what chokes come with benelli supernova

My own opinion is a Tac Shotgun does not make an all around great shotgun for all shooting scenarios! To obtain warranty service, follow the steps listed on the Warranty page of this website. You can find their contact information here. Beretta/Benelli Standard Thread Ported Mid Range WF Choke Tube, Hevi Choke 12ga.

Have you been trying to decide between the SuperNova and the Nova? Enjoy! You can find them on the clearance rack if your in the right place at the right time.

The ability to use a wide variety of ammunition combined with exchangeable choke tubes that change the spread of my pattern I am able to fine-tune my SuperNova to any shooting/hunting situation that is presented. Even now that I’m older I still enjoy the recoil reduction. Paste as plain text instead, ×

Having the option to adjust the cast in addition to the safety allows left handed shooters to feel right at home with this shotgun. Display as a link instead, × Download a manual from the manuals page of this website.

The shims allow you to adjust the angle of the stock up, down, left and right (drop and cast) until it fits your face perfectly. It may be worth a quick phone call to Limbsaver be sure. Below is a list of the topics and subtopics this post will cover: When purchasing a new shotgun price is the first thing I look at. Super Black Eagle 3 Turkey Performance Shop, The modified choke works best for pass shooting, The improved cylinder and cylinder chokes work well on decoying birds.

If you are looking for an all around shotgun, the Tactical may not be your best choice. With Benelli claiming their ComforTech stock can reduce felt recoil up to 48% over the competition I felt it was important to cover my experience in this Benelli SuperNova review. I decided to purchase the SuperNova because of its ability to adjust to the individual shooter. When I was choosing a new shotgun, I wanted a gun that could do it all. Limbsaver doesn’t specifically say that they make a recoil pad for the SuperNova. well hotdamn! The short barrel?

Limbsaver claimed their recoil pad could reduce felt recoil up to 70%. In my 10 years of owning the shotgun, I have been able to put it to the test to find out what it can handle. Within The Tome I write about what I am most passionate about and have a lot of experience in; The Outdoors, The Environment, and Self-Improvement. Flush Choke Tube. Prana Zion, Remington 870 Barrels, Cabelas Bag, Archery & MORE.

What products do you want me to review? But ill post pictures when I try em. Since it is primarily for home/backwoods defense, I'm not too concerned about the sights and I just may end up taking the gun to a smith to have it drilled for a choke. If these shotguns come up perfectly to your face when you shoulder the gun out of the box than shims aren’t necessary. I finally found someone that shares my passion.

plus their is some good info if you know nothing about chokes!

One more thing I did.

One other obvious difference was those magnum blends kick like a mule!! But in dense grouse and woodcock habitat, I think it would be nice to have a 26” barrel. Just keep in mind that your interests may change as you grow with the gun. Why the tactical? Loading my own would be preferable option down the road. After a cleaning and switching ammo the problem disappeared. You can find technical information and specifications on the SuperNova on the, LimbSaver Classic Precision-Fit Recoil Pad, MAINE SHED HUNTING TIPS – 30 BEST SHED HUNTING TIPS FOR MAINERS. For me, the reduction in recoil was an important factor. Its not all ways the best.

Briley and Kicks Industries both make good chokes for them.

Know exactly when the Whitetail Rut is happening in Maine. Ive got a carlsons rifled choke tube and I just shoot the cheepo Winchester super X's but there aint much cheep about em. The black magics im gettin are supposed to be shot through a smoothbore barrel. Browning’s BPS can only handle 3-inch shells unless you buy a turkey model 12 GA or a 10 GA and the stock can’t be shimmed… and the list goes on. It’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it. I would recommend that rifle sights versus the ghost ring. Beretta/Benelli Standard Thread Ported Turkey Choke Tube, Hevi Choke 12ga. Options may include adjusting the shims or changing to a larger front bead. Upload or insert images from URL. Guns with a safety behind the trigger force you to start your movement behind the trigger, then move in front of the trigger, then back to pull the trigger. I am fairly new to shotguns but i have been told it is full open. Pellets were noticeably more deformed. I’ve been using this combination for the past 4 years and I am very happy with the results. Maybe true. What are the differences between the Benelli Nova and the Benelli Supernova? Benelli models that accept Crio chokes: a few Super Sporting guns made between 2006/2007 (threads flush with muzzle). Not at all. Special Purpose Choke Tube, Extra Full Turkey. To learn how to adjust drop and cast take a look at this. It may be worth a quick phone call to Limbsaver be sure. Other than a few subtle differences they are almost identical. I hate patterning turkey loads. If I really start to get into trap/skeet or hunting, I will probably just end up buying a second gun anyway.


Where can I find $1.99 Winchester slugs?

I have some brenneke black magic's in the mail, but I wanted the biggest bang I could find for deer hunting. I bet you the second you look at one you will buy them. If your local gun shops don’t have any in stock you can go to. To take apart the SuperNova you will need to unscrew the magazine cap.

To achieve proper shotgun fit you should be able to close your eyes, bring the stock to your face, then open your eyes and be able to see perfectly down the sights without needing to make any adjustments.

If you need a shotgun that can do everything, and do it well, I highly recommend getting a SuperNova in your hands.

It took me forever to clean that damn barrel. Its most innovative and distinguishing feature is a one-piece receiver and buttstock, made of steel-reinforced polymer.

Choke tubes allow you to appropriately adjust the pellet density of your spread depending on what you’re hunting, for improved performance.   Your link has been automatically embedded. It saves my shoulder whether I’m shooting many small rounds or big 3.5-inch rounds.

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