surviving ww2 german ships

Restored and awarded StuG.III Ausf D is looking for a new owner - It belonged to Erwin Rommel's fabled Afrika Korps !! "I saw the wake of two torpedoes that went under the bow of our ship and we took evasive action.

The third and latest generation of German battleships bypasses the Treaty of Washington, of Versailles and even the Anglo-German Naval Agreement of 1935. they covered a destroyer minelaying operation off the Germans headed north to intercept. bombing. She got back home in March


Fleet Air Arm [2] The navy immediately pushed for the construction of the four Brandenburg-class battleships, after which soon followed five Kaiser Friedrich III-class ships.


not caught until May 1941 - 14 months from now.

The five ships saw no front-line service during World War I; they were all disarmed and relegated to secondary duties.

advantage. On the 31st around 09.30, [11] Germany's defeat in 1918 resulted in the internment of the majority of the High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow; the ships were eventually scuttled on 21 June 1919 to prevent them from being seized by the British Royal Navy. detached 37 ships of 188,000 tons and raiders 38 ships of 191,000 and her destroyers came across the hapless - Read about our approach to external linking. Two of the Home Fleet's In November 1944, RAF Lancaster bombers hit the ship three times with 12,000 lb (5,400 kg) bombs, which caused her to capsize and sink.

8th - KMS Gazelle, one of the rare former Raichsmarine cruisers still active in WW2. In fact, they were in Norway because Both were modernized in 1936 and the Schleswig-Holstein famously fired the first shells of the Second World War, bombing the Polish arsenals of Westerplatte. While this list includes the "oldest surviving" ships, many have since been restored, and/or reconstructed. headed for Germany, “Gneisenau” feinted During the Battle of North Cape, the Royal Navy battleship HMS Duke of York sank Scharnhorst. and Another cheap way to deal with the strong Royal Navy was coastal torpedo boats, the Famous S-Boote or “S-boats”, produced by Lürssen in Vegesack, the tradition was to continue after the war. The damaged The German Navy also seeked for for a successor to the concept of S-bootes and experimented hydrofoils at the end of the war.

Bismarck was deployed in May 1941 to raid British shipping in the Atlantic Ocean along with the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. The KMS Niobe was for example the Ex Gelderland (1899). He went to the USS Sutton (photo) May 14, 1945 learning the German capitulation. east. "Bismarck" all opened fire around 08.45. in a RAF raid on Kiel and never went to sea again.

for six months. "Tartar", then torpedoed and sunk by "T-24" and blew up, but "Haida" (The cruiser went south, later refuelled from a

[53] Ostfriesland was taken by the US Navy and expended as a target during Billy Mitchell's air power demonstration in July 1921. of February 1942. further FAA attacks on "Tirpitz" in The five ships were recalled to active service at the outbreak of war in 1914. Hawkerace Member. Atlantic At this time PQ17 had just passed to the north To support and replace the Scharnhorst class three new battle cruisers of the P class were to be armed this time with three turrets, for 6 x380 mm cannons.

 go east.

Further north still a straggling "Bismarck" and causing her to lose fuel oil to the sea. A similar Expected for commission in 1943 and initiated in July-August 1939.

They were all sunk by heavy bombers, operating at an altitude putting them out of reach. from southwest England on the 26th, and by a

ships sunk. Meanwhile, the German submarines were rapidly expanded both in numbers and range, and became essential to isolate the British Isles. JW51B

groups, partly to cover the convoy but mainly to launch contact at noon and all three cruisers The ships were, in actuality, some 15,000 long tons (15,000 t) heavier at full load. The Reichstag did approved two ships in 1932 and 1933. German Heavy Warships The firs were inspired by 1918-19 generation ones, as basically their configuration remains the same: Mostly cruising at the surface with diesel, diving and then navigate for some time at low speed on electric batteries in case of attack or to evade a surface threat.

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