korean particles practice worksheet

My friend likes Korean food. 커피를 젓다 = to stir coffee 캐나다 사람들은 땅콩을 많이 먹어요 = Canadians eat a lot of peanuts (geu sarami ttokttokhago bujireonhan haksaengieyo), → That person is a smart and diligent student. 이분이 선생이에요. Worksheets are Nouns, Beginning korean a grammar guide, Unit lessons 1, Grammar korean grammar, Hangeul the korean alphabet andrea de benedittis, Korean grammar grammar review week 1 week 2, Essential grammar, Easy japanese. 옆 = beside 친구를 만나러 여기로 왔어요 = I came here to meet a friend. 저는 캐나다에서 왔어요 = I am from Canada 어미를 찾아도 이미 고양이 새끼가 다 죽었어요 = Regardless of if you find the mother, the baby cats (kittens) all died, Common Usages:

You can drop ~은/는 (~ eun / neun) or other particles when using ~도 (~do).

With time you’ll learn to differentiate between the two just by noticing how each sentence sounds, but it’s still good to focus on how they are different. As someone who self studying korean, your website helps a lot! 저는 팔을 창문 너머로 내밀었어요 = I stuck my arm through the window

You can even use this particle to express what you ate for a specific meal. Sentence Practice (1) , (2) | Dictation (1), (2) | Reading Practice | Apply Yourself | Lesson Recap.

이 방은 좁아요 = This room is narrow Our team of Korean language specialists have been releasing new audio and video lessons weekly. Ex. Specifically, ~에 denotes a place or time. Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions. For example: 영어를 배우기가 처음부터 어려웠어요 → Learning English was difficult from the start, (yeongeoreul baeugiga cheoeumbutheo eoryeowosseoyo). Like this lesson? 우리학교에서 식당까지 10분 걸려요 = It takes 10 minutes to get from our school to the restaurant For more information, visit Lesson 2. You'll learn the meaning, readings, and stroke order of each character. 가방을 들다 = carry a bag. 2. 건물을 지나가서 오른 쪽으로 가세요 = Go past the building, then go right. These YouTube videos will prompt you with some written Korean sentences, and you can try to figure out the meaning of the sentences! (식당은 은행 옆에 있어 / 식당은 은행 옆에 있어요), 호텔은 학교 옆에 있다 = The hotel is next to the school To get around this, we can attach ~이/가 to the object instead of ~을/를 in sentences with 있다. Did she go to the hospital? 학교를 다니다 = to attend a school You might also want to try listening to all of the words on loop with this Vocabulary Practice video. The main difference between these and ~과/와 (~gwa/wa) is that ~이랑/랑 (~irang/rang) is more casual to use and is also more common to hear spoken than to see in text. 어제 학교에 몇 번 갔어요? Examples: That's a lot of Korean language learning!

In cases like this, where the location being described happens to be “inside” of something, “안” can be omitted. It is also possible that the speaker is trying to distinguish between the location of another object. 창문을 닫다 = to close a window

I can’t stress this enough – your understanding of the difference between the two will progress with your Korean development in general. 커피가 냉장고 안에 있다 = The coffee is inside the fridge. Thus, you cannot have a word with the particle ~을/를 attached to it if the predicating word in a sentence is an adjective (because ~을/를 indicates an object in a sentence). 텔레비전을 오랫동안 보지 마세요! 뒷면 = the back side This is similar to the underlined words in the English sentences below: I ate breakfast at 10:00 You'll be able to read along as you watch – in Japanese or with English translations! Welcome to KoreanClass101.com's Korean Resources. Take a closer look at the kanji characters used in the lesson Dialogue with the Kanji Close Up Practice Sheets! 저는 친구들이랑 커피를 마셨어요 = I drank coffee with my friends 건물 외에 = outside a building, Examples: At this point, I would like you to continue to Lesson 3 to continue learning other grammatical principles you need to deepen your understanding of Korean in general. 펜으로 쓰다 = to write with a pen Lastly, you can attach the word 처음 (cheoeum), which means “first”, to ~부터 (~ buteo) to express “from the start”. 저의 친구는 (여기) 근처에 살아요 = My friend lives close (to here) → My friend is coming over now.

