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I took the orange t-shirt and cut a strip off the bottom. The pictures below illustrate the pleats and folded fabric, which is then folded up on itself to create a loop, or sash. This addition to the costume is a great way to keep wrap and shirt in place. Aang doesn’t wear footwear during his battle with the Fire Lord, but for practicality, health, and safety, it’s a good idea to incorporate his boots into your costume. Full-Length - ayesaid. Now you need to attach this piece.

Harriet wears a chest binder underneath her costume that she hides with a flesh-coloured undershirt. I did the shirt, pants, leggings, and orange overshirt/cape-thing all seperately. This conveys the idea of a fully accomplished Avatar, and aligns Aang with other characteristics of the Buddhist spiritual leader. At first I was thinking Suki (with the hopes of finding my Sokka at a con ;)) or Katara…But as I was looking around, I saw some pretty amazing lady Aang cosplays and I thought WHY THE HECK NOT. More memes, funny videos and pics on 9GAG. You’re left with a beautifully draped wrap-effect that you can slip across the body to wear like a sash.

Aang’s yellow shirt is a basic wrap of fabric, but this isn’t very workable when you need to wear the costume for any length of time and actually move around in it. Turn the fabric inside out and then sew the open side closed. Using the measurements indicated, cut two rectangular pieces of fabric from the same yellow cotton material and sew them together along all the sides, bar one of the short sides. Sew the two pleated ends together. If you’re having a little trouble remembering, it looks a little something like this: This was probably the most complicated costume I’ve done as of yet when it comes to the amount of different parts. Avatar Cosplay Anime Cosplay Epic Cosplay Amazing Cosplay Cosplay Outfits Cosplay Girls Avatar Aang Suki Avatar Avatar The Last Airbender.

Next, cut four rectangles from the same fabric of the same width, but to a length that is the same as your waist-to-knee measurement. Not cool. I traced the sleeves from a relatively baggy shirt that I owned. And thus, it began. Photo submitted by … “I sewed the pattern left to right, so it goes backwards when I wear it,” says Harriet. Next, add interfacing to the back part of the waist piece to make the belt more rigid, then sew the pieces of fabric together, using the same method you followed for the sleeve segment. I have a problem in that area. Harriet recommends buying a bald cap kit online if you want to avoid cutting your hair. Make sure that if you’ve embroidered your belt, this piece is facing inwards when you sew the pieces together so that when you turn the waist piece inside out, the elements are on the right side. -Finally I made six more bands out of the t-shirts: ~two orange for my elbows, two orange for my wrists, and two orange for my ankles. I cut along the neckline and then straight up beyond the neckline for about two inches on each side.

( Log Out /  And VOILA! Oh and one more thing….remember to wear bathing suit bottoms or something over your leggings. And wear them. He put on a dark tan sweat shirt underneath, and wore … Read more, When my children wanted to be Last Airbenders Aang and Katara from that popular TV cartoon show, I looked online for homemade Last Airbender costumes.

-I cut a big square out of the fabric with the hip measurements marking the top two corners, and the length of my hip to just under my knees being the length of the square. It’s a great idea to write down the measurements you need to work to on this initial design, or, like Harriet, you could make copies of your sketch to help keep your build easier to track. For Aang, his suit is the clothing of the fully-fledged Avatar, ready as he is to put his knowledge and abilities to use and save the world. Cut two rectangles from a piece of maroon or burgundy fabric to this length, at a width of approximately 10cm, following the first of the two patterns below. Alternatively, wrap the boot in cling film and duct tape, then carefully remove to make a pattern for a boot cover.”. Plus, with Jinora’s part in LoK becoming much more important, this costume could easily be used for her to. . She was raised on an unsteady diet of video nasties and violent action flicks. ^-^, Hey, thanks for the feedback!

