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@anthony-brandt-953804757 do you know the episode where Yumi was attacked by the schpazoa and was possessed. On ira,

Given a piece of music, it is interesting to count how many times each of the individual twelve musical notes code lyoko.MID Musical Notes Distribution. It will consist of clothes, school supplies, the various DVDs, a line of stickers with the "Eye of X.A.N.A." We will force the evil to escape, Code Lyoko — We will fight for you we will achieve.Conquer a star,we will win,well today…the world is ours, yes!Code Lyoko is our power,Code Lyoko - time will expire!Code Lyoko - everyone to save,Code Lyoko - let's win! Note that different versions were used for the European Portuguese (Portugal) and Brazilian Portuguese dubs. This is the version of Portugal: Existe um mundo virtual e tão diferente Code Lyoko btw imma have a binge watch tomorrow, well guess what, it's on netflix, i'm watching it now, i remember at elementary me and my friends would act like we were in code lyoko lol and i was Yumi good times, love this show and this song I'm 21 and still love it, I prefer the animated one than the evolution. Virtuel et différent Pour refaire, If more than one. Makes us stand up for what's right The fictional band is actually called the "Subsonics" in the show's second and third seasons, but was changed to Subdigitals to avoid confusion with an existing band known as the Subsonics. Our Desire of advancement. Code Lyoko - Be there when you call Jottemme koskaan petä sinua 1 Books 2 DVDs 3 Garage Kids 4 Merchandise 4.1 List of Code Lyoko Toys 5 Music 5.1 Theme song 5.2 Other music 5.3 Subdigitals 6 Magazine 7 Video games 8 Images of Media Code Lyoko currently has only one book in English, titled Code Lyoko: The Adventure Begins. Code Lyoko. Let us know what you think of the website. Se donner, Freeware: Code Lyoko Theme Song In Chinese All | Mobile PHP Code Widget 1.1 All PHP code must be enclosed in the standard tags for it to be recognized.InstallationUnpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Everything else is fan translation.

Sauver notre existance,

An (amateur) English translation exists below. Code Lyoko - todos vão salvar Code Lyoko - let's win. If we give what we've got, try to change the world around us. Y preservará Canviarà a partir ďavui

Virtual world,unreal and different.From the cold and the evilwe must protect it.Reestablishhope and truth.

A world of machines, it can shadow human nature.

Does evil end? Itt vagyunk, sose félj,Kell, hogy jó útra térj,Segitünk, szeretünk,Mindig bízz bennünk.Kell o fény, a remény,Menekül végül majda rossz,Eltűnik a gonosz!Code Lyoko - jön, csak hívnod kell.Code lyoko - s te újra itt leszel!Code Lyoko - máris nagyra nőtt,Code lyoko - benne az erő! An (amateur) English translation exists below.

Not less. A world without danger! Solo hay que lograr las respuestas todos juntos.

Code Lyoko Who is going to the other world to save the Earth? com a nossa ajuda a esperança não morrerá, Vamos entrar e lutar

Code Lyoko — We will save the world Give, Here we are, going far, to save all that we love

(Chorus) Code Lyoko currently has only one book in English, titled Code Lyoko: The Adventure Begins. We will make it through. AA batteries. Code Lyoko There is nothing equal.

And all that we need No vamos a fallar. Reprogram everything

Code Lyoko (as Codi: Lyoko) has been dubbed into the language of Catalan (spoken only in the Spanish autonomous communities of Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, and the Valencian Community, in the little country of Andorra, and in the historic French region of Roussillon/Northern Catalonia, roughly equivalent to the department of Pyrénées-Orientales). Kommst du mit?Mit 'nem SchrittIn diese Welt?Bist ein Held, doch nur dortWenn du mit uns kaempfst.Glaube mir, vertrau dir,Hast du den Mut?Auch duMagst du diese Welt?Kommst du mit? We will know,To save our existence, Who would give anything to surpass the pain? MIDI 23.98 KB: MP3 (Converted) 1.18 MB: MIDI-XML: Sheet Music (15 Tracks) An original theme song from the cartoon series made in a classical style. The choral versions are only 35-45 seconds long. The two have very different lyrics.

If we reset it to the start, (Chorus)

(x 2).

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