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Just avoid fighting healers and maybe the Felids when soloing. Doing mission quests isn't the only way to benefit from this XP boost but it is the safest way as you don't have to venture out with your PVP on to get the bonus.

Gold: 12,000 base exp, 500 dram and 200 reputation. If you complete a shard within 10 minutes, your entire party gets granted the Speedrunner title.

Artificing Runes can be applied to equipment in order to get buffs in combat based on your play style. Links to detailed descriptions are below. If these pink orbs won't appear then you need to find more difficult mobs to kill. They will slowly descend from the sky towards random people and need to be shot down or they will kill you. SPOILER WARNING: Orbus VR was designed with the expectation that a large part of game play would be collaboration, exploration, and discovery. 1 Getting Started. To get more exp when you are close to level 30, you can enter into a low level shard dungeon so the mobs are not scaled and you can get more exp per kill. Location - Found south east of the Flying High teleport in Hulthine's Basin. Gather your friends and either make your own group of ten or join a queue, it's time for some more end game content! level 1 turns into level 3) There are mission quests for Dragon Racing, Fishing, Salvaging, Hunting, Critter Capture, Battlegrounds and Events. (i.e. Doing harder missions does not help get you better experience, although if you have never completed them before then you will get higher reputation from completing them as opposed to only doing token missions. As the actions occur, the tiles in the tileset are activated. Mechanics - In order to enrage the boss from an ordinary elite boss to a world boss, you will need to destroy the trees in the surrounding areas that have squirrels in them. If you do add anything, thank you very much for helping the Orbus community!

MMORPG Glossary of Terms. OrbusVR is a full-fledged fantasy MMORPG built for VR from the ground up, available on Oculus or Steam. The main quest progression gets real weird here and definitely requires some decent amount of grinding unless you have a skilled higher level player to take you through to the area for things. The dungeon shard can be for any of the four dungeons. There you can reasonably solo farm individual mobs. The main story quest is in place that destroys me so i'm looking for a place to slowly grind up. Okay, so what I do is I have a set of each type of armor (cloth, leather and plate) that has 1% XP Gain on each piece so that brings your total XP boost up to 14%. This is a tool you can use to increase your experience and loot drop rate and quality. - Level 7-9 dungeons drop Level 30 + 3 gear. Silver: 10,000 base exp, 500 dram and 175 reputation.

- Level 4-6 dungeons drop Level 30 + 2 gear. This includes: Doing only these mission quests will guarantee that when you get your 5 daily mission quest tokens that you will be able to quickly knock off almost 69K in experience in under ten minutes. Dungeons are to be completed with a party of 5, typically one tank, one healer and three dps classes. [2]. The Main Story Quest (MSQ) in Orbus Reborn continues on from the story in OG Orbus after a period of years lapsed where you, the hero, were absent.

This let me stabilize a fight with the damage turret out and really helped damage output. So if you're doing the math you're saying "12000 times 5 is not 69K!!" This way you can quickly use up your 5 tokens all within the gates of Highsteppe.

It does not reveal runes of all other players to the one who consumed the potion. This means if you had a level 4 shard it turns into a level 2 shard and if you had a level 2 or lower it will just be destroyed without receiving another shard. Getting a gold in the public event might be required for you to complete the quest so make sure you give it your all! They not only help level you up but they also get you a good amount of dram and reputation so you can unlock new items. There are three levels of completion: Bronze, Silver and Gold; each giving varying levels of experience and reputation rewards. As you level up you will unlock more quests that will lead you further and further away from Highsteppe to complete increasingly difficult tasks.

Each day you get 5 mission tokens up to a maximum of 25 regardless if you log in or not, and these can be used to get more Mission Quests. After reaching 100% completion, there is no more value in killing more mobs.

. Orbus VR is awesome, you should get it. Check out these tilesets that Orbus players have put together: Recommended Tilesets. Follow our lead on how to get your classes to level 30 the quickest so you can enjoy some of that great end game content. Defeat the Minotaur and Gorgon to claim your prize! However, the more other actions that occur, the more "interference" there is in the tileset and the weaker the proc. If you need any more help feel free to dm me. Here's my list of events from easiest to hardest (to solo): Also known as the G R I N D I N G . We think this counts as collaboration, but if you want to find things completely on your own then you will want to avoid clicking anything that looks moderately interesting or helpful. Considered the easiest dungeon to complete. Mission Quests are the quickest way to gain experience. [1]. If it's your first time, choose "Create Character." After the jungle go to the desert, far Northwest of high steppe and farm the cacti at the entrance. While you wait you can grind swine/spiders. Level 5 to 10 will drop either Epic or Legendary gear. You can read more about the mission quests here. Gold: 12,000 base exp, 500 dram and 10 reputation. If you do not complete the shard dungeon within 30 minutes, the shard is broken and the original shard gets delevelled by two. Once enough trees are destroyed the boss will enrage to a world boss.

When you do, join the growing Super Friends Community on Discord ! You can get quests for: Critter Capture, Hunting, Salvaging, Dragon Racing, Events, Battlegrounds and Fishing (listed from best to worst in terms of ease and speed). To Runesmith, you will need a Runesmith potion. If you've created a previous Character, just select that Character and then login to continue. You can pick up your very own grinding device from the Odds and Ends shop in the lower level of Highsteppe. Unhelpful answers coupled with WoW-like judgment and sarcasm. The key to mission quests is that you get 5 mission quest tokens everyday, up to 25 total, even if you don't log on. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Is that first dungeon worth doing in terms of exp? Right, but because you can do all these quests within the comfort of Highsteppe you can turn your PvP on without fear of getting ambushed while questing and get an extra 10% experience. It is entered through the far left sphere at the dungeon entrance. We are still working on gathering the newer class tilesets and if you have one feel free to add it! Each tileset is created from a series of three to five tiles. Description- "Chaos Giant" Looks like a massive version of the tear enemies in the surrounding area, and dual wields two giant swords. Now it seems that a dark force has fallen upon the land, and Markos (the one who helped you to defeat Bishop Roma and the Esasas) is now considered a violent and evil man. Beginner's Guide to OrbusVR Reborn.

They have a base experience of 7500. OrbusVR: Reborn Guide. - Level 1-3 dungeons drop Level 30 + 1 gear.

It's raid time again! Description"Scav Giant" - Large scav that holds a giant sword. Defeat the Chaos Purity and Chaos Hunter to claim your prize! Mechanics Need to lead him to smash wolves to enrage, Spawns adds, has a large aoe ,and jumps. You know that your Grinding device is charging if once you place it on the ground and you kill a mob then a pink orb will float from the mob into the device. To do this you'll need to only do the easy quests, the ones that you can quickly do within or just outside the walls of Highsteppe. As a player engages in combat, most of the individual actions of combat (taking damage, blocking, and each individual attack) have their own rune associated with these actions. Considered fairly easy due to the ease of the last boss. - Level 15 dungeons drop 30 + 5 gear and 30 + 6 legendary weapons This page was last edited on 21 August 2019, at 20:49.

Mission quests are only available up to the level that you are when you speak to the vendor (on any class). Description -:"Bjorn Stafrute" This boss is very tree-like and wields uprooted trees like clubs.

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