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655 Jefferson Drive, SW Wingspan 17’4″. Square tips, 25% more aileron span.

Dual streamline flying and landing wires. S-2SE: Amateur-built S-2S from factory-produced kits. in our kit depicts his "Red Devil 1“ Pitts. 154 mph. After building a relatively small number of production aircraft, Curtis Pitts made plans available to amateurs so they could build their own. The U.S. Aerobatic Teams of 1970 and 1972 won the world team championships flying the Pitts S-1S almost exclusively. practical scale GmbH, Zeiss Str. In 1972, the S-1S was granted an Approved Type Certificate by the Federal Aviation Administration and the first production S-1S was built at the Pitts factory in Afton, Wyoming. Highlighted in this image is the undercarriage of the Pitts S-1S Special. Back to the kit description. SweepBack at quarter-chord 6° 40' on upper wing only. It has accumulated many competition wins since its first flight in 1944.

720 pounds. “Pitts S-1 Special”, Jane's All The World’s Aircraft 1975-76, Jane's Yearbooks, Franklin Watts Inc., New York, 1975, ISBN 0-531-03250-7, pg 430c. The design's popularity grew significantly following Bob Herendeen's participation on the USA Aerobatic Team in a Pitts “Special” in the World Aerobatic Competition in Moscow, Russia in 1966. It is either on loan or in storage. More Like This. Wing chord (constant, both): 3 ft 0 in (0.91 m). HMS #6705, Stainless steel silencer #6650, and self made intake bend fitted

You have successfully signed up for our newsletter. What Is a Jet Bridge and How Does It Work. Length. Karl (Charly) Paul finished his Pitts in Certified versions of the compact Pitts are now produced by Aviat in Afton, Wyoming.

Curtis Pitts Design Home BuiltBuilt by John Manke 1969, Pacific Coast Air MuseumOne Air Museum WaySanta Rosa, CA 95403, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PMWednesayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday.

was the beginning for Georg, my brother Burkhard and myself with scale In the UK, this model is fitted with a 200 hp (149 kW) Monty Barrett engine, and a lightweight Hoffmann VP propeller.

Our scientists are involved in current research focused on the Martian climate and geology.

Cleveland main wheels with 6-ply tires, size 5.00-5, pressure 30 psi (2.10 kg/cm²).

The prototype, S-1, was wrecked about two years after its first flight.

17 ft 4 in. In the light of experience it is best to power the Pitts with the Titan ZG 62SL and the Hydro Mount System. Disclaimer: Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or any other aircraft operations.

S-1E: Amateur-built S-1C using factory-produced kits. Visit us in Washington, DC and Chantilly, VA to explore hundreds of the world’s most significant objects in aviation and space history. The Pitts S-1S Special biplane reigned as the ultimate competition aerobatic aircraft in the early 1970s. The full-size Pitts in this colour appeared many years Pitts S2C THE PITTS WILL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO Enable yourself to easily perform highly skilled maneuvers with ease. He then donated it to the National Air and Space Museum as a lasting national tribute to the team and to exhibition flight. Pitts S2C THE PITTS WILL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO Enable yourself to easily perform highly skilled maneuvers with ease. It remains one of the world's most popular aircraft for basic to advanced category competition, aerobatic training, and sport flying.

With a fantastic power to weight ratio, the Pitts was able to perform practically any acrobatic maneuver. 10, D-32312 Luebbecke, Germany, Tel. Pitts Special S1-S, 1730 mm span, Scale - Kit by Toni Clark practical scale. 6 ft 6 in. Curtis Pitts died in 2005 at age 89. Detailed Description 2015 EXP Pitts S1S long fuselage, with 68hrs airframe, 465hrs SMOH.

Click It is widely accepted that the Pitts “Special” is the standard by which all other aerobatic aircraft are judged. She became world champion for the ladies at Salon de Provence The Pitts S-1S Special biplane reigned as the ultimate competition aerobatic aircraft in the early 1970s. Single-place diminutive aerobatic biplane; red & white. The Pitts “Special” (company designations S1 and S2) is a series of light aerobatic biplane designed by Curtis Pitts. The prototype S-2, which was the first two-seat Pitts, was “Big Stinker”, the prototype Model 11 (later called S1-11B) was “Super Stinker”, and the prototype Model 12 was the “Macho Stinker”. Our Pitts was built by John Manke, and he finished it in 1972. S-2 Scaled up S-1 with tandem two-seat fuselage and powered by a 200 hp (149 kW) Lycoming AEIO-360-B4A piston engine.

0049 (0)5741 40338, Forward Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation.

(166 KB).

Even so, the landing speed you will of course realize is somewhat faster Our Pitts can easily Refueling point on upper surface of fuselage, immediately forward of windscreen. Several Pitts aircraft designs are now sold by Aviat, Inc. of Afton. S-1C: Amateur-built S-1 single-seat aircraft, flat bottom wing with ailerons on lower wing only, designed for 100 to 180 hp (75 to 134 kW) engines. The agile S-1S has four ailerons to boost the roll rate, and its symmetrical airfoils allow it to perform maneuvers in any orientation.

Add his or her name to the Museum’s Wall of Honor. Most members of the 1972 U.S. Aerobatic team, which won the World Team title, and the two Individual World Champions, Charlie Hillard and Mary Gaffaney, flew S-1S Pitts Specials. a question of model size, wing loading, power to weight ratio, CG position. 10, D-32312 Luebbecke, Germany, Tel.

