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She notably appears in the Archie Comics and Sonic SatAM, but has also made minor cameos in Sonic Spinball and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.


I realize that's probably not how Sally would likely die. Ken Kinoshita


Years ago Robotnik served as a Sally's father, King Acorn's, personal advisor. (yes those are tears at the edge of her eye). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Sally Acorn, known fully as Princess Sally Alicia Acorn, and also known as Sal, is a major protagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series by Archie Comics, and the animated television series "Sonic the Hedgehog", known by fans as "Sonic SatAM".She is the defacto leader od the Freedom Fighters up until its disbanding, and a core member of Team Mario. Red Acknowledged.

Her face has a lighter brown patch in which her large blue eyes are settled.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

She wears a closed blue vest with a black crop-top hidden underneath. Sally's father: "This is harassment on a grand scale.

i loved drawing her curly and fun to mess with...probably do more sally hair experiments...but newayz...i also took a long time to colour, as well--starting with sally and then doing the woodland forest scene. When she was slightly older, she started wearing her hair (now shorter) in a ponytail, and sported an open blue vest with a collar, with a black tube-top underneath, black sports pants held up by a white belt with a square, golden buckle, and wore a pair of blue and white sneakers. If you are looking for the Animal Friend from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), see Animal Friends. In the series, Sally lives in a in a post-Robotnik Mobius and is a Freedom Fighter despite her royalty. Sonic the Hedgehog


Sally acorn, looked in utter shock as y/n, told her and the freedom fighters along with Sally's mother and father who held the same expression. Her tan-colored underbelly can be seen in the her midriff. A younger Sally wore an outfit inspired by her younger self from the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series episode "Blast to the Past, Part 1" though with the addition of white gloves. MAN. The freedom fighters knew one.

While inwardly compassionate, she can often come off as confrontational, overbearing, hard, sardonic and condescending when stifled enough. Thanks for your input though; it takes all … Character Sheet Weight

excuse me but I'm a fan of sonamy and I DO NOT hate sally, But Not Because the people is an sonamy fan is delayed, I like Sonamy AND Sonally. Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login.

VGFacts DidYouKnowGaming? Princess Sally Acorn is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes.

Kath Soucie (SatAM)Dana Hill (SatAM, child Sally)

That's rude, just name calling in the very first message you send to that.

Present day, her goals are to overthrow Robotnik and find her father.

May 2, 2006 Sally's attitude towards her title of the princess of the Acorn Kingdom is one of duty; she is a firm leader with a strong sense of justice and a warm heart, and loves her people and strives to do the best she can for them. Created By

This was just some silly fan art from long ago.

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Thank Aurora I recieved it personally for once... thank you thank you so much i love you for this i will marry you (not really) you are AMAZING. She often takes the role of a leader, not only in directing and organizing people en masse but also through mediation and offering suggestions or compromises to difficult situations.

Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

She can be somewhat insecure at times and should she think herself to have failed or misjudged a situation in the past, she will often have tremendous self-doubts in herself at the frustration of her perceived inability. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all.

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