the princess and the queen pdf

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>> xref /Type /Page /Contents 165 0 R 0000195860 00000 n Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0401 Tc 0.1601 Tw (After the letter was sent to the Queen-Dauphin, Monsieur de) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1005 Tc 0.2205 Tw (Cleves and Monsieur de Nemours went away; Madam de Cleves) Tj T* -0.0881 Tc 0.2081 Tw (continued alone, and being no longer supported by the joy which) Tj T* -0.0847 Tc 0.2047 Tw (the presence of what one loves gives one, she seemed like one) Tj T* -0.1073 Tc 0.2273 Tw (newly waked from a dream; she beheld, with astonishment, the) Tj T* -0.0953 Tc 0.2153 Tw (difference between the condition she was in the night before, and) Tj T* -0.0936 Tc 0.2136 Tw (that she was in at this time: she called to mind, how cold and) Tj T* -0.0709 Tc 0.1909 Tw (sullen she was to the Duke de Nemours, while she thought Madam de) Tj T* -0.0826 Tc 0.2026 Tw (Themines's letter was addressed to him, and how calm and sweet a) Tj T* -0.0748 Tc 0.1948 Tw (situation of mind succeeded that uneasiness, as soon as he was) Tj T* -0.0754 Tc 0.1954 Tw (satisfied he was not concerned in that letter; when she) Tj T* -0.0988 Tc 0.2188 Tw (reflected, that she reproached herself as guilty for having given) Tj T* -0.1558 Tc 0.2758 Tw (him the foregoing day only some marks of sensibility, which mere) Tj T* -0.0865 Tc 0.2065 Tw (compassion might have produced, and that by her peevish humour) Tj T* -0.1012 Tc 0.2212 Tw (this morning, she had expressed such a jealousy as was a certain) Tj T* -0.0691 Tc 0.1891 Tw (proof of passion, she thought she was not herself; when she) Tj T* -0.0651 Tc 0.1851 Tw (reflected further, that the Duke de Nemours saw plainly that she) Tj T* -0.0749 Tc 0.1949 Tw (knew he was in love with her, and that, notwithstanding her) Tj T* -0.0873 Tc 0.2073 Tw (knowing it, she did not use him the worse for it, even in her) Tj T* -0.0536 Tc 0.1736 Tw (husband's presence; but that, on the contrary, she had never) Tj T* -0.1006 Tc 0.2206 Tw (behaved so favourably to him; when she considered, she was the) Tj T* -0.1029 Tc 0.2229 Tw (cause of Monsieur de Cleves's sending for him, and that she had) Tj T* -0.1015 Tc 0.2215 Tw (just passed an afternoon in private with him; when she considered) Tj T* -0.1005 Tc 0.2205 Tw (all this, she found, there was something within her that held) Tj T* -0.0847 Tc 0.2047 Tw (intelligence with the Duke de Nemours, and that she deceived a) Tj T* -0.0644 Tc 0.1844 Tw (husband who least deserved it; and she was ashamed to appear so) Tj T* -0.087 Tc 0.207 Tw (little worthy of esteem, even in the eyes of her lover; but what) Tj T* -0.051 Tc 0.171 Tw (she was able to support less than all the rest was, the) Tj T* -0.1037 Tc 0.2237 Tw (remembrance of the condition in which she spent the last night,) Tj T* -0.096 Tc 0.216 Tw (and the pricking griefs she felt from a suspicion that the Duke) Tj T* -0.0811 Tc 0.2011 Tw (de Nemours was in love with another, and that she was deceived by) Tj T* -0.258 Tc 0 Tw (him.)

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