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Both forms of your official name will be listed in the database and will appear upon a search of your Certification status in the “Verify a Physician Certification” section of the site.

In addition to meeting other certification requirements, physicians with certifications expiring in 2020 or 2021 will need to take one of the three available MOC Assessment Options or they will no longer be certified. However, ABIM maintains your full, official name in its records and will change it only if you inform ABIM of an official name change and provide documentation of the name change. ABIM Contact Information: With the exception of the 2020/2021 CMP extension, you have to do something EVERY YEAR to maintain your certification via the CMP – spend 7 hours engaging in the topic(s), achieve a score of 70% or better on the practice questions for the topic(s), and pass the Performance Assessment. To regain Board Certification after a suspension, the physician must comply with such conditions as ABIM may impose and successfully complete ABIM's Maintenance of Certification program. If you decide to switch to the 2-year pathway during the grace period year, you will need to pass 2 consecutive Knowledge Check-Ins by the end of the year in order to avoid a change to your certification status. WHAT is the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP)?

The CMP is available for the following specialties: 6 Steps to Participating in the CMP in 2020/2021 WHEN should I start participating in the CMP? Physicians who are unsuccessful on the 10-year MOC exam can re-take the exam during any future exam administration.

In the event ABIM obtains such evidence, it shall so notify the physician in writing. In that case, you have another chance to take an assessment two years later. However, if your 5-year MOC points requirement is due within the next 2-3 years, additional points may be necessary. It provides doctors with a pathway to know that they are staying current in the medical knowledge they use to treat patients and make important care decisions daily.

After reaching a decision, an Appeal Panel shall notify the physician of its decision in writing. An Appeal Panel shall have the discretion to affirm, rescind or modify a recommended sanction, or impose an alternative sanction. to reflect those certifications that are currently valid. Interventional Cardiology, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology

My MOC assessment requirement is due in 2020 or 2021. What is the total cost to participate in the CMP? Physicians currently certified by the ABIM and not in an MOC exam grace period are qualified to participate in the CMP. You may take a Performance Assessment once during each offering and the exact dates are: HF SAP will offer two Performance Assessments in 2021. Available options include the ABIM 10-Year Traditional Exam, the ABIM 2-Year Knowledge Check In, and the CMP Performance Assessment. Earlier arising matters will be handled in accordance with ABIM's policies and procedures previously in effect.

At ABIM we are actively monitoring the ongoing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and will post regular updates about any changes to scheduled assessments. Candidates and Diplomates further acknowledge that disclosure or any other use of ABIM assessment content constitutes professional misconduct and may expose them to criminal as well as civil liability, and may also result in ABIM's imposition of penalties against them, including but not limited to, invalidation of assessment results, exclusion from future assessments, suspension or revocation of Board Certification and other sanctions. Learn more about what to expect at test centers. Currently, 100% of the field is covered with a more focused assessment being considered. How do I know if I pass the CMP?

ABIM candidates and diplomates for Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification must possess a permanent, valid, unrestricted and unchallenged medical license in the United States, its territories or Canada. If you are unsuccessful on one or more attempts of the Knowledge Check-In in the year that your assessment is due, you will need to take the 10-year MOC exam the following year to remain certified.

Physicians must accurately state their ABIM Board Certification or Board Eligibility status at all times. (other specialties coming later), Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology. ABIM requires your current contact information, including your mailing address, email address and telephone number.

When due, a re-attest button will appear on their Physician Portal's home page and a reminder e-mail will be sent to their e-mail address on file with ABIM. ABIM Grace Period In 2015 the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) initiated a grace period for diplomates who have completed their Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements, but not yet passed the MOC exam. ABIM uses your full, official name in its records.

Failure to fully cooperate with an ABIM investigation is considered unprofessional conduct and constitutes grounds for disciplinary sanctions. In any such research, ABIM will not identify specific individuals, hospitals or practice associations. If you skip it, and your certification expires in 2020 or 2021, your status will change to Not Certified. For additional information about the process and documentation requirements, as well as deadlines and confidentiality, please refer to Accommodation for Test Takers with Disabilities or contact ABIM at accommodations@abim.org.

