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Must tighten the lock mechanism before use. Montem is better than the competition at 1/2 the price. Flip open the clasp, then proceed to make 1/4 turn adjustments to the screw until you get the desired tension. Excellent poles. This website has been built as a community service by one guy who is passionate about the outdoors. I'm 6'2" and they were perfect. The Montem Ultra Strong trekking poles are 3-season poles, not intended for use in heavy snow. I purchased these poles to use on my daily hikes up and down a paved mountain road with some very steep inclines. […] The Ultrallight Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are yet another addition to its arsenal of top notch hiking equipment. Ultra sturdy, and developed with nonslip EVA foam (stronger than cork!) These Ultra Strong poles blend cork handles and extra durable aluminium shafts with the compact style of telescoping poles and flick-locks for enhanced stability while walking. On most of my hikes I often spend between 8-10 hours a day on the trail. This is a 100% approval rate. They are collapsible. British GQ - Top Outdoor Picks British GQ. It's super easy! See what they have to say about our products! The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles blend Aluminum 7075 with a top of the line telescoping system, allowing them to weigh only 9.6 ounces and condense to 24" while offering tested support of over 350lbs per set. Once the tension block is removed, you may pull the loose end to tighten the strap, or pull the upper end to loosen the strap. It also comes with a dual flickLock which lets you adjust your pole’s length with ease. They are nice poles, but I wouldn't pay extra for the anti-shock. Sign up to win. By the end of the trail all the printed measurements were gone, scratched off by rocks, spinifex etc.

If you need help please contact us at [email protected]. Many brands offer hiking poles at reasonable process but keep in mind that this is an investment you are making which might last you many, many years- so take your due time, think it through and always go for the best brand with good reviews.

The handles are still a comfortable option, but you should not purchase these expecting cork handles. These are a well-priced, sturdy, value for money pole, that I was (and still am) happy to use and recommend for serious adventures. I cannot fault the magnificent design of these trekking poles. They are sturdy and well-made. Carrying cumbersome items and more so trekking poles with you is quite discouraging. Once you position the poles, you immediately realize that your balance is uncompromised and have an inherent feel of safety.

Fixed-length poles are often lighter as they do not have overlapping shafts or locks. call us now: When hiking steeply uphill or side-hilling I regularly choke up on my poles (grab the poles lower down the shaft) for improved balance and leverage, mostly. They provided the same stability and comfort of those higher end poles. We do this by limiting marketing expenses, minimizing website costs. Let me explain what the properties of 3K carbon fiber are. They made it the entire 2,200 miles but I had to jerry-rig them for the last 200 miles.

For a pole with comparable build quality and specs (3-piece, telescoping, lever-style locks, cork grips + extensions, aluminium shafts), the price point of these poles is reasonably attractive and will be a great benefit for those, who are looking for a better-quality pole, with a limited budget. We hiked many a mile this summer and they work well. In other words, trekking poles are meant to facilitate your trekking experience and not to hinder it. Montem Folding Collapsible Poles are an excellent value for money, and if you are a serious hiker or trekker, then you should definitely give these a try. The design, functionality, and quality is stellar. This is handy if you are adjusting them over different terrain or sharing them with a fellow hiker. They’re simple to set up and use, comfortable, and ready to take a beating. Feature adjustable bolts that allow an adventurer of any height to easily adjust the poles between 24-in and 53-in thus achieving the perfect height they need. call us now: Very few manufacturers offer trekking poles which can compete with Montem’s high standard. Like the Montem Ultra Strong Cork Trekking Poles, these poles have a three-section shaft that creates a flexible pole design. Personally, I weigh around 85kg and on an overnight hike I regularly push close to 100kg including my pack. Flip open the clasp, then proceed to make 1/4 turn adjustments to the screw until you get the desired tension. Yes! Mike & Charlotte P. 99.18% of buyers said they were satisfied. Innovative collapsing system offers simple, compact, and reliable support with a cutting edge flick-lock system designed to keep your poles from sliding. Using a good hiking pole will allow you to distribute your energy in a way that is productive and increase your endurance. The flick-lock system was even easy enough o use while wearing gloves which is a great thing to test if you plan on hiking during the cooler months. The Montem Ultra Light 3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are a reasonably well-priced (USD$119.99), sturdy carbon fiber pole that I am happy to recommend for serious overnight hikes or multi-day treks. Finally, an affordable carbon pole. (347) 688-3970, $79.99 Montem Folding Collapsible Trekking Poles, Enkeeo 4-Section Folding Trekking Pole Review, Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock Review, Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles Review. Simply adjust your arms so that they’re at a 90 degree angle while using your Montem Trekking Poles. See what they have to say about our products!