This was my first time trying anything stretchy and this stitch worked REALLY well. The pants are store-bought velour pajama pants, because I don’t … Read more, My 6 year old son Connor wanted to look like his favorite cartoon character on nickalodean’s Avatar Aang. This outfit is equally symbolic. Then stitch it at the top where it folds over the shoulder to the shoulder of the undershirt, as seen here: “This allows full range of movement,” says Harriet. Harriet recommends using knee-high brown boots as a base. Additional reporting by S. Harriet Rhodes. I downloaded a photograph of Aang holding his flying staff from the Internet. The same sequence sees Aang’s allies also adopt their own battle “armour” — including flying bison sidekick, Appa. You can also incorporate these into your costume. -If you’re a sewing pro, you’ll know how to do this better than I did, but I’ll try my best to explain my makeshift way of doing the stretchy bands. Then, cut the swirls that make the design on the disc out of a separate piece. Next, fold your fabric in half lengthways so it fits neatly on the shoulder.

I then cut out a rough neckhole and the slit down the front. -Next I added the orange waistband. -I started by doubling the orange fabric and cutting out a big semicircle (the diameter being a couple inches longer than the length of my shoulders). The design was an emulation of the natural arrows on the heads of flying bisons, the original airbenders and animals revered by the Air Nomads. So I decided to make a costume. The second piece you cut should mirror the first so that when you sew them together, they create the front and back sides of the top. Toph Beifong handmade cosplay costumes 4 variations are available 1.

Lay your fabric rectangle over the shoulder of the undershirt, with the centre of your length of material sitting at the top of the shoulder. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. His Grandmother made his Avatar Aang costume out of yellow,orange and brown felt, and put cardboard under the collar to make it stiff and stand up. -I laid the main orange cape over top of the yellow fabric (doubled over). On each side of the top, tack the piece of fabric to the centre of the shirt along the short edges at the corners only, as seen in the image below. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I was scarred by too many crosslegged Aangs with only seethrough tights on. Following the pattern, sew together along the sides and top, leaving the neckline, armhole and bottom of the garment open. Sokka's scene with the cactus juice is easily the funniest in the whole series. Not only … Here’s pictures: -I sewed the two yellow collar pieces to the neckline of the orange cape. ( Log Out /  Unfortunately I’m not a pro and just make things up as I go along usually…which leads to a bit of a confusing post I’ve been meaning to re-do this costume and clean up this post accordingly for a while now! “Embroider right to left if you want to avoid this.”. Lay your fabric rectangle over the shoulder of the undershirt, with the centre of your length of material sitting at the top of the shoulder. -I then sewed up the sides and hemmed the inside of the triangle. If you try this costume and have trouble deciphering my incredibly awful attempt at explaining how I did this, just shoot me a comment and I’ll try to help! Firenation outfit (Book 3) The set includes the top, the trousers, the belt, the tabard, the wristbands and the headband 3. Share your Aang cosplay pictures with us @getfandom. While holding it like that, I sewed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This means you can minimise layering that could be potentially become uncomfortable and hot. Also, make sure your interfacing is on the outside when you start to sew so this ends up on the inside. 26. ( Log Out /  Avatar Costumes Avatar Cosplay Diy Costumes Cosplay Costumes Halloween Costumes Halloween Ideas Costume Ideas Cosplay Tutorial Cosplay Diy. When we found out we were pregnant and that our … Read more, My daughter loves Avatar, and I of course have no clue about it, but she made me make a costume of the “fire bender” princess Azula?!?! WIKI FACT: “The arrow tattoos that run down an Air Nomad’s chi paths signified their mastery of airbending. This can be done fairly easily using a fork. If you don’t want to risk fooling around with making your own patterns, any t-shirt or tunic pattern will work just fine.

Whether journeying to a destination or on the run, the Chosen One has at times been compelled to wear disguises or alternative attire, depending on the circumstances. If that totally confused you, I explained it a bit better in my Merida cosplay tutorial. Harriet wanted to include the Avatar Cycle emblems on the belt, and add in an Air Nomad brooch, which, practically, helped to both conceal seams and hold everything in place, and also reflected the pendants senior monks wore.

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