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ii. How did he express it and to whom? 4. New York (ii) Release of dioxin is highest from incinerators. Depending upon the nature of stress and capability of the person, the three responses can be elegantly chosen to cope up with the stress so that stress does not damage the system and become distress. Deaths could be counted in millions and most of the flora and fauna would vanish. Will they have the health, the education, the skills, the sociocultural attitudes essential for the responsibilities of development?

(a) Yes, it does. Mike’s wife also thought the same and asked her husband ” Everything is ready but what shall we eat?”. But did either Mohammed Khan or Faisal Mukhi ever think of keeping the money during their moment with the magic machine?

Some of the best sources of calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese, fish, and green leafy vegetables like cabbage and spinach. forward, (b) The word ‘hull’ means ……………………. In these days of competition when a person makes up his mind to surpass what has been achieved by others, leading to an imbalance between demands and resources, it causes psycho-social stress. 10 Many companies use it for executive recruitment and analysis. Sometimes your muscles go limp and your blood pressure may fall temporarily, leaving you in a mellow euphoria.

If there’s a connection between coffee and bladder cancer, it possibly applies just to coffee junkies. (ii) They become less sensitive to the pain of others.

Individual stags are more likely to be seen feeding on the hill slopes.

(d) What are the adverse effects of the Hum? 260 million people exist below poverty line in India. 2. (c) Why is anger in a limited quantity good? 10. Because no one so far has been able to prove why and how TV effects some people and not the others. (d) ETS stands for Environmental Tobacco Smoke or “passive smoking”.

(iii) a person who organizes horse races % (b) Without a productive labour force, including effective leadership and intelligent middle management…………………. (iv) guava tree The baseline—whether the writing goes straight across the page or slants up and down—helps to determine the writer’s state of mind. i. ganglion 35 Character size can also be significant. There is an increased risk of lung cancer among women exposed to passive smoking. No thanks - “The problem is not with the media, but the lack of media education,” points out Patri. 5. (b) What are some factors that can lead to delays in the arrival of migratory birds? Tito had to undergo rigid medical requirements and a severe six month training course in Russia.

I. The Hulks, the Undertaker or whatever else they are called—never really punch or kick as hard as they might appear doing on the show. If NSYNC singer Lance Bass can’t afford the $20 million price tag for a ride into space now, he should try again in, say, a decade. So, the one who went to the river to fetch water enjoyed a nice bath.

The local Hawaiians also say the Hum is most often heard by men. One survey of teenagers found that when they crave for something new, most expect to ask nine times before their parents give in. (a) exciting (lines 1 to 10)

They become quarrelsome when they grow up. A technical writer should be natural in creative writing and needs to be an expert in using Business English. (a) Books help in imaginative self-awareness, B. Morris’s wife said ” Everything is ready but what shall we eat ?” Morris raised his hands and said, ” Don’t worry. Factual passages: convey information in a straightforward and direct manner about a particular subject. The alternative is to ignore the thoughts and if we don’t give them any attention they will go away. (e) The manager praised the customers for their dream honesty. (d) What two arguments are advanced against the use of incinerators? A is incorrect as they didn’t know that a thief was hiding on the tree. (b) (i) The more violence children view on TV, the more aggressively they behave with others. observed, (c) The meaning of the word ………………….., in paragraph 5, is the opposite of the word ‘pleasure’. (b) What became the centre of attraction for all eyes?

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow. (i) it can get drowned (iv) A floating museum 1. (iv) form, (c) What does the word ‘native’ used in the passage mean? Another bestseller The Secret added to the hype by propagating the theory that one can get anything just by thinking about it. 500 but here’s 2500! What was another of the PM's solutions to solve internal security issues? (i) A floating ATM

(d) Write a few lines on the range of types of anger. In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, companies need to communicate information pertaining to a whole range of issues in a lucid and precise manner to their customers. A robust laugh gives the muscles of your face, shoulders, diaphragm and abdomen a good workout.

(e) By providing media education and by teaching the children how to assess the reality status of TV programmes. (iv) Moulds, bacteria 5. The 1994 World Cup, held in the United States of America, was no different from its predecessors. (d) 2. high moisture. The problem is that because the Internet is public, there is very little that can be done to prevent spam, just as it is impossible to prevent junk mail.

