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Even at the peak popularity, it was pretty small, so that’s not good news for Tokyo Ravens Season 2. CC

Join the global community platform network! Things come to a head at the Onmyo Agency as Tenma finds his way into the building and joins the others. SD. There is also a Manga series with six volumes, the last one got published in Feb 2014.

If the story is ending, there is a little possibility of continuation like what happened to Air Gear Season 2. There is no point in making another season of anime that can’t get more popular or has enough big fan base. Will There Be Tokyo Ravens Season 2 The first season of Tokyo Ravens failed to make a profit for the production committee. The light novel sales are disappointing for a series with an anime adaptation.

This is bad news for fans waiting for Tokyo Ravens season 2. In order to affirm whether there will be more anime seasons, we need to check, how many light novels did the writer release so far. There is no chance that they will invest in producing more of this anime. It is an average number, not too good but not too bad as well. Not to mention the release speed is just one book per year. As for the sales and popularity, I explained above that it never made a profit or got popular. Le protagoniste - l'héritier d'une prestigieuse famille onmedzy que les visions de cadeaux lyshon de spiritueux. So we just have to focus on how the first season performed and was it profitable. Other than these sources, Tokyo Ravens also makes a profit from the international license for Crunchyroll, streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and other platforms, collaboration with advertisers, and other collaborations. I hope this article helped you understand what the chances are that Tokyo Ravens Season 2 will get announced in 2020. I would expect at least 400 goods and 10-15 figures from a successful two cour anime adaptation. HD I discovered that the best information to look at is the source material, sales, and popularity.

The official website for Tokyo Ravens is not available now. From the makers of Aquarion EVOL comes a supernatural fantasy featuring otherworldly battles and forgotten promises.

There are no figures announced to be in production in 2020 that I could find anywhere. He just loves Bollywood. The latest volume of the series, volume 16, has sold over 20,000 copies only. CC (Best Information for 2020), Will There Be Konosuba Season 3? I was expecting that at least when it was airing in 2014, it got some popularity. SD. Volume 15 of Tokyo Ravens was released on September 20, 2017, and sold approximately 23,000 copies.

And it’s not unusual for a sequel to be less profitable. Saison 2, épisode 7 14+ The source material is essential because the vast majority of anime series are just adaptations from an existing property like manga, light novels, or even games. Tokyo Ravens is an excellent fantasy-style anime infused with onmyouji magic and shamans, so why is there no sequel so far, and will we ever get the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 announcement?

It means that the second season of Tokyo Ravens would start with volume 10 of the light novel series. the popularity has taken a hit after in the last 5 years. There are currently 16 light novel volumes of Tokyo Ravens released in Japan. It’s been more than five years and there is no announcement on season 2 yet. The first season received a positive response and since then the fans are wondering why there is no sequel so far, and will we ever get Tokyo Ravens Season 2? However, anything above it is a reason to worry and may refrain makers from continuing the franchise. CC The URL may be misspelled or the product you're looking for is no longer available. Tokyo Ravens hasn’t performed too well when it comes to sales of light novels.

This generally happens when the first season turns out intolerable. That means there most likely was little or no profit made from this project for the production committee. (2020), Will There Be Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Season 2? SD. HD it seems that fans are waiting for season 2 of tokyo ravens but the numbers are telling a different story. The possibility of another season of an anime series depends on the profitability as well as the sales of its source material, Blu-ray copies, merchandise, and viewership on OTT platforms. It told me 95% of times why a series did get a continuation or didn’t. Usually, you could read the source material to learn that, but there is an issue with the Tokyo Ravens franchise. Even if it has been a while since the first season, it does not mean that there won’t be a season 2. If the story concluded already, that could lower the chances of another season. Tokyo Ravens novel series is definitely not performing well.

We will be looking at the official website, social media, Google trends, copies in print, new merchandise to determine that. In deciding the destiny of an anime series, the most important is to have a look at its buzz and hype. The reason being poor sales of novel series and loss in the production of the first season. If a novel series gets sale fewer than 20000 copies then the chances of its sequel are low. From sales to popularity to the source material, everything sucks here. In the meantime, you can check the anime-continue category if you are curious about the chances of some other series receiving a continuation. The light novel sales are less but better than Wise Man’s Grandchild.

Maybe someone will at least license the light novels so people can read the story, but considering the popularity of this series, I doubt that even that will happen, sadly. The current searches are super low for the franchise. That is unusual since even for some older series like Air Gear, the site is still online. An excellent example is Air Gear Season 2 since the source material finished, and it didn’t help the chances of a sequel getting green-lit. We need to look at if the light novels are still ongoing and how many volumes are there in 2020. You can’t read it in English because there is no English translation available, so all we can do for now is wait for a sequel. No official date has been released for a Tokyo Ravens Season 2. Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + Nat Geo, Get unlimited access to the largest streaming library with limited ads, Stream on up to 4 devices at the same time. Some anime can get sequel green-lit even with a small, but dedicated fan-base that will buy a lot, but is Tokyo Ravens one of them? Takiko visits Harutora and Natsume at Onmyo Prep while they are still in the middle of their fight with Kyoko. (Best Information for 2020), Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2? It should get a season 2!

The last episode of the first season aired on Mar 26, 2014. okay this anime so even without ss2, I still support LN and follow the author's Twitter, hoping for the next volume The first season was released on eight disks in Japan. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 ou ultérieur, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 ou ultérieur. The official Twitter account for this franchise with 28,000 followers did tweet last time this year about Fantasia Heroine Calendar Book 2020. The average pace would be one book for five to four episodes of anime, but Tokyo Ravens season one used one book for 2,5 episodes on average. The next thing we need to check is how many light novels have been adapted in making the first season of Tokyo Ravens. It is usually the reason there is no sequel.

Unluckily, we only have one season released yet. It’s pretty rare to find a series that has 0 figures.

Hautora was born into an ancient clan of onmyouji known for their mastery of the occult. The sales are not that bad for Tokyo Ravens, but they are not in the sequel territory. Natsume reflects on her relationship with Harutora as they go with the others to the fireworks festival. The anime of Tokyo Ravens that aired in 2014 adapted volumes 1-9. There was also so far no new volume released in 2020, which is a pretty bad signal for the franchise. The first manga series has eight books published, but it’s just retelling the original story in manga format.

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