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Of all these various schemes, only LeMay's command structure of SAC survived complete reorganization in the changing reality of postwar conflicts.

Between1949 and 1957, he was in charge of SAC (Strategic Air Command), and entrusted the task of transforming it into a force capable of conducting a nuclear war should the need arise. He took this unit to England in October 1942 as part of the Eighth Air Force, and led it in combat until May 1943, notably helping to develop the combat box formation. For the presidential race that year, LeMay originally supported Richard Nixon; he turned down two requests by George Wallace to join his American Independent Party that year on the grounds that a third-party candidacy might hurt Nixon's chances at the polls. In a three-hour period, the main bombing force dropped 1,665 tons of incendiary bombs, killing some 100,000 civilians, destroying 250,000 buildings and incinerating 16 square miles (41 km2) of the city.

His saber rattling did not help the Wallace campaign. [3][4] The heavy losses in veteran crews on this and subsequent deep penetration missions in the autumn of 1943 led the Eighth Air Force to limit missions to targets within escort range. He declined further suggestions to run for political office.

"[24] [edit] LeMay and sports car racing, General LeMay was also a sports car owner and enthusiast (he owned an Allard J2); as the "SAC era" began to wind down, LeMay loaned out facilities of SAC bases for use by the Sports Car Club of America,[25] as the era of early street races began to die out. On September 29, 1928, LeMay enlisted in the Army Air Corps as an aviation cadet under the service number 6650359. Though LeMay lost significant appropriation battles for the Skybolt ALBM and the B-52 Stratofortress replacement, the XB-70 Valkyrie, he was largely successful at expanding Air Force budgets. Curtis had 6 siblings: Leonard R. LeMay, Lloyd W. Lemay and 4 other siblings. On December 7, 1964 the Japanese government conferred on him the First Order of Merit with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun. He insisted on rigorous training and very high standards of performance for his aircrews, supposedly saying, "I have neither the time nor the inclination to differentiate between the incompetent and the merely unfortunate. "Curtis LeMay and fire raids". Eventually they returned to his native city of Columbus. And we would shove them back into the Stone Age with Air power or Naval power–not with ground forces." Curtis LeMay’s first contact with military service occurred in September 1924 when he enrolled as a student in the ROTC program at Ohio State University. After World War II, LeMay was briefly transferred to The Pentagon as deputy chief of Air Staff for Research & Development. Curtis Emerson LeMay was an outstanding air combat leader during World War II. Senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater, who said he repeatedly asked his friend General LeMay if he (Goldwater) might have access to the secret "Blue Room" at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, alleged by numerous Goldwater constituents to contain UFO evidence.

Helen was born on April 4 1908, in Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Ohio. "We didn't have one crew, not one crew, in the entire command who could do a professional job"[12] noted LeMay. America entered the war following Pearl Harbour in 1941, At this point LeMay was head of the 8th Air Force, but in early 1942 he was given command of the bombing missions in Europe conducted by the 305th Group. Lemay’s childhood and early career shaped his blunt honesty and sober character.

It also destroyed 16 square miles of the city. (By coincidence, Wallace had served as a sergeant in a unit commanded by LeMay during World War II.) LeMay experienced slow advancement throughout the 1930s, as did most officers of the seniority-driven regular army.

[citation needed] Other accounts differ: RB-47 'Stratojet' crew member Hal Austin of the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing said that upon his return from a mission over Soviet territory, LeMay told him: "Well, maybe if we do this overflight right, we can get World War III started.

The order was ostensibly given because of borderline weather conditions in Washington, but according to First Lieutenant Ivan J. Potts who was aboard, the order came because LeMay had one fewer general's star and should not be seen to outperform his superior. Oct 1 1990 - NEWPORT BEACH, ORANGE CO., CA, Erving Lemay, Arizona Dove Lemay (born Carpenter), Lloyd Lemay, Methyll Kinnear (born Lemay), Leonard R Lemay, Unknown Lemay, Hauger (born Lemay), Velma Scherr (born Lemay), Erving Edwin LeMay, Arizona LeMay (born Carpenter), Lloyd William LEMAY, Leonard LEMAY, Velma Evelyn LEMAY, Lloyd Lemay, Methyll Kinnear (born Lemay), Leonard R Lemay, Velma Scherr (born Lemay), Hauger (born Lemay), Unknown Lemay, Erving Lemay, Arizona Lemay (born Carpenter), Lemay, Lemay, Lemay, Riverside, Riverside, California, United States, Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States, Although his superiors were unsupportive of this naval objective, LeMay gave it a high priority by assigning the entire 313th Bombardment Wing (four groups, about 160 planes) to the task. To the contrary, a December 1949 letter from LeMay to the Air Force Chief of Staff Hoyt Vandenberg indicates LeMay was concerned with having explicit authority from the nation's political leadership to launch a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union. The remaining Allied prisoners of war in Japan who had survived imprisonment to that time were frequently subjected to additional reprisals and torture after an air raid. He was instrumental in SAC's acquisition of a large fleet of new strategic bombers, establishment of a vast aerial refueling system, development of a strategic ballistic missile force, and enhancing their readiness capability.

