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Random Ramsdom: Is Jared Goff just an average quarterback? Personally speaking, I believe quality football teams are built from the inside out. Because Washington may have one of the best under-26 weapons in the league, but they’ve also just named one of 2019’s worst quarterbacks as their new starter and haven’t a receiving threat on the team besides McLaurin; 31-year-old Dontrelle Inman is the number two wide receiver on Football Team, catching 11 of 21 targets for 105 yards and two touchdowns. Setting aside running backs and tight ends, we see that out of the top 30 wide receivers in yardage through four games, only 34-year-old Julian Edelman, 30-year-old Adam Thielen and 31-year-old Cole Beasley are over the age of 28. Which players are contributing two and a half seasons later? Though the Bucs might well be the best in the NFC, it's difficult not to think they're benefitting greatly from the company they keep in the conference, Jeffri Chadiha writes. Those two developments should put the rest of the league on notice, Jim Trotter writes. And when wide receiver classes come into the league like we’ve seen in 2019, 2020 and 2021, which is supposedly better than both of those elite groups of prospects, why should we expect teams to continue to favor those who are crossing over the age of 28 and costing over $15 million per season?

When I look at the Rams, I see a lot of shiny, high-priced toys at the skill positions but not a lot of quality or depth along the offensive line or at linebacker. Not until you reach 35-year-old Adrian Peterson at 18th in rushing yards do you find a running back who is over 27; then you have to go all the way down to the 27th leading rusher, David Johnson, to find the next. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Gave Patrick Peterson a tough game. He has immediate special teams value and though it might take time for him to get consistent volume from a receptions standpoint, he has the potential to develop into a consistent contributor. Continue Reading Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Smith details Waller's hardships and triumphs on the way to a second chance in the NFL and at life. Jaguars locker room: Ramsey's standoff with the team had begun to overshadow everything else that was going on because of the uncertainty of the situation. Robert Woods shares cool insight on how Jalen Ramsey helps Rams' WRs. Call me crazy? Tua Tagovailoa's first career start for the Miami Dolphins is significant not just to the franchise but to the entire Polynesian football community. What the Bills are saying about Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. And the money that will be spent to sign Ramsey to a mega contract extension -- make no mistake: you don't make this trade unless you're going to lock him up before he's eligible for free agency after next season -- could impact their ability to address the line going forward. Y en la gustada sección “¿Ahora quién va contra Jalen Ramsey?”, es el turno de uno de mis WRs favoritos: el señor Allen Robinson. Everyone from Miller on up is on pace to cross over 1,000 yards this season. Steve Smith Sr. reflects on his discussion with former teammate Darren Waller about the tight end's arduous battle with addiction. Jerry Jeudy was a mid-first round pick in 2020 and is 28th in yards. It might seem like he should, much like Ramsey covering Darius Slayton against the Giants and taking out their only perceived weapon, but the Rams may also trust Darious Williams or Troy Hill to do so and trust zone coverage to take care of one of the worst passing offenses in the league. I do have some concerns about his ball skills that impact his projection. The worst running back drafted in the top-15 since 2013 is Melvin Gordon, twice good enough to represent the AFC in the Pro Bowl.

Sean McVay not worried about contract talks impacting Jalen Ramsey's ... Aug 22nd. Watching Slay on Slayton go at each other all game might be the best part of this lackluster Thursday Night Football matchup. Ramsey signed a five-year extension with the team to prove he’ll have value into his thirties, from covering McLaurin this Sunday ... All the way up to potentially covering the replacement for McLaurin’s replacement if some day soon wide receivers find out what it’s like to be treated like running backs. Despite Peterson and Frank Gore defying preconceived notions about running backs and age, the overwhelming majority of backs are under 28 and those who are past their mid-20s might have to begin planning for their post-football careers. Smith was 36, but averaged 95.7 yards per game before getting injured. Analytics poured their brains out to die on the hill of “running backs don’t matter” but do they dare turn their attention to arguably the second-most popular players on most teams after the quarterback: the guys who make those catches we love to share with others? Scott Miller was a sixth round pick in 2019 and is 24th in yards. The secondaries feature varying level of the word “stars” like Marlon Humphrey, Patrick Peterson, Darius Slay and Denzel Ward but how much of McLaurin’s production came against them? Having to face-off against him twice a year in divisional games is sure to make fantasy owners think twice about starting a wideout against Ramsey. pic.twitter.com/XBmFabjZUI, Cut up of Terry McLaurin vs the Cardinals. Those traits are ideal for a mid-round pick as he develops at the next level.

He was also old for a rookie, he turned 24 in Week 2, but McLaurin didn’t waste any time in taking advantage of his most valuable playing years. Worth noting he's not always part of the read on some of these plays, but wanted to highlight how often he beat coverage.

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