They were highly-rated among several lists online, the price was good (due to direct to consumer sales), and the President's Day sale coupon cinched the deal. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Membership Refund Policy | Disclaimer, © Copyright 2015 | Darren Edwards | All Rights Reserved, Montem Ultra-Light 3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles, Source: Darren Edwards -, electrically conductive (ok, maybe not a benefit when hiking). 10: Montem Ultra Strong Aluminum Trekking Poles My final selection is another package from the Montem brand , who offer a wide variety of products of this sort, and these poles are very nice indeed. Traditional Retail: Ultra Strong Cork Anti-Shock Trekking Poles - Pair, Trekking Pole Extra-Durable Tip Protectors. So, if you are keen to learn more about the comfort, adjustability and pack-down size please check out my earlier review. $89.99. Field Tested by

In addition to the typical foam, these poles feature a useful foam grip under the standard handl… Experience functionality wrapped in the sleek, rugged look you've come to expect from Montem. My wife has the standard Montem poles and when I use hers I feel no difference on my hands from these. So why does this matter? Collapsible/Telescoping Poles Buyer Guide. Sturdy and built to last, you know these won’t let you down when you need it the most! It ranks well in comfort as well as durability, making sure that you don’t have to change your trekking poles time and again.

Very stable and easy to adjust on the fly. Some of this use has been mild (e.g.

By simply unclipping the flick-lock system the lower two sections of the pole can be adjusted to suit the terrain (and the hiker of course). It makes no sense. Rubber grips are abrasive on bare hands. Required fields are marked *. The Ultra Strong model quickly adjusts from 24″ to 53″, comes equipped with easy to use flip locks, padded wrist straps, and carbide tips. Carbide crafted tips, and includes interchangeable mud baskets as well as rubber tips. It also includes adjustable wrist straps which give you the added benefit of padding for extra comfort. Ultra-light trekking poles having a total of 9.2 ounces per pole. Good quality satisfying product received in excellent time.

Experience outdoor gear designed and developed by hikers, for hikers. What a good trekking pole does is decrease the weight on your body so that you can be better attuned to climb such terrains. The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles blend Aluminum 7075 with a top of the line telescoping system, allowing them to weigh only 9.6 ounces and condense to 24" while offering tested support of over 350lbs per set. Each section is clearly labelled with measurements so that you can quickly return the poles to their desired length. I can do that for you! We take pride in devoting our time, effort, and passion to designing the highest quality gear we can while doing everything in our power to keep the price down. If you don’t want a folding pole, check out their alternative aluminum poles here: Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles. When I am looking at hiking poles, there are a few things that I always consider before making a purchase; weight, price, strength, durability, comfort, adjustability and pack down size. Heavy poles can be difficult to swing quickly and place where desired, and consume more energy than lighter poles.

All of the works and then some. I love the fact these poles have measurements on the shafts that actually make sense. I hike with a dog on leash in one hand and one trekking pole in the other and the pole has definitely helped me avoid some nasty spills so far. Before we get into the features, specs, design, and reviews, I'd like to talk about my experience with these Montem trekking poles. Your email address will not be published. I purchased a pair a few weeks ago and recently used them on a trail in Utah. How, you ask? $89.99.

Some hiking poles have narrow diameter hand grips, some are wide, as a unisex pole I believe that the size of these grips will accommodate most people well. I then know that the poles are 115cm long. Montem poles have been unanimously ranked above primary trekking pole companies such as Black Diamond and Leki. © 2016 Hiking Gurus. Since you already have enough to carry on your back, a trekking pole that is too heavy becomes burdensome rather than to help you climb that steep. These poles have one of the highest weight thresholds, making sure that it is suitable for both beginners as well as experts. By simply unclipping the flick-lock system the lower two sections of the pole can be adjusted to suit the terrain (and the hiker of course).

The only issue I had was figuring out I had to tighten the locking mechanism before use. I’m constantly off-trail and on uneven or rocky terrain, where more forceful use of poles is required. These poles by Montem are perfect for hiking, trekking, walking, mountaineering, snowshoeing and a […]. Montem nailed important details like choke-up extensions on the grips, in-field adjustments for the locking mechanism, and easily adjustable straps. Experience functionality wrapped in the sleek, rugged look you've come to … I’m a weekend adventurer and these poles served their purpose well. If you are one of the non-believers, I do encourage you to grab a pair off a friend to at least lest them out as you will be amazed that the benefits they offer.

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