From a young age he took on the responsibility of feeding his mother and siblings. LeMay commanded the B-29 bomber operations against Japan, and his massive bombing campaign against more than 60 Japanese cities, in the months preceding the end of war resulted in one million Japanese civilian deaths. In 1937, navigating a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress under pilot and commander Caleb V. Haynes, he helped locate the battleship Utah in misty conditions off California though provided wrong coordinates by Navy personnel. He was known for his rudeness and coldness - a trait that led to many clashes with politicians. In 1938, he navigated three B-17s over 610 miles of the Atlantic Ocean to intercept the Italian liner Rex, showcasing the ability of land-based airpower to defend the American coasts. According to Goldwater, an angry LeMay gave him "holy hell" and said, "Not only can't you get into it but don't you ever mention it to me again.

Because Japanese air defenses made daytime bombing below jet stream altitudes too perilous, LeMay finally switched to low-altitude night-time incendiary attacks on Japanese targets, a tactic senior commanders had been advocating for some time. He was the inspiration behind the comedy movie, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Peter Sellers. Husband of Helen Estelle LeMay [3][4], The first pathfinder planes arrived over Tokyo just after midnight on March 10. I said we had the capability to do it.". Lemay’s childhood and early career shaped his blunt honesty and sober character. On June 9, 1934, he married Helen E. Maitland (died 1994), with whom he had one child, Patricia Jane LeMay Lodge, known as Janie. By the fall, the airlift was bringing in an average of 5,000 tons of supplies a day. With the onset of the Cold War in 1947, LeMay was sent to Europe to work as commander of the USAF. LeMay was appointed Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force in July 1957, serving until 1961, when he was made the fifth Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force on the retirement of Gen Thomas White. Operational losses of aircraft and crews were unacceptably high owing to Japanese daylight air defenses and continuing mechanical problems with the B-29. During the 1968 campaign, LeMay became widely associated with the "Stone Age" comment, especially because he had suggested use of nuclear weapons as a strategy to quickly resolve a deeply protracted conventional war which eventually claimed over 50,000 American plus millions of Vietnamese lives. Following British bombing practice, they marked the target area with a flaming "X." [edit] Miscellany [edit] LeMay and UFOs, The April 25, 1988 issue of The New Yorker carried an interview with retired Air Force Reserve Major General and former U.S. He held this reserve commission until June 1930, when he was appointed as a Regular Army officer in the Air Corps. In 1943, he became the first commander of the newly-formed 3rd Air Division and in the Schweinfurt-Regensburg mission led 146 B-17s to Regensburg, Germany, beyond the range of escorting fighters, despite heavy losses. LeMay advocated a sustained strategic bombing campaign against North Vietnamese cities, harbors, ports, shipping, and other strategic targets. [edit] The “Airpower Battle”, General LeMay was instrumental in the U.S. Air Force's acquisition of a large fleet of new strategic bombers, establishment of a vast aerial refueling system, the formation of many new units and bases, development of a strategic ballistic missile force, and establishment of a strict command and control system with an unprecedented readiness capability. LeMay thought that the key to launching an invasion of Japan and to destroy its manufacturing industry. Therefore, he decided that the 21st’s mission would be to destroy all of Japan’s manufacturing bases, even the cottage industriess. [25] [edit] Air Force Academy Exemplar, On March 13, 2010, LeMay was named the exemplar for the United States Air Force Academy class of 2013. As chief of staff, LeMay clashed repeatedly with Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, Air Force Secretary Eugene Zuckert, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army general Maxwell Taylor. [6] For this first attack, LeMay ordered the defensive guns removed from 325 B-29s, loaded each plane with Model E-46 incendiary clusters, magnesium bombs, white phosphorus bombs, and napalm, and ordered the bombers to fly in streams at 5,000 to 9,000 feet over Tokyo. Curtis Emerson LeMay was born in Columbus, Ohio, on November 15, 1906. He received a regular commission in the United States Army Air Corps in January 1930. LeMay retired in 1965 and became involved in radical right-wing politics and was selected as the vice-presidential candidate of arch-segregationist former Alabama governor George Wallace during his presidential campaign. The general was dismayed, however, to find himself attacked in the press as a racial segregationist because he was running with Wallace; he had never considered himself a bigot. This reputation did nothing to diminish perceptions of extremism in the Wallace-LeMay ticket. [11] [edit] Cold War General Curtis E. LeMay. Aircrews at the tail end of the bomber stream reported that the stench of burned human flesh permeated the aircraft over the target. LeMay became a pursuit pilot and, while stationed in Hawaii, became one of the first members of the Air Corps to receive specialized training in aerial navigation. LeMay headed SAC until 1957, overseeing its transformation into a modern, efficient, all-jet force. Terms of Use  |   LeMay was born on November 15, 1906 in Columbus, Ohio, to Erving LeMay, an ironworker and general handyman, and Arizona Dove, a home maker who did her best to hold her family together with her husband’ meager income.

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