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This take is tone deaf, removes responsibility for depressed turnout from the 68 Party and reeks of anti-blackness. When the light turned green, Cafferty drove off, hoping to put an end to the disconcerting encounter. Cafferty is a big, calm, muscular man in his 40s who was born and raised in a diverse working-class community on the south side of San Diego. He also finds that when protesters initiate property destruction and violence, the opposite happens and the news agenda and mass opinion shift to “social control” priorities that helped Nixon win in 1968.

Vox live results: Joe Biden’s path to victory widens. If a lot of Americans come to feel that those who supposedly oppose racism are willing to punish the innocent to look good in the public’s eyes, they could well grow cynical about the enterprise as a whole. Vox has live results. But the issue is not nearly so minor as the deflationists make it out to be.

That makes it easy to dismiss the whole thing as a tempest in a teapot or a weird one-off with no broader implications. While we are not able to reveal the full circumstances surrounding our investigation, we stand by our decision and will not be commenting any further.”, As for Cafferty, his only desire, even now, is to get his job back.

Donald Trump is trying to steal the 2020 election. And if participants in the coalition are under pressure to never criticize anything that’s done in the name of a good cause, they will be unable to see or cope with trade-offs in a necessary way.

(Emerson Collective, the majority owner of The Atlantic, is an investor in Civis Analytics.) Trump’s relative success with Latinos right now looks like it may not matter since he’s losing the election badly overall. And while one data scientist’s tweet of one political science paper should not be the last word on social movement tactics, the reasonable response to Shor would be to counter with some other form of evidence. Stephanie Valencia of Equis Research told me she didn’t see a problem with BLM rhetoric and Latino voters.

Less than a week after he tweeted the findings of Wasow, who is black, Civis’s senior leadership, which is predominantly white, fired Shor. He said he explained to the people carrying out the investigation—all of them were white—that he had no earthly idea some racists had tried to appropriate the “okay” sign for their sinister purposes.

Soon after George Floyd’s death, alongside peaceful mass protests there was a substantial amount of looting and vandalism in Minneapolis and a few other cities. https://t.co/S8VZSuaz3G. To be sure, there are other views on Biden and Hispanics. Non-violent protests *increase* Dem vote, mainly by encouraging warm elite discourse and media coverage. “We won’t publicly discuss internal personnel matters out of respect for our employees and alumni,” Amanda Moss, Civis’s communications director, tells me. This emphasis on appearing rather than being virtuous has already resulted in the mistreatment of innocent people—not all of them public figures or well-connected individuals with wealth to cushion their fall.

(Likely unbeknownst to most Americans, the alt-right has appropriated a version of the “okay” symbol for their own purposes because it looks like the initials for “white power”; this is the symbol the man accused Cafferty of making when his hand was dangling out of his truck.) The Shor story’s ambiguous ending — continued employment under cover of secrecy — suggests that the answer is a resounding “only time will tell.”. And he shows that this is likely because nonviolent protests successfully get the protesters’ perspective on the media agenda, and that violent repression in particular generates sympathetic press coverage. Shor is a data scientist who works primarily on polling and public opinion. It’s accountability. The research analyzed public opinion in the 1960s and found that riots reduced the Democrat vote share during the 1968 election. Shor issued an apology for not being an “effective messenger” but couldn’t really apologize for the research since a) it wasn’t his and b) no one had claimed it was wrong. Another says “they communicated that it was because of the tweet and that they viewed it as going against Civis values given the political environment around protests at the time.”. But he was so leery of being seen in any quarter as saying or doing anything critical of BLM that he wouldn’t say anything about it on or off the record. America needs a reckoning over racism. But the fact is there was a widespread and somewhat influential push to argue that even discussing the possibility of a backlash was racist and wrong. On May 28, David Shor, a political data analyst, sent a controversial tweet.

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And while it’s not exactly a crisis of free speech, since people are always free to go do something else with their lives other than work in progressive politics, it’s nonetheless going to be a big problem for progressive politics if it becomes impossible to have frank conversations around the tactics and substance of race-related issues. What we’ve learned from the vote count of the presidential race Wednesday. But when Cafferty reached another red light, the man, now holding a cellphone camera, was there again. Jessica Morales Rocketto, currently civic engagement director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, argued that the problem with his tweet wasn’t that Wasow or his research is bad, but that “it is important to examine the point Shor was making in a larger sense.” In context, she said, his tweet “could be interpreted as intended to denigrate the work of the Movement for Black Lives and pin any election losses on Black lives.”. Cafferty was punished for an offense he insists he did not commit. You can help support our explanatory journalism, and keep it free for everyone, by making a financial contribution today. When I pressed Civis for evidence that Shor had been, despite appearances, fired for wrongdoing unrelated to his tweet, the company asked me to publish a new statement.

After a progressive activist accused Shor of “concern trolling for the purposes of increasing democratic turnout,” a number of people on Twitter demanded that he lose his job.

Many on the left have conceded that Shor got what seems to be a raw deal, How Veep foretold 2020 election recount protests, “Stop the count” vs. “count every vote”: The post-election protests around the country, explained. That primarily means identifying issues it’s helpful for liberals to talk about and how it’s helpful to talk about them. Civis staffers I’ve spoken to agree that, in the words of one of them, CEO Dan Wagner “only talked about the tweet and client complaints around the tweet” when announcing the decision.

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