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(1), Description:

Description: Oil on canvas, 14" x 17". Faded cloth. Click on the name of the artist from the list, and log in to your account to view the full profile of the artist. Check this box to also include the many artists we have with no country information. John Brown. ‘In his early career he signed including his middle name as P R (or Ruiz) Picasso, later dropping the initial and developing a more decorative version. Boldly signed "J.E.B. ‘There is often a concentration in execution, and a slower, more deliberate manner is apparent that you wouldn’t expect from someone signing their own name; faked signatures often lack fluidity. Description: Discoloration and paint loss under areas covered by frame. This can be especially frustrating with older or less popular artists, who did not get credited for their work. 77.5 x 53.5 cm.

Surface dirt and grime. Joseph Randolph Brown, Am., 1863-1951, Landscape with Stream, watercolors, signed and dated 1917. (1). Condition Report: Setting sun Oil/canvas 5,5 x 7,9 inches (14.0 x 20.0in) Signed. Branded J.

= Nice landscape.

SIZE: 5" x 9". Drawing, pencil and grey wash, 22,9x29 cm., signed "J Westerwoudt. Needs cleaning.

The painting was probably doctored during the Second World War in order to obscure the fact that the artist was Jewish, and to save his work from being confiscated or destroyed. Doyle New York shall have no responsibility for any error or omission. Artists' Signatures offers FREE access to over 100,000+ artist directory listings in our database. Brown circa 1860. Q. Cloth. Loaded with great Lithographs, illustrating the valor of the soldier as displayed on the battlefield 1861-1865. Description:

15 in. ), no date [1863 or 1864]. $8,000 - $12,000, Description: Browse artists whose last name starts with »A« Below you can browse the artists by their last name. We hope you find our website useful. Although signatures can confirm well-founded research, they can also be misleading. Length: 35.9cm, 14"2/16 Comes with two German bows, one of which is silver mounted and stamped, Dodd. Measures: approx. Spine worn. It’s an honest, personal mark that stops them endlessly returning to a piece.’, Signatures are also commonly used to keep a record of time, place and medium, as much as they are a signifier of a completed work. = Provenance: Galerie Lelong, Paris. Find this 860-page tome, which indexes over 25,000 signatures, in the reference section of your local library or at an art museum bookstore. AMERICAN SCHOOL Late 19th/Early 20th Century Coastal scene with saltworks.

Brown, Glasgow", auf dreibeinigem Eisenständer (zusammenklappbar), Einstellung über Zahn-stangen (defekt), Länge des Teleskopes 112 cm!

Oil on board titled El Gitano, signed J. Description: Caplan and Bob Creps. ‘Picasso is a great example,’ says Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art specialist Allegra Bettini. A light signature; Stuart's ink evidently resisted the smooth surface of the card.A VERY RARE, WAR-DATE SIGNED PORTRAIT of Stuart, arguably the finest cavalry commander of the Civil War. 4) Compton, H., A Master Mariner: Capt. Artists' Signatures offers FREE access to over 100,000+ artist directory listings in our database. Please contact Eldred''s before bidding with any questions as to condition. Condition Report:

STUART, James Ewell Brown ("Jeb"), (1833-1864). Cut from original strethcer. Pigment on 8 sections of canvas mounted on paper, 53x39 cm., verso signed "James Brown 1994", simple wooden frame. Oil on canvas, 17 x 14 in., framed. Mars 1865" and titled in brown pen on verso.

An attractive, vignetted version of the best war-date portrait of the Confederate cavalier cum warrior, in a seated pose in full Confederate uniform.

Description: The other one is nickel mounted. 46 in. 1831  -  1913 Detail showing the signature, from Thomas (Tom) William Roberts (1856-1931), Portrait of Louis Abrahams. Three King Charles Spaniels and a Visitor in the Garden. = Provenance: Galerie Lelong, Paris. Robert William Eastwick.

As always, […] Boston, 1860. One of Stuart's favorite maxims was "If you are in doubt what to do, attack. John Brown (c. 1752–1787), Scottish artist and draftsman John Crawford Brown (1805–1867), Scottish landscape painter Lucy Madox Brown (1843–1894), English artist, author and model Sign in to view your bids, favorites & more! Oil on artist board, 16 x 20 in. Condition Report: As always, if you are in need of a fine art consultation or appraisal, please contact us. If you’d like for us to appraise a piece you own or assist with your fine art needs, please fill out this form or call us at (972) 306-1963. Lot 44: J. Randolph Brown (American, b. Estimate: Q. Cloth. ‘There’s no end to the variety of signatures an individual might use,’ according to John Castagno, an artist and renowned expert who has produced 17 reference books cataloguing artist signatures throughout history, as well as offering a full consultation service to museums, galleries and collectors. ‘When we first see a work of art, of course the inscription is something we will take into consideration,’ says Angelica Pediconi, a fine art conservator and art historian who has worked with international dealers, collectors and institutions including the National Gallery.

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