why do guys get nervous when talking to a girl

Being alpha for real starts with understanding the true mindset of an alpha male.

One of the main reasons why a lot guys get nervous around girls, is that they simply don’t know how to make girls feel attracted to them. Why?

like in the photo above). An alpha male feels confident, relaxed and in control around women because of the way he thinks. If you want to have your choice with women, you have to be confident enough to walk over and attract women with your confidence and personality. Nervousness and anxiety are both created within your own mind. If you look up confidence in the dictionary, you will see that it is described as having belief in yourself and your abilities…. You have a very powerful mind and in this life, you are either going to use it to make you confident and successful with girls or nervous and unsuccessful with girls. That doesn’t mean that you’ve screwed up with the other girl and gotten rejected. You dig this lady, and you really want to impress her, so you’re dwelling on all the stupid things you might accidentally say. Would you like to stop feeling nervous and start being the confident guy that you know you can be?

Some guys get nervous around girls because they put too much pressure on themselves to be compatible with every girl that they find attractive. For example: He might believe that women are difficult to approach and may slap or tip a drink over his head if he approaches, because that is what happens on TV and in the movies. Your palms sweat, you can’t think of what to say, and you’re sure your heart is about to jump out of your chest – why are you nervous every time you talk to her?

So, rather than placing so much pressure on yourself by trying to pick up every girl that you talk to, just relax, make girls feels attracted and see what unfolds between you and her. Waiting for the woman to make the first move.

6. He’ll be worrying about making a mistake, assuming that she doesn’t like him and will be hoping to impress her and maybe get lucky. A lot of your nervousness is caused by allowing yourself to think too much about what you are about to do, rather than actually doing it.

If you’re talking to a beautiful woman, the last thing you want her to see is your nervousness, right? Some guys think that showing a woman how nervous or intimidated he is around her, will somehow impress her and make her feel flattered. Despite being a good, honest guy, women just weren't interested.

Here are some common instances when you just might get nervous, and how to deal with that jittery feeling.

As a guy, it’s very easy to find girls attractive because most of your attraction is based on their physical appearance, but that doesn’t mean you will be perfectly compatible with all of them. Stop thinking and start doing.

She won’t be able to stop herself from feel attracted to it, because all girls feel attracted to a guy’s confidence. It gets people laughing (not me, I think it’s stupid). An alpha male doesn’t need to sit around thinking about whether or not he’s going to be able to attract a girl or be interesting enough to keep a conversation going with her. To make it entertaining to watch, women in the movies and on TV are usually very emotional, stuck up, aggressive, weird or mean and bitchy.

You may feel nervous in certain situations, whether they’re new or not. Watch this free training and he will share the secret with you. Here are some classic problems that guys experience, which then lead to feeling nervous when talking to women they like: 1.

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