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The decision to cast an Hispanic actor as a Confederate soldier was widely criticized. |

Schrei der Gehetzten | He weakly tosses the dynamite, then stumbles back behind the adobe, now clutching his right shoulder.

Feuer an Bord | It must have taken close to a decade to arrive there, for when he rides into Blackthorne, Texas, he's packing a Model 1873 Colt, and a Model 1873 Winchester. John Wayne wird in der Deutschen Fassung[1] von seinem Standardsprecher Arnold Marquis gesprochen. Jones: Well, if you had been a good enough actor I wouldn't have used it.Cord McNally: Cord McNally. "The Undefeated" is a Western film that is directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. Hinter Haremsmauern | Tote schlafen fest | Die merkwürdige Zähmung der Gangsterbraut Sugarpuss | One critic suggested it would not have had a theatrical release at all without, The film was to be shot in Durango, Mexico, on a budget of $5 million. Trent’s Last Case | Dr. Jones: Mr, UH?Cord McNally: Doesn't matter.Dr. Rote Linie 7000 | All rights reserved. Air Force |

Zusammen mit dem einstigen Südstaaten-Captain Pierre Cordona und der jungen Shasta Delaney macht sich McNally auf den Weg nach Rio Lobo, wo sie den zweiten Ex-Gefangenen, Tuscarora Phillips, treffen wollen. Leoparden küßt man nicht |

rio lobo trivia This is "The Longest Day," an epic war film that was released in 1962 and is notable for being one of John Wayne’s most memorable films. Goofs The screening was interrupted by BBC news to provide live coverage of the siege of the Iranian Embassy, and the subsequent SAS assault. Creator Backlash: Howard Hawks later said, "I didn't … Rio Lobo ist ein Spätwestern von Howard Hawks aus dem Jahr 1970. Ein Goldfisch an der Leine | Design and text © 1996 - 2020 Jon Sandys. Cinema schreibt: „Der Film und sein krachlederner Hauptdarsteller John Wayne zehren etwas überdeutlich vom Ruhm vergangener Tage. Ich war eine männliche Kriegsbraut |

Rio Bravo | Höhe Null | The Road to Glory | Rio Lobo - Trivia Erstelle eine neue Trivia. Factual error: So the Civil War ends, and the colonel heads for Texas. The Cradle Snatchers | Hatari! Wir marschieren um Mitternacht | Land der Pharaonen | As the colonel and his companions ride out of Blackthorne, Texas, they pass Saguaro cacti, which, oddly enough, only grow in the Sonora Desert, a far distance from Texas. Hardy: The Encyclopedia of Western Movies. Haben und Nichthaben | Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. Rio Lobo. Quotes

Although they were both Western icons by this point in their careers, this is only the second time. El Dorado | The biggest mistakes you never noticed in Rio Lobo (1970). Tiger Hai | Mistakes, goofs, trivia, quotes, pictures and more for Rio Lobo (1970).

Start in die Dämmerung | Napoleon vom Broadway | Einige Zeit später, kurz nach dem Bürgerkrieg, erhält McNally, inzwischen aus der Armee ausgeschieden, eine Nachricht aus Rio Lobo über den Verbleib eines Verräters. Nimm, was du kriegen kannst | McNally versucht, Informationen über die Hintergründe zu erhalten, da beim Überfall einer seiner besten jungen Offiziere getötet wurde. Sergeant York | Check out the mistake & trivia books, on Kindle and in paperback. Alternate Versions

Die tollkühne Rettung der Gangsterbraut Honey Swanson | Cord McNally: Oww, take it easy.Phillips: Stop your squawking, you ain't hurt.Cord McNally: Scatter gun is useless.Phillips: You don't mind if I shoot do you?

Beim Abkuppeln der Waggons von der Lokomotive löst der Soldat eine Janney-Kupplung. Makes me feel better. Starring: Jack Elam, Jennifer O'Neill, John Wayne, Jorge Rivero. Blondinen bevorzugt | Factual error: As the colonel and his companions ride out of Blackthorne, Texas, they pass Saguaro cacti, which, oddly enough, only grow in the Sonora Desert, a far distance from Texas.

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