They further agree that they will not reconstruct assessment content from memory, by dictation, or by any other means or otherwise discuss assessment content with others. Your purchase provides you with 5 years of access. On a candidate's written request to ABIM, the following information may also be provided in writing: (1) that an application for Board Certification or Maintenance of Certification is currently in process and/or (2) the year the candidate was last admitted to an examination. Re-examination shall be the candidate's sole remedy. At an appeal hearing, the physician and/or the physician's counsel may present information and, subject to the Appeal Panel's discretion, witnesses. This assessment option, called the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway, integrates lifelong learning with assessment. ABIM refers to the American Board of Internal Medicine in the following policy statements. You do not have to pass CMP SAPs that are"no consequences" in 2020/2021; as long as you fully participate in the CMP, including taking the performance assessment, you will be considered as meeting your assessment requirement: "No consequences" doesn't mean you can skip the assessment. email request@abim.org (if you can provide documentation in digital form; e.g., pdf). Physicians that let a certificate lapse can meet their assessment requirement by passing two consecutive Knowledge Check-Ins (subject to availability).

Yes, and full results within 3 – 4 weeks of administration. ABIM, in addition to reporting certification status, reports whether or not diplomates are participating in MOC. Email: request@abim.org.

You can check your certification status by signing in to your ABIM Physician Portal at www.abim.org.

Diplomates who have multiple certifications and allow one of them to lapse should revise their public materials (letterhead, business cards, advertisements, etc.) You Have Extra Time to Complete Your 2020 CMP Requirements!

Passing your boards demonstrates that you have met rigorous standards and have the clinical judgment, skills and attitudes essential for the delivery of excellent patient care.

ABIM's MOC program was created with input from thousands of physicians across the country.

You can participate in the Collaborative Maintenance Pathway (CMP) if: Cardiovascular Disease All ABIM two-year Knowledge Check-Ins are administered either in a secure testing center or online in a location such as a home or office. ABIM provides a diplomate's Board Certification status, Maintenance of Certification and personal identifying information, including mailing address, e-mail address and last four digits of a diplomate's Social Security number, to the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) (which publishes The Official ABMS Directory of Board Certified Medical Specialists), and to other credential and licensure verification organizations. Occasionally problems occur in the creation, administration and scoring of examinations.

All rights reserved. They will need to pass the 10-year MOC exam by the end of the grace period year in order to avoid a change to their certification status. ), into the test area, or failing to comply with time limits or instructions.

Diplomates in this category should check with ABIM for specific actions and to note the dates when exams are offered. The table below outlines the topics of focus over the next five years within each SAP. Test administrators may intervene to stop any of the foregoing. What is a Performance Assessment? ABMS contacts diplomates directly to verify the accuracy of the information published in the directory and to obtain consent to publish such information.

ABIM reserves the right to disclose information it possesses about any individual whom it judges has violated ABIM rules, engaged in misrepresentation or unprofessional behavior, or shows signs of impairment. Effective January 1, 2015 the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) initiated a grace period for diplomates who have completed their MOC requirements, but not yet passed the MOC exam.

Each year, the CMP will focus on approximately 20% of the field. Performance Assessments are offered during specific one-week windows each year. A physician who misrepresents his or her Board Certification or Board Eligibility status may be subject to disciplinary sanctions, including the revocation or suspension of the physician's Board Certification or eligibility to participate in Board Certification or Maintenance of Certification processes.

You must pass for CMP SAPs in a "regular" year in 2020/2021 (ACCSAP). Because the CMP for 2020 has been extended into 2021, Performance Assessments will be spread across the two years. See Guidelines and Examples of Accurate Statements of Certification (pdf). A grace period occurs when you fail an assessment in the year you were due but have met all your other MOC requirements. ABIM is working with Pearson VUE to ensure your safety throughout your exam day.

to: American Board of Internal Medicine Step 2:  Purchase the relevant SAP.

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