Welded steel tube structure, covered with fabric. Total Time: 68. Accommodation. Performance. Flight Rules: VFR # of Seats: 1.

PERFORMANCE: Top mph 156. Mary Gaffany. This was an evolution of the S-2B model, with improved ailerons and rudder, flat bottom fuselage, lower profile bungee gear, better inverted handling and certified for +6 -5g. Aerobatic pilot Betty Skelton purchased this aircraft and gave it a new registration number, N22E, and a name, The Little Stinker. It was no mere coincidence that the U.S. Acrobatic Team members, which outflew all competition in the 1972 world acrobatic meet and established themselves as virtually unbeatable champions, flew only Pitts biplanes.

System designed for the Pitts HMS #6650 with the stainless silencer #6650 By Plane and Pilot Updated January 28, 2016 Save Article. The fully sprung landing gear, the fixing of the full-size aircraft. edge flying and flick rolls are remarkable. The Mylar transfers supplied While many home-built aircraft were built in the 1960s, earning the Pitts S-1 a reputation as an excellent aerobatic aircraft, Pitts worked on the design of a two-seat aerobatic trainer version, the Pitts S-2, which first flew in 1967 and gained its type certificate in 1971. Instead of a large radial engine, Pitts built his aircraft around the new smaller and lighter horizontally-opposed engines. This model is also available from Aviat Aircraft as a plans-built aircraft. Chantilly, VA 20151 (Munich). Frise-type ailerons on both wings, of similar construction to wings. The wingspan is 20 ft, 0 inches (6.10 m); 17 built. Wing Span (Upper) ft: 17.33 Wing Span (Lower) ft: 15.5 PAYLOAD AND ACCOMODATIONS: Seats: 1 1 Fuel Capacity: US gal: 19 19 Baggage Capacity: lb The Titan ZG 62SL with Pitts S-1F: Outside derivative homebuilt, with the Falcon wing. 1150 pounds. Une version certifiée du Pitts Special est en production aux États-Unis par Aviat à Afton. The landing is certainly not PHOTOS: A Closer Look At What Just Might Be The World’s Coolest Plane.

model aircraft. The black and yellow Pitts built by Georg Schmid.

Design and development. With the ©2020 GlobalAir.com. The original Pitts design was created by Curtis Pitts in the mid 40s.

The top wing was moved forward compared to the S-1S for weight and balance. 15 ft 6 in. Experimental / Homebuilt. The Pitts design continued to draw interest from aerobatic pilots but Curtis Pitts realized that he needed to modify the S-1C to make it competitive on the international scene. Pitts produced limited numbers of aircraft during the 1940s and 1950s. The lunar module represents one of humanity’s greatest achievements: landing people on another heavenly body. This ease of flying is all S-2E: Amateur-built S-2A from factory-produced kits. You will find our Pitts has a superb Aerobatic performance, the knife The S-1C and derivative S-1SS plans and kits are supplied by Steen Aero Lab in Palm Bay, Florida. One often hears that the Pitts as a model is something to avoid, it S-1D: Amateur-built S-1C with ailerons on all four wings, generally similar to S-1S. Curtis Pitts began the design of a single-seat aerobatic biplane in 1943-1944. The aircraft was popularized by Betty Skelton, Caro Bayley and other air show performers, which led to the offering of plans in 1962. Single-seat sporting biplane, Pitts (Pinkston) S-1S “Special” (N66YY, s/n 20P, 1975) c.1998 on display at the El Toro MCAS Air Show, MCAS El Toro, California (John Shupek photo copyright © 1998 Skytamer Images).

This model is available in plans and components form from Steen Aero Lab. Our Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia has reopened. Between the late 1960s and 1974, almost all U.S. national men or women champions flew an S-1S or S-1C. PITTS S1-C AND S1-SS SPECIFICATIONS : S1-C: S1-SS: Notes: BASIC DIMENSIONS: Length: ft: 15.46 15.46 Will vary slightly with engine/prop installation: Height: ft: 6.29 All S1-C specs are for the new, updated CAD plans. More -. Dimensions & Weights. On September 15, 1972, the FAA gave a certificate of airworthiness. General Specs (cont.)

Become a proud owner of a high performance powerhouse from a distinguished lineage of … Number 2, S-1C, with a slightly longer wing and fuselage and a Continental C-85-F5 engine, was built in 1946 and was given the experimental registration number NX86401. Gross Weight. The S1-S has symmetrical airfoils on both wings with identical angles of incidence, and four ailerons.

by the manufacture or FAA. Pitts built the first models for Bob Herendeen, Mary Gaffaney, Gene Soucy, Tom Poberezny, and a friend built one for Charlie Hillard. The swept wing allowed for access and center of gravity (CG) factors and made snap rolls snap more sharply. this photo for a zoomed up version. S-2B: Aerotek-built S-2A with a 260 hp (194 kW) Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5 engine, and upper wing auxiliary fuel tank, the landing gear and upper wings were moved forward six inches; 196 built. Hunter Havener. precisely and is at the same time docile. as our Piper then you be able to handle our Pitts with ease!

202-633-2214, 14390 Air and Space Museum Parkway Aerobatic.

describes with interesting photo's and lot´s of useful tips the

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