could identify the monster that dropped them. It will only take about 21 to hit level 2 and about 90 to hit level 4 + 75%. ENEMY. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Trade Value is garbage on anything you want to use,any Attack bonuses to a type the weapon doesn't have (Explosive/Optical Attack on a Physical weapon as an example), and Ammo Capacity on a Gatling Gun (Possibly Auto Reload as well). Posted by. Extreme mode will also affect the contents of certain shops. While there used to be an exploit to gain experience quickly, it has been patched and it was never efficient in the long run. When you want your final weapon sets, you can get a rank 5 version of the weapon and upgrade. In addition, the handgun weapons art gives you a cooldown reduction buff, potentially having some skills cooldown faster than the animation. Each enemy has a specific set of Weapons and Accessories that can be dropped by that enemy. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. You can spawn at either SBC Flugel Gate or the Forgotten Woods entrance. 118 Location: The Old South (Abandoned Road) Item Drops: Precision Machine Part HE Gunpowder Controller; UHE EM Material Ruby The base game includes two modes: the Main Story, which follows the player's custom character, and Kirito Mode, a mini-campaign focusing on Kirito where the Death Gun incident is adapted to fit the Gameverse. There are different types of weapons in Fatal Bullet. Now we confirm and see if the weapon bonus is what we want it to be. As a note, the damage you deal plus the proficiency modifier that the target provides both have a factor in how much proficiency you gain, but there may be a cap of proficiency gain per hit. To do this, make sure you are in True Mode and kill The GM for a Miasma Fang series drop (focus on setting up your ArFA-sys for high damage against The GM for better speed and high LUC for better drop rates if you have enough killing speed)), then let Last Judgement wipe your party (easiest if you have no party members), this will respawn you in the lobby and allow you to farm The GM without having to go through the entire quest sequence again. These will reduce your chances of dying greatly. Maximum Unlocked slots (Truncated(Total/2+0.5)), First, you want to find the weapon to upgrade. This drop list also includes material drops from quests. Remember that party members, including your ArFA-sys can add to drop rate so high LUC party members can help when farming. This can be more efficient than grinding revives in terms of time, but is reliant on load times.

We will then repeat this process until all the attributes are swapped and finally we will swap the Junk attribute with the previous desired attribute. Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Fix the awful background colors, and thanks for the list. The colors are to differentiate tiers. This method is simple. Note that Lisbeth's Weapon Modification Level affects both the maximum values you can upgrade an attribute to and the cost of the upgrades. That should reset the NPC Players, allowing you to run back to fight them again. While Rank 3 of a skill requires 100 Prof of Rank 2, Rank 2 can be gained before Rank 1 reaches 100 Prof. Warning: While you could farm both The GM and Last Judgement in a single run, trying this with Last Judgement can result in glitching your game-do not risk it. This will give you decent experience, plentiful drops, and easier on sword users as you can use Graviton Shots to group enemies. You will be farming The GM, which will drop a Miasma Fang+, Hell Garb, Hell Sphere, UHE Large EM Material, and Beautiful Diamond. Start with Graviton 3, follow with Graviton 2, and then Nemesis 3 and then Graviton 1 (or whatever fourth attack skill you brought if any). © Valve Corporation.

Every playing this game i wonder how to obtaon this material, some of them really quick to obtain but some of them really really hard to find. Here you can see our fodder gives bonuses to Ammo Acquired, Damage vs Lifeforms and Damage Vs Humanoids. (still WIP but when I'm done that statement will be true).

Remember that if you are making fodder, lower rarities can be cheaper to perfect.

While the weapon and skill choice is ultimately up to you, I highly recommend a Launcher with Graviton Shot 1/2/3 and Nemesis 3 along with a sideam or allies with Attack boosting shots and fields.

This means that if an enemy drops the weapon you want, it may be worth noting where you can find that enemy easily. Eventually, you want some better drop rates. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FatalBullet community. You can get a drop rate promise ring from the bounty reward system, so it may be worth doing bounties on a second character for a second ring although it can take some time. If the second group respawns, you can go to that group, then form a small triangle and hit groups 2,3,4 and repeat. Well, I did this today, got tired of looking around and being clueless. You can usually sell Miasma Fang+ for 50000+ Credits, Hell Garb for 2500 each, Hell Sphere for 50000 each, UHE Large EM Material for 5000 each and Beautiful Diamonds for 1000000 each. The goal here is to have to reload the game as rarely as possible.

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