cessna 340 vs 414

American Aviation’s Turbo ULTRAcooling system reduces engine inlet air tempurature from 220F to 85F, Providing 100% power at all altitudes. The customary advertising claims throw all the seats, gross weight, maximum fuel, and maximum performance into one arena. Perhaps the biggest complaint of new pilots is keeping track of the fuel between the various tanks, but this becomes a non-issue after just a few hours of flying time. A number of various engine modifications, mostly from RAM Aircraft, increased available horsepower to as much as 335 per side and many of these aircraft are flying today.

The fuselage has the same basic shape but was completely redesigned due to pressurization requirements. The Cessna 340 is also available in many different fuel configurations. Top models include CARAVAN 208B GRAND, CITATION II, 414A, CITATION ISP, 340A, and 421C. Our experience with other aircraft allowed us to complete the task in a little under a year and FAA certification was completed shortly thereafter. The cost of these upgrades will more than pay for themselves, and they will continue paying dividends in improved performance, increased efficiency, greater safety, and lower maintenance costs. https://www.twincessna.org/twin-cessna421.htm. Not only that, Cessna’s detailed engineering report on the 340 says the wing is the same as 414, as are the flaps and ailerons. Entry into the Cessna 340 is like that of the Beechcraft Duke, via airstairs into a very roomy cabin. I owned a Ram VII 340 and flew it 1500 hours before I bought my 1980 421C. Cessna then took the wings from the 414 and added them to this aircraft, making the 340 somewhat of a hybrid. This would become the Cessna 340. He brought the 340 to our facility for evaluation and after a visual inspection, we suspected there might be room for improvement in the intercooling system. The first deliveries of the Cessna 340 began in 1972. Featured Image: Courtesy of Jessica Ambats. One of the best aftermarket products for the Cessna 340/340A are spoilers. At this altitude, you’ll be cruising between 190-205 knots consuming between 30-36 gallons per hour. Will consider trading for a SR22 with TKS. This allows carrying one or two extra passengers, or over an extra hour of flight time in fuel load. I just bought a 1980 340, RAM VI. The actual power loss we calculated at either climb or cruise climb power was about 40 HP. As a generality, the Cessna 340 is a pressurized, turbocharged 310. Employee id numberAirplane Photos & Aviation Photos - View, Search, or Upload Photos! The System consists of three major assemblies: (1) A custom designed, high efficiency aluminum alloy heat exchanger that cools the heated compressed induction air using the colder outside air. However, the most important aspect to me is that the single engine climb rate, with critical engine out, has increased approximately 200 fpm.”Read more…, “we witnessed an increase in cruise performance(using the same power settings as before) of some 8-10 kts. One measure of our capability is the expanding number of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) awarded by the FAA from American Aviation ULTRAcooling Systems. The extra power offered by RAM is accomplished by boosting the manifold pressure above 38″. When you combine the 100 % pressure recovery from the inlet with high flow manifolding and proper heat exchanger design, the results are near constant inlet air temperatures at all altitudes and power settings.The benefits of this work extend throughout the entire spectrum of the aircraft’s performance. No flaring nose-up and sitting it on the back wheels. You need to plan on 40gph block to block and your gonna get about 175-180kts TAS below 15k at best. The Cessna 340 was originally equipped with two 285 hp turbocharged Continental TSIO-520-K fuel injected engines with three-bladed propellers. Cessna 340/414 Owners: Enhance Your Investment!

Comparing the 700 Aerostar to conventional aircraft is a bit unfair. The same spaciousness holds true up front where the pilot(s) will find the standard Cessna twin panel arrangement.

Landing doesn’t even really require a flare – set the attitude early, pull the power, and the airplane settles itself onto the runway. For instance, while the standard 414 intercooling system allows induction temperatures to vary between 180 degrees F to 200 degrees F at altitude, ULTRAcooling (under the same conditions) maintains temperatures between 70 degrees F and 90 degrees F. At medium altitudes ULTRAcooling reduces the induction air temperatures, approximately 110 degrees F. To understand what that means to your engine, try remembering the last time you flew an aircraft with carburetor heat.

