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Subscribe to the How To newsletter, receive notifications and see related stories on CNET. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 5% average return per month with small risk is available out there. How come you wanna find a 60% (which 5%*12 mth) guarantee return in market?

Absolutely free if you are a Malaysians, or living in Malaysia. There are completely free office suites that sport good compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files. If you can split a $100 per year subscription among six people, that’s under $17 every year per person. The $70 per year version offers Office for a single person, while the $100 per year subscription offers Office for up to six people. Microsoft 365 Home subscriptions are meant to be shared among multiple people. Meanwhile, the remaining 10-20% will be invested in riskier investment, normally in stock equity. If you have an older PC or laptop still running Windows 7, you can purchase the Windows 10 Home operating system on Microsoft's website for $139. Not a tough question if you willing to spend some years to learn in investment by taking some courses. On an iPad or Android tablet, these apps will only let you create and edit documents if you have a “device with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches.” On a larger tablet, you can install these apps to view documents, but you’ll need a paid subscription to create and edit them.

You can also get Microsoft Office online free, too. Trust me, you will lose all your investment. Every month I will have RM2,972 to spent, plus with my EPF money to spent on other things. How to choose which unit trust fund to invest? Check with your educational institution—or at least look on its website—for more details. So jo ah? I plan to save RM200 every month and invest it in mutual fund. the response here shock me, i have seen investments of up to 15-16% p a like diamond bank and the rest, Buy cryptocurrency BTC,XRP,ADA. Read more at TechRepublic: 20 pro tips to make Windows 10 work the way you want (free PDF). There are a lot of capital guaranteed fund available in the market. The higher the return, the higher the risk. Good luck is a result of hardwork. The main owner of the account can add five other Microsoft accounts, and each of those accounts will receive an invitation link. As of October 2020, readers are still emailing me and commenting below, saying that it's worked for them as well. 100x in 5years. I write about it here in this blog, published some times ago. I don’t think there is any in the market with such guaranteed returns unless like KCLau says, you do your own business but that is not guaranteed. This is advise from Robert Kiyosaki when he faces such question from audience as yours. However, your savings need to be 100k usd . Hi guys. 44 Money Tips for you to make more money, save more effectively, invest profitably and retire early! Microsoft is encouraging Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10 before support for the former ends in January 2020. I don’t any forex trading. I would say “no” if you are looking for some investment vehicles where you just put the money there, forget about it, and wait for the paycheck every month. To access these free web apps, just head to and sign in with a free Microsoft account. (The upgrade is not available for Windows Enterprise. First of all I have around RM 500K and i would to look into some capital guaranteed investment, where giving me a monthly return 3 -5% monthly return like salary. Here's how to get the upgrade now, free upgrade offer for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, 11 easy Windows 10 tricks you didn't know about, 20 pro tips to make Windows 10 work the way you want (free PDF), search for your school's software offerings here, the best antivirus protection of 2020 for Windows 10, six security changes all Windows 10 users need to make, everything you need to know about the Windows 10 October 2020 Update, Windows 10 hacks: 11 hidden tricks to master now, How to use multiple desktops in Windows 10, How to get Windows Photo Viewer back in Windows 10, Touchpad not working on your Windows 10 laptop? free 30-day evaluations of Office 365 ProPlus, access Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides offline, the subscription is probably the best deal, How to Restart a Google TV Streaming Device, How to Control the Exposure in the iPhone’s Camera App, How to Add Folder Shortcuts to the Start Menu’s Left Sidebar on Windows 10, How to Force Users to Change Their Passwords on Linux, © 2020 LifeSavvy Media. I want invest in your investment plan. You’ll get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and 1TB of storage in OneDrive. Check Microsoft’s Home Use Program website to see if you qualify for a discount. You’ll get the full experience, with Office for Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, and other devices. You might be able to take advantage of both offers for two months of free Microsoft Office access. This portion will so-called “guarantee” your capital if you keep the fund until maturity a few years later. I tried it out in November 2019, and was able to upgrade a 2014 Dell OptiPlex 9020 desktop from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Is quite hard for us to find any guarantee return >10% p.a in the market. The web-based versions of Office are simplified and won’t work offline, but they still offer a powerful editing experience. Read on so you can get the most out of your TnG card. Very hard to get such Return of Investment (ROI) every month. I personally think that 5% per annum from the bank is too low but I still keep large amount in FD, unit trust , mutual funds and any other that the bank have when they contact me. If ever exist, legally, why so many people puts their money in bank for 2.75% per year. Anyone who pays for Microsoft 365 Home (formerly known as Office 365 Home) can share it with up to five other Microsoft accounts. Why don’t just keep the money on Amanah Saham Malaysia(ASM) which provides 3-5% return per annum? Although it is not capital guaranteed but i love investments with higher risk.. High risk, high gain with a chance of high pain.. . Unbelievable? With a compounding interest of 10% annually for the next 26 years, using a financial calculator, at the end of the 26 years I will get RM 356,714.23. 5 Tricks to be a Smart Credit Card User in Malaysia, 5 Key Differences You Need to Know between a MRTA and a MLTA. Easy. All Rights Reserved. After joining the group, each person can sign in with their own Microsoft account to download the Office apps—just as if they were paying for their own subscriptions. My strategy is that at my retirement age, I will maintain that RM356,714.23 and live on the interest of 10% each year which is the total amount times with 10%. This upgrade using the media creation tool isn't meant for the general consumer, but it works for many nonetheless. This portion will provide the potential upside of getting a better return rate compared to Fixed Deposit and normal saving account. But you don't necessarily have to shell out the cash: A free upgrade offer from Microsoft that technically ended in 2016 still works for many people. But if you are able to put into ASB then there is higher returns…5%?? We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. They will tell you so many good things as if you believe lah…I always thought, if it is so good, then why doesn’t the same guy who promotes unit trust becomes rich himself by investing his own money?? its seems like there is no drawback from this scheme which is abolutely a No-way for investment wise. Mention also that you want 5% of return per month and be paid monthly (or yearly, whatever you desire). If such opportunity offered to you, don’t ever take it, must be a scam. When your system comes back online, reopen Microsoft Word. You can also drag and drop a file from your computer onto the page. I personally interested in forex trading and thinking of self-study and begin forex trading. To get the best Windows 10 experience and take advantage of features like passwordless sign-on through Windows Hello, ... You can also get Microsoft Office online free, too. if so I would like a word with you! To get 5% per month roi, you need to sell things to consumers. The not-so-great news is that it can take weeks, or for some people even longer, to get the latest iteration. Microsoft’s Office apps are free on smartphones, too. We’ll show you all the ways you can get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office applications without paying a cent. Investing in Gold might yield good return since the movement of the gold price has been keep on increasing tremendously last few years. If you’re interested to gain some knowledge about gold investment, you can get it here… Read more: 11 easy Windows 10 tricks you didn't know about. Careful selection of bond issuers will also help to minimise the default risk significantly. The Home plan is definitely the best deal if you’re going to pay for Microsoft Office. They know how to keep their capital in tact. Of course the overheads are also high. The track record for more than 10 years has been between 6-7%. RIP Windows 7. Wow! Use Office Online in a Browser; It’s Free Whether you’re using a Windows 10 PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can use Microsoft Office for free in a web browser.

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