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There are no such right or wrong answers, everything depends on the perspectives of the intended person. Who is most likely to stay in a haunted house for one week? 11. Funny Truth or Dare Questions. Who is most likely to eat everything organic? 9 Ways To Be More Universally Empathetic, 57 Of The Best Quotes About Living In The Moment, 13 Of The Most Effective Communication Exercises For Couples, 77 Existential Questions To Blow Your Mind, Helpful Communication Exercises For Couples. Who’s more likely to keep a secret stash of their favorite decadent treat? Who is most likely to take participate in a Mr. World pageant? Who is most likely to date two girls at a time? 17. So, who is most likely to gift a luxury house to parents? Who is most likely to talk openly about insecurities and social stigma? The player that gets the most votes for the Who’s Most Likely question receives that card. 9. Who is most likely to go to a Justin Bieber concert? So, who is most likely to act in a Web-series? So, who is most likely to get excellent marks in Physics? 15. 4. The questions are not only tweaked but also tricky.

Who is most likely to play all Facebook games?

So, who is most likely to believe in preaching over teach? We are quite assured that your next meet is going to be hilarious. Who is most likely to pretend like a smart guy all the time? 27. 6. Who’s most likely to wear a leather jacket — and rock it? Who’s most likely to have a pen pal with ties to extraterrestrials? 19. 11. Who is most likely to grow up more than 7 feet tall? Or text each other questions throughout the day to make each other laugh. 7. So, who is most likely to invent new slang words almost every day? 19. 20. This was the top list of most likely to questions. Who’s most likely to start the day with a green smothie? Who is most likely to spend a lot of money on starters only? So, who is most likely to volunteer for a charity work? Who is most likely to check Instagram stories only for inauguration offers and discounts? Who is most likely to win a huge amount of money and get a divorce? 18. Who is most likely to find Snapchat more interesting than Instagram? 8. Who is most likely to own the most souped-up computer in college? 2. Who’s most likely to reinvent themselves in their forties? 7. Who is most likely to get the most awesome toy this Christmas? So, who is most likely to go to Amazon forest to see Anaconda? Just keep in mind that a majority of these would you rather questions are only suitable for adults (18+ years).

18. Who is most likely to go office wearing night pajamas? Who is most likely to be inspired by a quote said by a criminal?

9. Who is most likely to work as an engineer at NASA? 15. Who is most likely to receive the most hugs this Christmas? Who is most likely to get lost in a mall? So, who is most likely to involve in something really bad?

Click to Grab the FREE Report: "99 Confidence Hacks To Massively Boost Personal Confidence”, likely to make by hand all the gifts they’ll give at Christmas, likely to do something weird (and possibly illegal) to pay for college, 15 Strong Personality Traits That Can Overpower Others, 21 Glaring Red Flags You Can’t Ignore In A Relationship, How to Stop Being Bitter: 13 Steps To Overcome Bitterness, Do You Have Selective Empathy?

Who’s most likely to give the best relationship advice but choose to remain single? Whoa! Who’s more likely to spend too much on junkfood? Who is most likely to send irritating personal messages to random beautiful people on social media? Who is most likely to do something wrong in order to earn money? Who is most likely to have over 10K followers on Instagram? Who is most likely to cry before their partners? 11. Who is most likely to be scratched from Santa’s list because he/she is not nice? Who is most likely to walk a mile to have lunch in a heritage food court? Who is most likely to follow their haters on Quora? So, who is most likely to watch videos of maximum 1 to 2 minutes of duration? 20. Once the questions are read, we all choose who is most likely to do that thing! Who’s most likely to make a dessert in a suggestive shape?

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