(jumare chinguwa yeonghwareul bol geoyeyo.).

You may notice that these particles may be omitted in some common Korean phrases. Make a note of it on the lessons pages and refer back to My Notes for quick reference!

The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Korean and Korean culture. 식당은 은행 옆에 있어요 = The restaurant is beside the bank To use an example using the grammar taught earlier in this Lesson, you could say: 고양이는 집 뒤에 있다 = The cat is behind the house 병원에 갔어요? 개는 고양이랑 쥐보다 더 커요 = Dogs are bigger than cats and mice Here’s how: just access the complete PDF transcript and you’ll never miss a word. For example: 집부터 학교까지 걸어 다녀요 → I walk from home to school. Visual Associations to learn the Korean alphabet in record time!

어느 나라에서 왔어요? The marker 들 (deul) indicates plural.

At this point, this is important to you for one reason.

저는 학교 뒤에 있어요 = I am behind the school 좋은 식당에 가고 싶어요 = I want to go to a good restaurant 새는 구름 위에 날고 있어요 = The bird is flying above the clouds, Example: 0%. In English, one of the most basic parts of a sentence is the subject.

We'd love to see them! All rights reserved. 저는 가방에 책을 넣었어요 = I put my books into my backpack Koreans love it and eat it with every meal – usually on the side – though they also use it as an ingredient in countless other dishes. Follow along to our award winning lessons with detailed PDF Lesson Notes! = Are you an American?

topic particle, used to indicate the subject or topic of the sentence/ Examples: 나는 or 사람은, identifier particle, used to indicate a subject when it is necessary to identify the person or thing in the sentence.

저는 내일 할 일이 있어요 = I have something I need to do tomorrow 식당 주인 = restaurant owner Eventually, you will learn hundreds of these particles, but here in these lessons, you will be introduced to the most basic ones (~고, ~고 싶다 and ~고 있다 to name a few). Both of them are used to indicate the subject in the sentence, making them almost the same in use, which can cause confusion. 미국 사람이에요? In Lesson 1 you learned about simple Korean particles. If you want to learn more, we have the Inner Circle web program that will teach you how to have a 3-minute conversation in the first 90 days. 캐나다는 미국과 같아요 = Canada is like the US 하루안에 그 책을 처음부터 끝까지 읽었어요 → I read that book from start to finish in one day, (haruane geu chaekeul cheoeumbutheo kkeutkkaji ilgeosseoyo). 할 게 없다 = to have nothing to do In this example: 고양이는 집 뒤에 있다 = The cat is behind the house, The speaker is saying that the cat is behind the house (in comparison to something else that is not behind the house). For now, let’s focus on the sentence “I am at school,” which will require you to learn about 있다. For example: Note the nuance of how the location is stressed when using 에서 (eseo). Ex: 누나한테 물을 주었다. 미국은 대통령을 민주적으로 선출해요 = America elects its president democratically 아버지는 은행에 들어갔어요 = My dad went into the bank Phew! possessive particle [similar to "of" or 's], used to combine two nouns and specifies a possessive role of preceding noun. Here’s a simple trick to explain the difference between ~은/는 (~eun / neun) and ~이/가 (~i / ga): But remember, this isn’t always the case. PDF files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. The placement of “~에” is usually assumed and therefore omitted.

앞으로 = in the future, Example: 창문 너머로 = through a window, Examples: This is discussed in Lesson 131.

Having trouble staying on track?

우리 아빠가 쥐를 집에서 한 마리씩 쫓아냈어요 = Our dad chased the rats out of our house one by one, Common Usages: Common Usages: 은행원 = a banker The counter for animals is “마리.” See Lesson 10 for more information. ~를 or ~을 are used to indicate the object in a sentence. 나는 학교 뒤에 있다 = I am behind the school Listen and repeat with the Review Track. In future lessons, not only will you see examples of increasing complexity applying this concept, but its usage with other grammatical principles will be introduced specifically.

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