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To advise their male children to behave responsibly. They remain uneducated and powerless. Whenever there is a change in the external environment such as temperature, pollutants, humidity and working conditions, it leads to stress. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles in the Earth’s atmosphere that is colliding with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Funk, a retired aviation safety investigator says, “I would do (a space station trip) in a heartbeat, but I can’t because I’m 25 not a millionaire.”, Compared to Tito’s groundbreaking effort last year, future suborbital flights look easy. the most important is certainly human labour.

Passage 5: Nitrogen produces blue or purplish-red aurora. (e) How can a person cope with stress?   Apparently, the team’s defeat caused the drug lords to lose huge sums of money which caused the referee to be murdered. Poor, vulnerable parents, especially women-headed families, have no option but to push their little ones in this hard life in hostile conditions, with no human or labour rights. Passage 6: (iii) inhibit While Lightoller had to insist on letting only women onto the lifeboats, Murdoch was having trouble persuading people to get into the lifeboats in the first place as many believed the Titanic to be safer than the little boats. The radio was going at full volume until midnight when the radio station closed down. A) To wait for Mike to return (a) Air is essential for our life. Get hold of all the important DSA concepts with the DSA Self Paced Course at a student-friendly price and become industry ready. A. D) Not mentioned in the passage (f) Indian garbage has a^low calorific content of about 800 cal/kg because it has high moisture. (b) destruction (para 6). ₹ 5000 popped out. “India does not have the facility to test dioxin and the cost of setting one up is prohibitively expensive,” says Dutta. (Para 1) Brazil and Columbia, (b) ………………………. 4.2 Select appropriate synonyms for the following words from the passage out of the options provided. ii. Christianity also thrived because the Norwegian king, Olaf Tryggvason, a devout Christian, threatened those who refused conversion with military action. Answer: Usually, the language and style are simple and clear. (i) notion Two other attempts were made: one with Khan’s card and another with Mukhi’s.

technical assistance in the form of trained personnel. 8.

Very old crumbling pipes, boilers, insulation or false roofing can also be important sources. (c) It has been proved that coffee does not have any adverse effect on the risk of……………………….

4. Mike and Morris lived in the same village. Harvard’s Stampfer tries to keep his coffee drinking irregular enough to avoid habituation: “That way, I can get a buzz when I feel like it.”. iii. (ii) ……………………………………………… . There are many stress modifiers or stress busters. Polyethylene generates volatile compounds like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, both suspected carcinogenic. As per another notion, the dance form of the native African slaves was known as rumba.   The hand writes what the brain dictates and freezes the personality in ink. Choose the most appropriate option: (1 x 4 = 4 marks). All too often, there is a breakdown of communication between parents and children when the problems of adolescence arise. Pick out the words from the passage which are the antonyms of the following. When was the last time you laughed a hearty, sidesplitting belly laugh that sent you reeling out of control? Fatlike chemicals—cafestol and kahweol are responsible for the rise.

5 But for the locals, Floating Post office is more than an object of fascination. (e) How did religion inspire the Vikings to attain greater heights? Nicotine, because of the similar structure with acetylcholine when it gets into the brain, attaches itself to acetylcholine sites and produces a toxic effect.   Who felt 'there is no merit in outlining your strategies in critical sectors such as defence'?

(f) Studies reveal about moderate coffee drinkers that it does not dangerously affect their health. Surely, if 380 million children are given a better life and elementary education, India’s human capital would be greatly enhanced. have been ruled out. Home to the rival drug empires, Medellin and Cali cartels, the country is notorious for being the drug capital of the world. (c) 2. the main, bottom part of a ship, that goes in the water, (c) The words ‘rumbling’ and ‘crackling’, in paragraph 6, describe ……………………. There are others who collapse into weeping wrecks before an exam or on comparing marksheets and finding that their friend has scored better. (d) When was the boom in activities at Ajanta? Also, there is no ban on child labour in non-hazardous occupations.

surprise to his friend Faisal Mukhi who was standing nearby.

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