Despite a short 12-year production run, the Cessna 340 still remains one of the most popular and identifiable light twin-engine aircraft in general aviation, and it’s a great airplane for those wishing to transition from a high-performance single. When you're used to making a step up on to the wing and then a dive into passenger and front seats, the airstair door on a cabin-class 340 can feel like quite a luxury. Still, with the length of the fuselage, passengers rarely feel cramped. I was considering the DA42 as well as the Aerostar and C421 / 414 and 340. At these higher manifold pressures, the temperature of the induction air elevates quite rapidly and is in greater need of our system. Max Karant, AOPA Pilot, January 1972. The engines are Continental Model TSIO-520-Ns and are rated at 310 horsepower each. The 340’s pressurization system maintains a differential of 4.2 psi. “I am averaging 200 FPM increased rate of climb from sea level to 18,000 feet. Cessna kept up with the high demand for the 340 through 1984. Knowing pilots wouldn’t be happy if they knew they were giving up 40 HP in climb and 7 to 12 knots in cruise, we assumed there would be a good market for correcting the problem with a properly designed turbo-intercooling system. Each tank contains an auxiliary fuel pump and transfer pump.

Cessna also shortened the propeller blades on this model to meet noise reduction standards, and slightly changed the cabin pressurization schedule. As we climbed up through 10,000 ft., I could no longer keep up, even though I was pulling more manifold pressure and RPM.

The airplane is approved for day and night VFR/IFR operations when equipped in accordance with F.A.R. Page 1 of 44 With up to four people, for example, the 340 can carry its maximum of 180 gallons of fuel, although maximum range drops off slightly as the weight goes up. But hardly any plane can do all those things, and carry all that weight, at one and the same time. The Cessna 340/340A sits tall, and that alone gives many nervous passengers a feeling of "big airplane" safety. Hopefully as more owner become aware of the performance advantages the ULTRAcooling system offers, we will update the vast majority of the fleet. The big question is are the cost savings in the 340 worth it when you consider the cabin and higher utility of the 421. PowerPac spoiler have been installed by Ram Aircraft and many other FBO’s since 1990. ULTRAcooling dramatically improves hotter than standard day operation, high than sea level takeoffs, single engine operation, engine temperatures, and fuel efficiency. Not all that different. History. Today’s 340s, however, will rarely still have the production instrumentation installed.

The cooler induction air is much easier on your engines. 91 or F.A.R 135. One is more power and the other more fuel. Once in the civilian world, John made the leap to helicopters, going all the way through CFI-I in the unforgiving flight training environment presented by the mountains around Lake Tahoe. The primary reason is it's significantly quieter than the 340/414. The airplane is powered by two horizontally opposed, six cylinder, direct drive, turbocharged, air cooled, fuel injected engines. Upgrading it with a Turbo ULTRAcooling System will allow you to climb better, fly faster and cover more miles between overhauls and airframe inspections. By that I mean it had more power than was actually being produced by the RAM airplane’s engines which was breathing superheated air due to the inefficient stock intercooling system. Details. Pressurised six to eight seat cabin twins. True airspeed has increased from 198 KTAS at 18,000 feet (70 % power) to 208 KTAS. The main tanks are mounted on the wingtips. The plane lands itself. ULTRAcooling is like carb heat in reverse where hot induction air is cooled as it’s routed through the Ultracooling System (like pushing the carb heat off) immediately restoring the engine’s lost power. By restoring the lost power, we could in effect give them a power increase. Since your 340 or 414 is equipped with an intercooler, we don’t have to sell you on the benefits and advantages of turbo-intercooling. The twin Cessnas were the only ones that 'work' if I factored the cost of the capital, and the operating cost. For example, with more power, you could safely carry more weight and also improve the takeoff and single engine performance. They increase descent rates up to 3500fpm without reducing power, as well as eliminate shock cooling the engines. We are making this tape available to all 340 and 414 owners on a complimentary basis.

It does, and very well. In the video tape, there are shots of the instrument panel showing the power settings, fuel flows and speeds you can expect once ULTRAcooled. These auxiliary tanks have a capacity of 31.5 gallons a side. We concentrated on the business twins and completed installations on the Beech Duke, Piper Navajo, Cessna 337P and Cessna 303. The lineage of the 421 and 414 traces back to the 411, the 421 beginning life as a pressurised development of the 411.

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